Todos mis ocs :3


Faces of nothing (FPT) {Mobox87} :
.Salma -o- Salema Carter
.Héloca bb (EH RARO I KNOW XD)

Machineture {Coatracktheirserver} :

Luego está mi historia de sister location:
.Fionna (F.Freddy)
.Félix (F.Foxy)
.Beatrizz (Ballora)
.Jimmy, Timmy y Penny
[Dentro están]
.Robert (guardia nocturno y “padre” de Axel)
.Anllela (“madre” de Axel)
.Terra (“hermana menor” de Axel)
.Georgia (“madre” de Fionna y Félix)
.Thamara y Mareck ( “padres” de Beatrizz)
.Ecko y Bíancā (“padres” de Jimmy, Timmy y Penny)
(Baby todavía no se que nombre… ^^; )
(Y sobre esto, es solo mi opinión e ideas)

Ex Museum {próximamente}:


Ocs de series (XD):

Y creo que eso es todo, por ahora no tengo más hehehe~
Unos cuantos están sin mostrar todavía XD
No se hagan un lío con tanto nombre ewe

hellooooooo!! what’s this?? a revamped pacman oc???

those of you who have been with me since the beginning of time may know that i was a Hu G E fan of pac-man. that honestly never changed. but the pacman im talking about is pac-man and the ghostly adventures. yup, i was big on it. i decided about a week ago to watch it again and now i have fallen for this beloved show again. i then decided it was time for my very old oc to get a redo!! so this is venus, the werewolf pac-monster. i will make info of her soon enough but here she is!! : DD

Oh my goodness gracious!! i can’t even explain how i feel right about now. well this is my pac-man oc from a very very long timeeee to now.

might do this with all of my ocs lol

from 2013-2015 this oc was a light yellow pac-worlder, with the name of angel/angie. now she is a pac-monster named venus. i like how she looks now haha.

and the old art made me cringe a little. but that’s a-okay : DD xDDD

darkmoon-brightsun  asked:

"Hey Ecko, can I say something?" Broden asked, looking at her, "Unless you are planning on seducing me, avoid touching my crotch, okay?"

“r-right, my apologizies…I should have thought that out threw before I did something like that”
 She thought that it was just a little teasing, but sometimes her actions does cross the line