echo silence

Just finished Cordelia Fine’s “Testosterone Rex” for book club, and, uh. How do you write an entire book on the effects of testosterone on humans and never mention trans people? In 2017? 

(I mean, I think I know the answer, but mostly it’s just a suspicious, echoing silence). 

From this angle
Silver streaked
Lashes flutter on cheeks
A carved jawline i traced the night prior
Leaving kisses in fingers’ wake
Lips parted slightly
I touch my own now
Recalling last night
Pressed against yours
Wanting, wanting
For that gaze with topaz eyes to swallow me whole
To silence the echoes
Bouncing in my skull
The same I hear
Ever louder with each gentle touch or soft kiss
A reminder
Oh my darling
I am selfish
A selfish fool to keep you close to me
Or perhaps
Yes-a coma
A deep unbreakable sleep I must be in
To experience a dream so vivid
If so
May my family leave my bedside
If they can hear this-
I shall not wake.
—  you look so cute when you’re asleep: h.a.p