You too could be guilty of passive aggressception.

  • I wrote a really long post recently about how much passive aggressive posts suck balls, but then I realized that would be like, passive aggressception, so I deleted it from my drafts.
  • Every time I used to play Oregon Trail my people always died and I’ve never met a houseplant I couldn’t kill within a few months. So obviously me having kids was an awesome idea. Also dysentery is lame.
  • Every time I’ve ever heard that “I Think I Love You” song by Danny Bonnadoucheface or whatever, that part that says something about a love there is no cure for makes me think of AIDS and then I’m all sad. But then I remember about pie and I feel better.
  • I kind of wanted to send out Christmas cards to the internet but then I remembered the last time I put the call out for mail I ended up not doing it for too long and then thinking it would be weird to do it after that much time so the next logical step is panic and then not do it at all. I’m thinking that anxiety would be exacerbated by a Dec 25 deadline. Stay tuned and make ready your saddresses. I’m kind of a masochist.
  • Yeah, I said saddresses on purpose.
  • There’s a short list of people on my kik to whom I send photos of my Lean Cuisines when they are either remarkably tasty looking or remarkably gross looking. I know what you’re thinking. Those lucky bastards.
  • Life in the fast lane.
  • I hope Ecksjay22 and I end up in the playoffs together. For some reason I really really really want to spank his smack talkin’ ass. I'MMA BEAT THE HOODIE OFF YOU BRO.
  • This photo is a year old. I like it still. SO EMO. *cut cut cut*
  • God, did any of you even make it this far?
  • We done here? I think we’re done here.
Tumblr Bucket List
More questions:

ecksjay22: What should you be more grateful for? What are you taking for granted?

iamtheeness: Tell me one trait or quality you had as a child that you don’t possess anymore but wish you did.

vpache: What about you do you deserve more credit for? NO DUCKING THIS QUESTION.

macencheeze: What part of who you are is the scariest to reveal to another person? Do you spend much time or energy trying to hide it or avoid it with people?

Are you fun? Do you like participating in things with other people who are also fun?

It’s fantasy football time! 

There was a league last year and it was mostly super fun, so Billy and I decided since we hadn’t heard anything about reactivating last year’s we would start one. 

So right now I’m just gauging interest so I can set it up as accurately as possible. 

Experience isn’t required, it’s pretty simple to catch onto, and we can help any newbs.

We do ask that if you join, you’re actually going to participate and have fun. 

Things we would like:

  • Smack talking
  • Bet making (*ahem* I have a photo of Billy in a pink bra somewhere…)
  • Interacting in either message boards there, group text or kik, etc.

Things we would not like: 

  • Joining and then not ever checking your team.
  • Being generally unfun. 
  • Miracle Whip
  • Other unfun things

So if you think you might want to join, send me an ask


This is for Xach, or is it Zach. Anyway, he said something about picking up a girl on a date, and the car instantly having an aroma.