Méla-chan’s Manga duets

Meilou and Kosuke

Koun and Fukuo

SKY and Yuna

Ema and Netsu

E-Ko and Touru

Megumi and Amane

Lucky and Opale

Marnica and Helleb

Uakum and Charleine

Lou Mia and Shonyx

Chu-Mellow and Sweetie

Apple and Hannibal

Coeurphann and Naela

Bubulle and Néomine

Méryl and Ondine

Swanne and Fhowl

Cyann and Ecko

I felt like drawing my main OC duets (not couples, main character duets) of my own manga scenarios in my head…

17 (or even more) ideas of scenarios… Wow.

It took me an hour to pick a name for most of these charas XD

Art © Mela–chan (Ai-Kizu-RP)


One woman’s mission to photograph every Native American tribe in the United States

Matika Wilbur has traveled more than 250,000 miles to ensure stereotyped images are replaced with accurate ones to change history’s collective psyche

A search for Native Americans on the internet yields almost nothing but reductionist, 18th-century representations images, Wilbur explains. She hopes the pictures she is taking can someday replace the stereotyped, dated ones found in internet searches, and the ones we hold on to in our collective psyche.

“I’m ultimately doing this because our perception matters,” Wilbur says. “Our perception fuels racism. It fuels segregation. Our perception determines the way we treat each other.”

Read the article and see more photographs


The Video Games That Want You Dead

At the time of writing, there are exactly three million of these games on Steam. Forty thousand more were released in the time it took you to read that sentence, including:Dang It I’m Alone on the Moon Now; Oops the World Ended While I Was Walking in This Mystical Forest; Marc Ecko’s Lost in the Desert Again Can Somebody Help; and I Suppose I’m Happy to Eat Raw Fish Straight Out of the Sea For the First Week or So of This Survival Experience Until I Learn How to Craft a Fire.

They’re everywhere, and like most things in the world it’s all Minecraft’s fault. The all-conquering pig-harassment simulator certainly wasn’t the first game to introduce death by forgetting to eat some chicken every once in a while (that honor goes to Streets of Rage, which had entire roast birds hidden in the trash, discarded by the decadent and poultry-burdened population of pre-recession Manhattan), but it definitely popularized the notion of a game where you build a shed that you sit in until you die.


​I Ate a Steak Dinner with G-Unit

I was eight when 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Trying came out and G-Unit’s reign over hip-hop began. 50 and his cohorts—Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo—helped bring the streets back to hip-hop at a time when MCs like Ja Rule had resorted to crooning over R&B tracks to climb the pop charts. In the early to mid-2000s, my world was consumed by all things Guerilla Unit. I followed them as they released their double platinum group album—Beg for Mercy, a slew of classic solo mixtapes and albums, a practically unplayable video game, and a seminal clothing line with Marc Ecko.

But it’s been more than a decade since 50 Cent was hip-hop’s dictator and G-Unit served as his ruling party. In recent years, members of G-Unit have had run-ins with the law and have either faced middling record sales or released no new music of note at all. The group has also suffered its share of infighting, with 50 excommunicating Young Buck in 2008 and clowning founding G-Unit members Yayo and Banks in interviews as recent as spring of last year. In light of all the barbs tossed back and forth and the group’s dwindling relevancy, it seemed like we’d never get another track like “Poppin’ Them Thangs” or another chance to buy one of those weirdly-cut G-Unit tank tops.

However, the core group surprised everyone and reunited at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert last June. Since then, they’ve added a new member to the fold named Kidd Kidd. They released a mixtape in August titled The Beauty of Independence. And earlier this month they dropped The Beast Is G-Unit EP, which was gritty and hungry enough to conjure up memories of what made G-Unit indomitable back in 2003.

Considering we’re in the midst of a full blown G-Unit a comeback, it seemed like the perfect time to hit up Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo for a chat. I met the G-Unit rappers at the New York Yankee Steakhouse in Midtown. In between eating extravagant steak and seafood and fans interrupting our meal to get pictures, we had an incredible conversation that explored their journey to and from the highest echelons of hip-hop and the trials and tribulations that came with it. Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were especially unguarded. They spoke with an openness that was cognizant of their former glory and their mortality. Here’s what they had to say.


Best known for his portraits of entertainers and celebrities, Mike Thompson has built a name for himself in the world of art.  His paintings have been featured on television, in print and web campaigns. Mike began his career working as both Designer and Art Director in the fashion industry.  After creating top selling designs for companies such as Timberland, Ecko and Nike, the artist left the corporate world to become a full-time illustrator.

Over the past decade, his artwork has been featured on magazines, videogame covers, movie posters and toy packaging.  Some of the clients Mike has worked with include: Marvel, Hasbro, Warner Bros, Dimension Films, and Cartoon Network.

One of Corel’s featured “Painter Masters,” Mike has hosted several webinars for the company.  His art and techniques have appeared in many International publications, as well as the books: “Digital Collage and Painting,” by Susan Ruddick Bloom, and “Secrets of Corel Painter Experts,” by Darryl Wise and Linda Hellfritsch.


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