echonorth photography

Storm Chasing

Well, the storms finally rolled in over the prairies and foothills of southern Alberta after a few days of oppressive heat. Other storm fronts are also emerging, after watching the first three weeks of CFL football it has become clear that my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders are going to have their collective asses handed to them all year long. No fair-weather football fans ‘round here, and as you can see, no fair-weather photographers either! I love heading out with the camera in stormy weather- Could do with a sunnier outlook for the state of Rider Nation these days…but either way, so good to have both summer weather and Canadian football back again!

New Work: Spring 2011

Just finished tweaking a new slideshow for Spring 2011 on the EchoNorth website- check it out if your day could use a little eye candy! A smaller slideshow than last fall/winter, as spring came very slowly to southern Alberta this year, but it is so good to have a little vibrant colour back on the site! I am also doing things a little differently this time around- I will be adding seperate slideshows for each season of the year to the ‘New Work’ gallery before dispersing the best of the best to the subject-specific galleries.

Autumn in the Foothills

We have been having such an intensely warm, golden autumn in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains that I stole an hour of driving and photography last week to try and capture some before it is gone. Grad school has been keeping my head in books (the dreaded ‘Canadian Periodical Indices’…) and away from my kit, but with images like this, I’m so glad I made the time to get out. I did beat a hasty retreat, however, when a local fella pulled over to let me know a cougar had been spotted in the area earlier that morning. Having encountered my first 'real live’ cougar last month in B.C., I don’t need to be told twice when its time to pack it in!

A Taste of Infinity from the Rockies...

Ram Falls isn’t the easiest place to get to, but standing over this jaw-dropping gorge is the kind of raw natural rush landscape photographers lust after- its what keeps us out there in the boondocks and backwoods.These were taken about ten o’clock at night in high summer this past week- it was still warm and luminous out there and the sound of the falls was just incredible.

Big Sky Country

So…this year’s bear count now sits at 34,  including our first (very fleeting) grizzly sighting of the summer, and another gorgeous cinammon bear down towards Waterton Lakes National Park. I even got a clear shot of a red fox for the first time in years! Yet despite those amazing sights, the sky really stole the show over southern Alberta this week. We saw everything from endless scattered systems to dark storm clouds, and even a beautiful bit of rainbow in the craggy country north of Cochrane. These three images should give an idea of how wildly different the shooting conditions can be one day to the next where we live and work- it can be pure blue wonder out here one minute, and a real bugger the next should Mo'natch decide to get ugly…

Rebirth on the Prairies:

Green grass, blue sky, and the hesitant return of spring to a skeleton homestead in southern Alberta, Canada. It should probably be mentioned that I have already fallen in at least one slough taking pictures this year. Nothing like a muddy, swampy arse to make you question why you picked up the damn camera in the first place…or to remind you why you love it so much. Here’s to it, folks!