echo park gang

I would see this kid all the time especially at a store on  Alvarado and Sunset by Dodger stadium every since he was a baby around the area he is only 13 or 14 here when he got this tattoo  he’s about 20 now  I have not seen him for a while maybe a year or more. He’s as you can see from Temple st gang  in Echo Park


Gentrification forcing some L.A. gangs to commute to their turf

Los Angeles’ Echo Park, once a familiar stomping ground for the area’s gangs, has recently been hit with a wave of gentrification, with boutiques, coffee shops and rent increases displacing gang members.

Pushed out by this activity, many have been commuting to their turf only on the weekends, rapidly diminishing gang activity in the area. And now an injunction has been placed on Echo Park gangs, prohibiting them from congregating in a “safety zone” that envelops the neighborhood - even if they already live within its boundaries.

Officials praise it as a tool to make the neighborhood safer, but some residents say it places an unfair focus on minorities.

“The cops creep by and give me a look,” said Salvador Aguirre, an Echo Park native who protested the injunction this summer.

“Being bald and Mexican American, we’re all looked at the same. We’re all the problems. I don’t want to be looked at twice.”

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Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times