‘But Turgon was become proud, and Gondolin as beautiful as a memory of Elven Tirion [and] after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad the people of that city desired never again to mingle in the woes of Elves and Men without, nor to return through dread and danger into the West…Therefore in that time the very entrance to the hidden door in the Encircling Mountains was blocked up; and thereafter none went ever forth from Gondolin on any errand of peace or war, while that city stood. Tidings were brought by Thorondor, Lord of Eagles of the fall of Nargothrond, and after of the slaying of Thingol and of Dior his heir, and of the ruin of Doriath; but Turgon shut his ear to the word of the woes without, and vowed to march never at the side of any son of Fëanor; and his people he forbade ever to pass the leaguer of the hills.’ - Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin, The Silmarillion.

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fingolfin was such a badass. second high king of the noldor. led a host of elves across the helcaraxe which was basically the north pole and died after marching on angband, fortress of morgoth (literally the most evil dude to ever exist, strongest of the ainur and sauron’s master) and challenging him to single combat. he wounded morgoth seven times, the last a desperate stroke leaving him to walk with a limp thereafter forever in pain, before being smashed with grond (morgoth’s wolf’s-head mace) and stepped on until his body was crushed. after that the king of the eagles took his body for it to be buried atop the mountain range echoriath, overlooking gondolin, the greatest elven kingdom of the first age. it’s said that though he had been defeated, the orcs never made any type of boastful song to celebrate, nor did the elves sing of it, for their sorrow was far too great. but had the elves known about electric guitars and power chords, they might have given it a shot and wrote the song of fingolfin, and it would have been the most metal fucking song ever composed.

Art: Eagles of Manwë, by jonathanguzi

The Crissaegrim were a mountain range, forming a part of the southern Echoriath, the Encircling Mountains of Gondolin, and were inaccessible from the ground. However they were home to the great Eagles, and from here Thorondor, Lord of the Eagles, watched for spies in the vale of the River Sirion. Indeed, the Eagles were the chief source of information to Turgon and the Gondolindrim.

Crissaegrim is a Sindarin name that includes the root kris-. meaning “Cleft Mountain Peaks”. It is usually referred to as the “Abode of Eagles”.

It was from the Crissaegrim that Thorondor espied Húrin and Huor when they were lost in Dimbar. The Lord of the Eagles sent two great birds to carry the men above the Crissaegrim into Tumladen, when King Turgon of Gondolin welcomed them.