Volker Eckert was a german serial killer who allegedly went on a six year killing spree across Europe, murdering women (most of whom were prostitutes) in Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

As Eckert’s occupation was a truck driver he had a high degree of mobility as a serial killer and worked mainly in international routes. When the police finally arrested Eckert they discovered a substantial amount of evidence in the back of his truck, namely hair belonging to his victims and a collection of photographs which depicted his victims being tortured, as well as images of their corpses. The police were able to link Eckert’s whereabouts throughout the continent to sites where the bodies of his victims were discovered, some of whom still have not been formally identified.

Eckert would eventually confess to a total of five murders, although he has been connected to nine killings. He completed suicide shortly after his confessions, with more evidence linking him to further killings being discovered after his death.

My feelings for you aren’t going to just disappear. They won’t simply vanish with time, or evaporate with the puddles. I am in love with you, and I will remain in love with you; unless we dare to think the unthinkable. Perhaps I would fall out of love with you if we were to fall out of each other’s lives. But my dear, I cannot bare that thought. So if I must love you as your friend and nothing more, that is what I will do. I need you in my life, and if it can’t be as a partner, it will be as a friend even as that kills me. I cannot say goodbye. I don’t know whether that makes me brave or cowardly.
—  A Revelation, M. Eckert |3.8.16 10:51pm|