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Mate - Owen Grady x Reader

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Fandom- Jurassic World 

Character- Owen Grady 

Word Counter- 758 Words 


Drabble Friday - If Drabble Friday isn’t over then maybe a Owen Grady where his velociraptors think of you as his mate even though you are his shy assistant who never talks to him and they attack someone hurting you? Pretty please?!

For portable-imouto & the lovely Anon who requested<3

You watched Owen from behind the bars, the raptors were very intrigued by you, and Owen was very interested in showing them to you, though you only ever talked to him when it was absolutely necessary. Barry had told you already that the raptors saw you as Owen’s mate, but you paid no real attention to him, thinking he was only joking around - but it turns out he wasn’t. 

One of the days Owen asked you if you’d like to meet the raptors, and prehaps get to train them a little, depending on how well they took to you. 

Owen took your shaking hand and lead you into the pen, he’d only really done this once before, and that was scary to think about. 

You watched the raptors and you had their names memorised- Blue, Echo, Charlie and Delta. 

You breath in and out as slowly as you can, knowing you have to be calm as they sense fear. 

Owen leads you inside, holding you behind him just in case. 

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, and you nod. 

“Yes,” You manage to mumble and he nods, he pulls out a clicker that he uses to train them and you watch as they all come running from the overgrown vegetation. 

“This is Blue-” He begins but you nod. 

“I know their names, Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo,” You tell him and you nod to each one individually to show him you know their names and he smiles, impressed. 

One of the raptors takes a step closer and Owen puts out his hands to warn them off. 

“Back it up,” He says and you allow a small smile when he protects you. 

You spend the rest of the day training them just as Owen did and he helps you along with them. 

Once you’re out of there Barry tells you and Owen they see you the Alpha’s (Owen) mate and Owen chuckles at your blushed cheeks. 

“Well the raptors better unlearn that,” You mumble to them all and Owen smiles at you. 

You were alone today, Owen had something else to attend to, meaning you had to train the raptors alone, which meant going in their enclosure alone. 

“Lets see what you can do,” You hear and you look round at one of the enclosure workers. 

You walk into the enclosure and you pull out the clicker, attracting the raptors to you. 

“Morning raptor squad,” You say and you hold the bucket of food in your hand. 

“Delta, back up,” You say firmly and she does as she is told. 

You’re about to throw her some food when you hear shouting to get out of the pen and you see someone rushing at you with some kind of weapon. 

You yelp as they pull the weapon across the skin on your arm and you fall backwards, backing up towards the raptors. 

You watch Blue pounce forwards and she begins to tear at the man who attacked me. 

You watch the others follow and they begin to rip him apart. 

“STOP!” You yell, trying to distract them with the clicker. 

“Delta! Blue! Charlie! Echo!” You yell, but they keep ripping at him. 

You suddenly feel arms wrap around you and they pull you back. 

You catch one last glimpse at the raptors before you’re pulled completely out of the enclosure. 

“Hey, hey! (Y/N)! It’s alright!” You hear Owen’s voice and your face is pulled up to look at his. 

“Hey,” He whispers and you quickly hug him, not knowing what else to do. 

“I was so scared,” You whisper and he nods. 

“I know, but it’s okay now, you’re with me, we’re safe,” He says and you look up at him. 

“Thank you,” You say and he smiles. 

“You should thank the raptor squad,” He says and you watch some first aiders come over to fix up your arm. 

Owen stands to leave you with them but you grab him and pull his lips onto yours quickly. 

“Don’t ever make me leave you again, I am your assistent after all,” You tell him afterwards and he smirks. 

“Maybe you can be my assistent in other departments,” He winks and you roll your eyes before he helps you stand. 

The first aiders finish on your arm and you take Owen’s hand. 

“Do you think maybe you can let the raptors see us as mates now?” He asks and you laugh. 

“Maybe,” You say and he takes your waist in his spare hand and pulls you in, kissing you softly. 


im sick and tired of seeing these posts bitching about how unrealistic and “misogynistic” it was that claire dearing wore heels and ran in heels during jurassic world


here’s a picture both from the movie and a movie poster of the shoes that claire wears in the film:

after consulting with some people, these heels seem to be around 2-3 inches. now when i saw the movie i was beyond thrilled that she wore her heels the entire time. i thought it kicked ass because damn that takes some real strength and balance. however after seeing people bitching about how unrealistic that was, i got pissed off. and here’s why:

i’m a woman who fucking loves high heels. in fact, i wear them almost every day. without my heels, i stand at 5'2". when i put on my everyday heels, i stand at 5′7″, adding 5 inches to my height. now i dunno how long claire has been wearing heels (we don’t get enough insight to her character to know, nor is it really important) but i’ve been wearing heels for about 5 years now (my heels have always ranged from 4 to 5 inches tall). i have walked and yes, i have even ran on gravel, mulch, dirt, and concrete in my 4-5 inch heels. i dont fall and i dont lose balance, in fact, i run better in my heels than i do in my flats or sneakers! so why is it so unrealistic that claire, a woman who has probably worn heels longer than i, ran in heels 2 inches shorter???? ive also seen people say that they would’ve fallen off or get stuck in the mud when they were in the mud/jungle area. whelp, here’s another fun fact for ya folks: when wearing a heel that PROPERLY fits your foot, it’s really difficult for them to pulled off/stuck in mud (and this is coming from a girl who had to walk across a muddy golf course in stilettos to get to her prom)! the heels would get all muddy and scuffed and you’d definitely sink into the mud but that’s it.


mini-rant done 


requested by anon

“What are they’re names?” You asked, smiling in wonder at the raptors.

“Charlie, Delta, Echo and this one’s Blue.” Owen told you.

“Can I stroke them?” You asked, hesitantly, “I don’t have to in case I upset them but-” You trailed off as one of the raptors, Blue, walked towards you slowly.

She was growling softly, more inquisitive as to who you were instead of being threatening, “Hi, girl.” You whispered, “I won’t hurt you. You can do a lot more damage to me than I can to you. I promise.”

Blue stopped in front of you, breathing slowly, you reached out slowly, “I won’t hurt you, Blue.”

Your hand grazed her scaled skin and she never flinched, instead, she welcomed your touch as you stroked her, “You’re just lovely, aren’t you?”

You looked up at Owen who was watching you with a awed smile, “They don’t really bond with anyone besides me; that’s incredible.”