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I Can Understand Why Bellamy Joined Pike (Spoilers ahead)

Just to be clear, I’m not supporting, agreeing, justifying or excusing Bellamy’s siding with Pike and killing the grounder army.

However, I can understand why Bellamy believes this was the right course. Let us go over Bellamy’s main and key interactions with grounders so far in the past 4-6 months they’ve been on earth. 

1. Impale Jasper with a spear, then tie him up and use him as bait.

2. A grounder (Lincoln) takes Octavia. When Bellamy and the others go to find her, they are led into a series of brutal death traps, and several of Bellamy’s followers die, including Roma, who Bellamy did have a somewhat signifigant relationship with. 

3. A grounder (Lincoln) has his sister chained up and stabs Finn.

4. Lincoln is well aware that nothing Clarke does to save Finn will matter, as the knife was poisoned. LIncoln never once speaks under torture, and only shows them the antidote because of Octavia.

5. Not necessarily a key interaction with grounders:: Bellamy doubts the grounders want peace and is against Finn’s idea of a peace talk, asking Clarke if she thinks impaling Jasper with a spear is the grounders version of ‘let’s be friends’. 

6. Bellamy believed the grounders we’re going to attack Clarke during the peace talk, with the weapons that he was told weren’t going to be brought.

7. The grounders send a Bioweapon disease within Murphy into their camp, to kill and pick them off before they attack. The grounder army attacks and is only stopped by the explosion at the bridge. 

8. Clarke and Finn are taken by grounders, and escape because of Lincoln. 

9. The grounders finally attack and they fight, Octavia is severely injured and is only saved due to Lincoln. The grounders continue to thoroughly kill and beat Bellamy and the other delinquents, Clarke and the others use the dropship to kill the grounder army.

10. Bellamy goes back to the dropship the next day or two, sees that Clarke and everyone else have been presumably taken by grounders. Finn is being taken by a grounder.

11. Bellamy and others go on mission to save the rest of the delinquents from the grounders, sees a grounder who has Clarke’s watch, and said grounder tells them that his village does in fact have their people (a lie, which they learn too late)

12. Not necessarily a key interaction with grounders:: Bellamy is reunited with Octavia and presumably she tells him about what happen with her and Lincoln and Lincoln’s people, which does not give the best impression of grounders and their ways.

13. Finn kills 16 grounders and The Commander , the one who has been sending small armies to kill Bellamy and the delinquents wants Finn dead. In addition, a huge ass army gathers outside Camp Jaha ready to attack. 

14. While  trying to save Lincoln and reverse the reaper process, Nyko, Lincoln’s friend, was going to kill Lincoln instead of trying to save him. It seems as though Lincoln is dead and Lexa and Indra, and other grounders are ready to kill them all for lying to them. 

15. After proving that they can reverse the reaper process, Lexa agrees to the alliance against Mount Weather, who has all of their people on the condition that they give her Finn.

16. Bellamy knows Finn is going to die an extremely long and painful death and there is nothing he can do. Watches as Clarke kills Finn, someone she deeply cares about and loves to spare him from that painful death. Finn is dead and they can now have “peace” with the grounders.

17. Not necessarily a key interaction with grounders:: When stopping for the night on their way to TonDC for the finalization of their alliance, Bellamy tells Clarke to sleep on their side of the camp as he does not trust the grounders, when Clarke tells him there are no sides, he makes a point to sleep between the grounders and Clarke and the rest of his people. 

18. They are accused of trying to poison Lexa, which Bellamy knows they didn’t do. The grounders find Raven guilty and begin to execute her, it’s discovered the Gus (Lexa’s second-in-command) set it all up to break the peace and Lexa (and the whole TonDC village) execute him and Bellamy sees first hand the painful deaths they were planning for Finn and Raven. 

19. Bellamy most significant and one-on-one relationship with a grounder, is with Lincoln.

Lincoln betrays Bellamy, so he can get the Red Drug and therefore becomes a reaper again. Leading Bellamy to be taken and basically tortured and bled by Mount Weather. 

20. Lexa breaks the alliance (that Finn died for, and Raven almost died for), for an alliance with Mount Weather, leaving Bellamy and his people to die. 

Bellamy and Clarke (and Monty) are now forced to kill everyone in Mount Weather to save their people, including innocent civilians, children, and probably worse for Bellamy the people who were helping him out. 

21. The next three months, Clarke is gone and they still have to make and keep peace with the grounders on Lexa’s terms, despite the fact Lexa betrayed them and they were the one who defeated Mount Weather. This peace is also extremely tenuous and really anything at this point might break it.

22. A kill order is put on Lincoln, for going against Lexa, instead of leaving them to die at Mount Weather

22. Sees a grounder brutally attack and beat Niylah, for information about Clarke. As another large grounder army (Ice Nation) gathers and after three months sees Clarke as a prisoner of a grounder. 

23. Is finally reunited with Clarke and is about to save her (tied up/held prisoner by grounder) he is attacked and watched Clarke beg for his life, agreeing to go peacefully and Bellamy is stabbed in the leg, and Clarke’s now gone.

24. Finds out the Lexa is the one who had Clarke taken and Clarke is currently in Polis, and they can’t do anything until the summit. 

25. Echo, Bellamy’s second most significant one-on-one relationship with a grounder, is betrayed by her to disrupt the summit and peace. Mount Weather has been blown up, killing his girlfriend and 47 innocent people, all because Bellamy trusted Echo.

26. Clarke chooses to stay with Lexa, instead of going back home with him. (Sidenote: Even though Clarke’s reasoning is perfectly sound, you can see why Bellamy would see this as an act of betrayal). 

27. Another grounder army gathers outside Arcadia, and he is informed they are there to help them, 

So once more I’m  not supporting, agreeing, justifying or excusing Bellamy’s siding with Pike and killing the grounder army that was there to protect them……………..

But, from Bellamy’s point-of-view, just because the grounders are there to help them out doesn’t mean that won’t quickly change. 

Bellamy knows the grounders have a very brutal culture, they have been quick to violence and attacking them, and he’s been betrayed multiple times by grounders (Lincoln, Echo, Lexa) which has led to his people’s deaths.

From his perspective an alliance with Lexa doesn’t really mean anything, and their ‘peace’ with the grounders has been tenuous and strained.

This has all happened in 4-6 months, I don’t think it’s unbelievable that Bellamy would side with Pike and kill the grounder army, and I think you can see and understand where he’s coming from. 

Lovely mid-20th century California ephemera from the Ralph King papers (BANC MSS 89/89 c). King was a resident of Echo Lakes in El Dorado County. He owned a boat house and worked in real estate and property development. His papers include lots of information on the development of the Echo Lakes area as well as on the history of Highway 50. 

Lara Michels, archivist