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The sun was barely visible now as the night blacken the sky. Ecko shivered a little when the cool breeze caressedupon  her skin, but she was relived that her job was closing for the night and she was finally able to relax for the next few days now all she had on her mind was to soak in a nice bubble bath and finish eating that steak she had left over.

“Oh, hello I’m sorry but the store is closed for the night”  she said to the figure behind her



Sorry for this delayed post, this is what I wore last sunday at church. I was too lazy to post anything this week because of the weather. Rainy season has already started,classes were suspended but then again we should all stay safe and sound.
Going back to my outfit,I decided to go ALL BLACK because I saw my longsleeves lace top that I haven’t wear, not even once haha and I just paired it with my favorite black leather skater skirt but to kinda “ruined” the whole ALL BLACK thing I finsih up the whole look with my ecko red sneakers.

P.S. Excuse my mandatory hair flippin’ moves HAHAHA.

What I wore:

Top- H&m
Skirt- Forever21
Sneakers- Ecko red

anonymous asked:

Can I maybe get a playlist for Edd Gould from Eddsworld (the character not the creator) ?? I feel like i need to be more specific but idk im sorry! Thank you in advance!!

Here you go! Hope you like it

Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy

A Sadness Runs Through Him - The Hoosiers

Who Are You Really? - Mikky Ecko

Cough it Out - The Front Bottoms

Thistles and Weeds - Mumford And Sons

Lies - Marina and The Diamonds

Sugar Pool - Mom

Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

Where Are You Now? - Mumford And Sons

Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Strawberry Avalanche - Owl City