Wow its only 8:15, I expected it to be later when I actually planned on writing this post, but im pretty bord at the moment. Watching Ip Man 3 & listening to L’Arc~en~Ciel .. Kinda weird how the new generation can multi-task. My grandma can’t even drive with the radio playing. :p Some shit eh?

Today was pretty boring -.- I didn’t do my online/tele schooling for the past 3 days. XD Pretty sure they’re gonna kick me out of the program soon, but its whatever I’m going back to public school anyway. Home schooling is suckish, just like skipping school by yourself. -.- Its stupid. Especially when you don’t have any loud to smoke.

:O I haven’t smoked in 12 days exactly & I’m bout to dieee. :( Loud isn’t addicting but you sure hella want it all the time. :D Hopefully Chonny will stop bring some when he comes, he better ir some real shit gonna go down. :3

Okay I feel like I’m writing too much? So I’m just gonna… slips away quietly Byeeeeee cho’ (: ♥