Homesick (I like your warmth)

Title: Ch. 5/? - Serenity
Word Count: 288
Ships: Taegi
Tags: drabble, fluff
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The last note echoed through the arena, the cheering from the fans rung loud around Yoongi. A single teardrop fell on the white keys of the piano in front of him. The spotlight was still shining on his still figure, his fingers placed on the keyboard, ready to play a new chord anytime.

And in a split second all the sound seemed to stop and he closed his eyes. Tears started to flow out in a slow but steady pace. His head hung low, face buried behind his hair and he was shaking slightly.

For a moment he didn’t hear, he didn’t care to open his eyes and see his surroundings. The overflowing emotions making him frozen in place.

But then a pair of strong arms involved him, a well-known warmth radiating through his back, calming him, leveling his head and bringing him back from the sudden mess his heart was.

He felt the boy’s face right next to his and had they not been so close he would have missed the small “I’m so proud of you” whispered from the younger’s lips.

He knew they had the spotlight still on them. He knew the fans were screaming around them, he knew the rest of his members had now gathered around the black piano and yet it was like time stopped for him and all he could feel was the warmth that flowed from Taehyung right into his own heart.

He removed his hands from the keyboard in front of him and slowly brought them to fold gently around the younger’s arms, locking him in place closer to him and when he lifted his head back up he had the brightest and warmest smile playing on his lips.