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Can i make a request for some Saber headcannons i finished the game and i love him

Saber headcanons:

  • Before Saber was brought in Celica’s hell, he never really thought he would have much of a future. He figured he’d be a wanderer all his life and never really settle down in one place or find a group he could tolerate for more than a few days at a time. But once he was approached by Celica, something clicked inside of him and a softer side came out. He couldn’t help but love the little idiots.
  • Saber actually likes getting new battle scars to try and impress the ladies. He thinks it makes him look tougher and that is the aesthetic he tries to go for. He’ll always show off those scars as sort of trophies, though he makes sure to exaggerate the stories just a tad to make himself sound even more heroic and dashing than he really is (though he is very heroic and dashing. He’s my strongest on Celica’s side).
  • Saber’s eyepatch is just another one of his little tricks to make him seem tougher than he really is. He put it on one day for kicks and got a huge response from the ladies and never looked back. He also thinks it suits him so now it is his stapled look.
  • Saber is full of great stories to tell. Late at night when everyone is resting and recovering, they all enjoy sitting around a fire and listening to stories from all their pasts. Everyone loves Saber’s stories the most, as he has seen many parts of Valentia, and has plenty of interesting run-ins. He has a certain way of telling his stories that ropes everyone in.
  • When they are all telling stories, Saber can’t help but add a few scarier stories in just to give Boey a little scare.
  • Saber is the one person on Celica’s side that everyone feels they can go to. He sort of acts like everyone’s lovable uncle or something, the one to confide in because there is no judgment. He also has had so much experience in so many areas of life that he is always full of real advice. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and he tells them how it is, and it really helps solve problems throughout their team (especially the silly fights between Mae and Boey).

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Would love to hear sometime what your favorite ship(s) are from Echoes. 👀

Can I ship Saber with myself
I actually haven’t given much thought of it. I enjoy ships, but I’m not a huge shipper myself I think….
I do highly support the canon relationships of Zeke/Tatiana and Boey/Mae

ANd I wish more than anything that Leon will find happiness     

Is nobody going to talk about how this man

shares a voice actor with this man

because if I had to hear and go through this revelation I’m dragging you all down with me


yall will thank me for this