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i'm fairly certain eckerd is a christian college. sorry to burst a bubble. i was looking at it a few years ago after Chick told me about it, but i'm pretty sure that was one of the more conservative christian ones. you can google it if you want to see.

they have a tumblr and apparently they’re LGBT friendly so that’s another thing. my s/o and I were looking into it because they allow pets after your first semester

amandadalton33  asked:

63, 78, 79 😊💖

63. First concert?

Alice Cooper at Ruth Eckerd Hall, 2005. The friend that I went with and I was so close to the stage that when Alice was placed in the guillotine and [instead of yelling out the expected “guilty”] we jokingly yelled out “not guilty!”, he lifted his head up and smiled at both of us 😂 I will never forget that moment.

78. Who would you like to see in concert?

Scott Weiland will always remain at the top of the list, sadly 💔 It hurts me to no end that I never got to see him in concert. But, The Rolling Stones and The Foo Fighters are two bands that I would love to see.

79. What was the last concert you saw?

Guns N’ Roses at The Citrus Bowl, 2016. Whilst I wish Izzy and Steven were up there with the other three, I loved every second of this show. To this day, I can still feel Axl’s screams cutting through me and still get goosebumps whenever I hear one of Slash’s solos. Definitely my favorite concert that I’ve attended to date ❤

Thank you for the ask! 💕


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