So that tattoo I mentioned yesterday…Just got back from getting my first tat.  Painful, hahaha!  Anyhow it took 4 hours to do.  I had it based off of stoicshark‘s Echo drawing, but changed slightly (fang added, wings in the up position).  I wanted a pony, but didn’t really want to go with a show one as I like them all, so I went with my favorite Bat Pone as Bats + Ponies = Awesomesauce!

NOTE - Red rings you see in the pic on my arm was a test to see if I could handle the pain of getting a tattoo done :)

In the Nadir

(”In the Navy” parody, posted at the peer pressure gentle encouragement of my friends)

Where’d you forget pleasure
In your search for treasure
Losing all your memories
Where can you begin to lose the pieces of you
That make you who you’re meant to be?
Where can all your stats drop
Knowledge of the lore stop
After all the things you see
Get some Irrigo clothes
Made of who the fuck knows
When you take that trip to be

In the nadir
Yes you can lose your memories
In the nadir
Yes you can lose your mind with ease
In the Nadir
Come on now people, understand
In the Nadir
You’ll take your mind out of your hands
In the Nadir
Come on, forget the mother land
In the Nadir
And yeah, forget your fellow man
In the Nadir
The friggin’ neath’s a nightmare land!
In the Nadir! In the Nadir!

Life is dull! Life is dull! Swap your head for an eyeless skull!

If you like adventure
Don’t you wait to enter
Chomp that ember up real fast
Don’t you hesitate
There is no need to wait
Your hopes and dreams weren’t meant to last
Maybe you got stat boosts
Just the other day
But don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
For I’m sure there will be
Always a new story
To give it back to you and me


They! Want! you! They! Want! You! In the Nadir!
(Who me?
But- but I’m afraid of skulls!
Man, I get scared just looking at penny dreadfuls!)
They! Want! You! In the Nadir!
(Oh my goodness. What am I gonna do with a stat loss?)
They! Want! You! In the Nadir!


bet im gonna come on tomorrow with that eticalb person and some anons talking shit to me bc they found out im trying to help my friends B-/

have i showed you guys this because it makes me happy every time

the image for the ghiralink tag was my fav ghiralink picture of all time which was very satisfying and most importantly the image for my tag is ghriahim and it still is it has been this way for so long. the universe is trying to tell me something 

Echo and Fives Head Cannons

Echo and Fives took on the duty of making sure Ahsoka didn’t grow up to quickly in the field. They would try to shield her from the horror of war. While is was a leigon wide effort, it was mainly led by the 2 of them with help from Rex.

Fives freaked out the first time he heard a gun go off as a cadet. He kept waking up crying so the others had to quiet him before any Kaminoians realized what was going on.

They gave each other piggy back rides everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

Fives was also actually a huge reader. By the time he’d graduated he’d already worked his way through LOTR, HP, and was forced to read twilight as a punishment. He and Echo’s main issues as cadets were they didn’t ship the same people. They still largely disagree and Rex brings it up when he get bored to see them fight.


“Who knew having kids would be this tiring?”he said as he collapsed on the bed.

Echo giggled and sat on the floor and put her head next to his “Everyone.Literally everyone.”

“it’s crazy that those two hellians came out of you”

“Technically , they came out of you”she said as quick as a whip.this made Kiwi laugh “Yeah well, i kind of forget what life was like before them. i mean i know there only a few months old but-”

“But they are our lives now” She said, finishing his sentence