From the stream today. Macha’s Landing in Lions Arch is named for an Asuran Mesmer named Macha who was a friend of Cobiah Mariner and helped with the founding of Lions Arch. She was described loosely in the book ‘Sea of Sorrows’ so I suppose this is my interpretation. Also backgrounds.. which I am kinda proud of of old Lions Arch..I miss the boats

Day 12: Shatter

Almorra’s Massacre. After her warband were twisted by the breath of the dragon she took them all down. She alone was spared. I love Almorra Soulkeeper’s character, and though I don’t think I got the Younger future general of the vigil very well, I do like how this came out. Also…. I only realized halfway through I put her in medium armor.. not heavy. But I am not changing it.


Some things from the stream today, First is Dexxlan, a newer sharkrat of my own. They are very quiet, but confident. they have been working as a nurse in Rata-Sum but are looking to get out into the world

Today was a rough day for inspiration (in a lot of pain) so I asked the chat what to draw and Naxxi gave me this character who is a friend of theirs. She was fun to draw though I want to try again when I can focus better. @ragepanddemoman I do not know you but your Asura is adorable!