RusAme Secret Santa 2k17

@tenrou-star, hello! I’m your secret santa!!

The request I followed up on was your flowertalia one. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but when I looked it up, I was pleasantly surprised!

To give a short summary, flowertalia is an au where humans’ lives are connected to a plant they were born with. The more they love something, the more their flower blooms. But if their flower fully blooms, they die!

I decided to go with a humanverse flowertalia story for Alfred and Ivan, where Alfred’s flower is a white clover and Ivan’s flower is a pink carnation. I hope you enjoy, and happy holidays! 


Alfred was a passionate soul.

His father had always criticized his mother for it, saying he got it from her - the burning curiosity of new things that she so readily encouraged. But his mother had always brushed it aside, saying there was no harm in a little learning. That is, until the incident on his sixth grade science class, when his heart almost failed when he learned about the moon’s orbit of Earth. He recalled with pain how he had drifted in and out of the medically induced sleep, seeing his white clover in full bloom by his bedside, as the doctors hurried to quell the dopamine rushing through his head. When he woke, his parents held him from his science class until the moon unit had ended. They had also forbid him from learning any more astronomy, but that didn’t stop him from smuggling Mars books from his local library for long under-the-blanket reads. The way he figured it, there was no point in living if you lead a loveless life. And as he grew older, he had never lost his lust for living, but instead had found better ways to hide it. He would smuggle away his tears of joy, his philosophy and writing and song, for his private walks in the quiet morning woods of northern Maine.

His job as an accountant was less than thrilling, so when the holiday season came and he got a break, he was more than happy to go visit his mother at her nursing home. He and Charlotte had always been close, especially after the fight he had a few years ago with his brother Matthew that left them distant and cold. His mother was one of the only people in his life that didn’t frown on his natural intensity.

Charlotte was once gorgeous - straight hair cut into a bouncing bob, shimmering blonde pairing nicely with her melted caramel eyes, and skin of smooth clotted cream. But even as time had dulled the sparkle, edged wrinkles in and sagged her cheeks and faded her hair, she still held the grace she had all of her life. And when she smiled the whole room lit up; the sunlight shone a little brighter and the food tasted a little better.

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10/5/17 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
10/6/17 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
10/7/17 Indianapolis, IN Murat Thatre
10/8/17 Greensburg, PA (Pittsburgh) Palace Theatre
10/10/17 Englewood, NJ Bergen PAC
10/11/17 Baltimore, MD Lyric Theatre
10/13/17 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
10/14/17 Brookville, NY Tilles Center
10/15/17 Mashantucket, CT Foxwoods Resort
10/17/17 Morristown, NJ Mayo Performing Arts Center
10/18/17 Bethlehem, PA Bethlehem Event Center
10/20/17 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre
10/21/17 Washington, DC Warner Theatre
10/22/17 Norfolk, VA Chrysler Hall Theatre
10/24/17 Wilmington, NC The Wilson Center at Cape Fear
10/25/17 Durham, NC (Raleigh-Durham) Durham Performing Arts Center
10/26/17 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Performance Arts Centre
10/28/17 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live
10/29/17 Clearwater, FL (Tampa) Ruth Eckerd Hall
10/30/17 Fort Myers, FL Barbara B Mann Performing Arts
11/1/17 Melbourne, FL (Orlando) King Center
11/2/17 Fort Lauderdale, FL Au-Rene Theater Broward
11/3/17 Sarasota, FL Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
11/4/17 Orange Park, FL Thrasher-Horne Center
11/5/17 New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre
11/7/17 Sugar Land, TX (Houston) Smart Financial Centre
11/8/17 Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) Verizon Wireless Theatre
11/10/17 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre
11/12/17 Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre
11/14/17 San Diego, CA San Diego Civic Center
11/15/17 Los Angeles, CA Dolby Theatre
11/17/17 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert
11/18/17 Reno, NV Grand Theatre at the Grand Sierra
11/19/17 Santa Rosa, CA Luther Burbank Center for the Arts

          and tiny headcanons about the mobliz kiddos because i say so
          ( this is all post-game so imagine it’s been idk 1 or 2 years since the game’s end )

ailis :

  • age 7
  • all the girls are close but ailis and greta are inseparable
  • ailis and greta look after brendan when terra, duane, and katarin aren’t around
  • she is the self-proclaimed leader of the girls and can be just a wee bit bossy
  • but she generally means well; she’s just the type who takes charge
  • after eckerd, she is the kiddo the rest of the kiddos listen to ( except fremont )
  • she’s also the one who will tattle on you if you get in trouble
  • aka so she tattles on fremont all the time pretty much
  • out of the returners, she admires celes the most
  • she has a crush on eckerd

brendan :

  • age 4 ‘ and three quarters ’ i.e. ¾
  • and brendan will insist on that last part
  • he is the youngest of the kiddos and follows terra around a lot
  • i mean why do you think i chose a name that meant ‘ little raven ’ *nudge nudge*
  • he thinks fremont is the best thing after sliced pie but also laughs at him when he gets in trouble
  • he gives everyone abbreviated names / nicknames, mostly because he can’t say them all i.e. locke is lockey, celes is celey / cessy, edgar is mister egur, setzer is sezza, etc etc
  • the only names that he probably gets right is gau’s and mog’s name
  • but he’s probably called edgar ‘ papa ’ at least once

eckerd :

  • age 9
  • is the brother of greta
  • the oldest of the kiddos, not counting the teenagers duane and katarin
  • eckerd hangs out with fremont a lot but he is far more sensible than him
  • aka if he knows that fremont will get in trouble he will hightail it outta there
  • he has a more sincere sense of humour and is also thoughtful and mature for his age
  • fremont thinks he’s the ‘ leader ’ of the kiddos but the kiddos actually turn to eckerd tbh
  • due to his maturity, he isn’t as *attached* to terra as their mama as the rest of the kiddos but his respect for her for being around when all the kiddos needed her makes him genuinely see her as his mother figure to the point of following suit with the other kids and calling her ‘ mama ’ as well
  • he gets along well with everyone but especially with cyan

euna : 

  • age 5
  • all the girls are close but euna and lotte are inseparable
  • but she’ll essentially follow whatever the older kiddos do or say
  • and euna says what she wants too but mostly that boils down to gossip
  • mostly about duane and katarin and the baby because what else is there to gossip about
  • once she meets locke and celes though, she will openly gossip about them too because if even a 5 year old can tell there’s so much unresolved stuff between them, you know you have problems
  • she thinks terra should marry edgar, mostly because that would make terra a queen and euna wants to be a princess but also because she knows edgar would treat terra right amirite
  • also relm is her senpai and she thinks she’s the best
  • she’s the one who recognises esper terra first tho tbh

franz : 

  • age 8
  • is the twin brother of fremont
  • the most sullen / withdrawn of the kiddos who always has his nose in a book
  • lbr he was probably much happier before kefka destroyed their village and killed their parents
  • however, despite his melancholia, franz does retain a gentle disposition and like the other kiddos, he has a bit more of a hopeful outlook on the future ever since terra came to mobliz
  • terra dotes on him the most tho because *cOUGHS OBNOXIOUSLY* uMM he…reminds her of someone… it’s not pre-experimentation kefka what are you talking about i didn’t say it you did
  • but he’s also that kind of person who will say slightly morbid things per occasion, mostly to see how you will react because it secretly kind of amuses him, and you’re just not sure how to respond
  • probably that one kid who straight up asks you if you’re gonna take mama terra away like DAMN

fremont :

  • age 8
  • is the twin brother of franz
  • fremont is the older twin
  • gets nicknamed ‘ monty ’ and is probably the one who gets in the most trouble
  • probably only gets called ‘ fremont ’ when he’s in trouble so a lot of the time basically
  • honestly half of the reason why he gets in trouble is because he’s trying to get their mama’s attention or impress the girls but ew he still thinks they all have cooties too except terra so
  • like you think brendan’s the mama’s boy but it’s really fremont like
  • he thinks he is terra’s favourite and he will say it to your face
  • he doesn’t like anyone who’s even remotely close to terra of the opposite sex
  • and he’s probably the kiddo who bars your path when you visit the house the first time
  • what a lil shit

greta :

  • age 7
  • is the sister of eckerd and she respects her big brother a lot
  • again all the girls are close but greta and ailis are inseparable
  • out of all the kids she is the nicest and is responsible for her age
  • if any of the kiddos helps out terra with chores etc, it’s usually greta who volunteers
  • she also helps looks over duane and katarin’s babbu too because bless her soul
  • like seriously she is diligent and kindhearted af but beware if you ever make her mad tho
  • greta and ailis look after brendan when terra, duane, and katarin aren’t around

lotte :

  • age 6
  • locke’s favourite
  • she calls him ‘ lockey ’
  • locke is her favourite of course too but sometimes she’ll say that her favourite is edgar or somebody else just to see what he’ll say because she thinks his reactions are funny
  • again all the girls are close but lotte and euna are inseparable
  • she looks and sounds super sweet but she secretly has a mischievous streak
  • so of course terra blames locke for that
  • she probably picks up a couple of locke’s mannerisms and word choices too
  • she loves the frilliest of dresses but she’s also a tomboy and loves playing outdoors
  • she’s that precocious child who asks the questions kiddos shouldn’t ask

&&. misc . hcs :

  • everyone thinks they’re terra’s favourites and will fight each other on that
  • aaaand idk i’ll think of more headcanon things when i get around to it

Check out Cody Jamison Strand’s takeover of the Ruth Eckerd Hall’s instagram account!

3/100 days of productivity: reorganized my schedule!

Christmas was honestly kind of a long day, but I got through it and got to give and receive some pretty sweet gifts. My mom’s gift to me is buying me a new backpack, because mine is about eight years old and literally falling apart at the seams. I did some research today, and I will continue to do some research, on the best backpack options for me.

I spent some time being productive by setting up my schedule for the next few days, until I leave for Winter Term at Eckerd on January 2nd. I’ll be focusing on spending time with my niece, my two best friends, and having some “what about the future” conversations with my boyfriend. 

          so i’m lazy and i don’t want to actually count the kids all over again and the game keeps giving me a different number of kiddos to count during every wor cutscene when i try to fact-check it on youtube yes i went through the snes / gba / steam versions just in case and like sQUARE MAKE UP YOUR MIND so *for now* let’s just say there are four boys and four girls of the children of mobliz so mama terra and i can stop stressing over the numbers.  also their names are : brendan, eckerd, franz, and fremont for the boys, and ailis, euna, greta, and lotte for the girls.  8′)