This was actually my entry for the charity book ‘Monsters and Dames’ for Emerald City Comic Con this coming year. I was recently told I wasn’t chosen so I can finally put the art up here. Though I need to get a better scanner, the colours all ended up wonky on this.

So here is my version of the Norse goddess, Hel, the daughter of Loki and keeper of a realm of the same name, Goddess of the dead. There is a bit of work that went into this outside of the normal. The wolf is for Fenrir, her brother, one of Loki’s other Children, and the horse for Slephnir another of Loki’s issue. The snake for the third of Loki’s more imfamous children Jormungandr. The sheild in the corner is actually based off a stone carving believed to be of Loki. I went for a younger appearence than she is normally given. As the eddas describe her as Half-blue as if dead or Half-Black (the latter of which I learned was because as a right of royal burial the dead were buried in the permafrost, the cold damage causing the body to take on a black colour.) The plate and sword are part of her description in the Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson. (the plate being called hunger and the blade being called Famine).  So there you have it, a monster and a dame all in one being (as that is the theme for the book).

Done with my nerdy-ness now. Enjoy.

SO about a week ago I decided to do this, and it took nearly all week for it to happen. It’s my attempt at Yulic and Keteus,  Blacksum’s Characters. I love the relationship between the two. And I am so sorry about the armor. I was in the middle of colouring this when the references went up >_>  Gift art for the heck of it.

Drawn with Copic Markers and paper that was being a bit of a pain.