echoing silence


Our footsteps were echoing in the silence after I let her throw her fit. 
Poor kid, I knew she had it. We had been travelling for days. 
I was starving and exhausted, I couldn’t imagine how a kid must feel. 

I looked up. The manor was destroyed, I felt alarmed, we walked right into a neighborhood.
We might get lucky and be alone, but that blood looked fresh. We were in no shape to defend ourselves. 

I had taken a wrong turn yesterday and had to fend off three of those things. They broke my knife, I had nothing left and we were both running on fumes. 

Isabelle whined, “Ady, I’m hungry.”
Wait.” We stood there, frozen. 
“I thought I heard rustling.” I let out a heavy sigh. 
“We can take a water break, but don’t make it too long. We still need to find food and look, the sun is coming up already. We shouldn’t be out in the open.”