Lyn for short. | 18 | Bisexual | Georgia |

📷IG: @eckhartx



Fresh out of highschool. Majoring in Japanese. よろしくおねがいします。


Work 6 day a week at Japanese cafe during the morning and Vietnamese restuarant at night. Doesn’t leave me with much free time~


Living a loner lifestyle where I watch anime, bake sweets and smoke pot on Friday nights. I like cook asian cusine and bake hella sweets and junk food snacks. In one word you could call me “geeky”. I watch anime and read FF. When it come to electronics I am a huge tech-savy. Wifi give me life and video games are my entertainment. I’m pretty familiar with many programs and editing software, photoshop, digital art and blogging comes natural to me.


I have 5 piercings and my ears are stretched to a 10g. I don’t get a chance to go to the mall much but I enjoy thifting and online shops. Music taste ranges from hardcore death metal, to kpop, to japanese koto. I pretty much listen to everything really..