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The Gladiator and The Arrow ptII

For @akai-echo I hope you had a great birthday. This is my humble tribute to a gifted artist.

Rated : M **Trigger Warnings **


Katniss discovered Peeta was a man of action. Within moments he organized their journey. His carruca, a small two person carriage used to privately transport Peeta’s clients traveled silently through the darkened streets. He was dressed now in a dark tunic and a cloak, being freed did not guarantee him the right to wear a toga.

Katniss gathered her palla, to cover her face, although it was the middle summer, she needed to hide her features. It wasn’t a safe trip. The journey they had to take would have taken well over a month if they didn’t run into any problems.

“When we arrive, you must be quick in getting your sister. My servant Castor is getting passage for us to Sardinia.”

“Okay. Peeta what if the Senator comes for us.” Katniss was afraid, that her plan was going to end poorly.

Peeta gripped her chin and kissed her. “Katniss the odds are in our favor, everything will be fine.”

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Echo Lakes (pt. ii)

SUMMARY: With a new planet near the USS Enterprise and the possibilities of new discoveries, who wouldn’t want to travel to the unknown world? If only someone would’ve have told you and Bones what you were getting into before, then maybe you wouldn’t be stuck with hard decisions away from the Enterprise and with the fate of a whole community in your hands.

WORD COUNT: 1,481 words


NOTES: Here you go guys, part two! Alice and I are trying desperately to find time to write, but school has started and JROTC/Yearbook comes with high demands of time and effort. We have quite a few requests we are working on, so stick with us guys! Enjoy :)

part i/teaser

She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. With her large backpack across her shoulder and a scowl on her face, she was beginning to regret accepting this mission. But a part of her was excited; she now has three days to discover a new planet and its flourishing life.

She just couldn’t believe it was with Bones.

“Ready, doll?” he asks as he steps onto the warp pad. She rolls her eyes, pulling her hair back into a ponytail as she follows suit.

“Dr. McCoy, I have a name,” she argues, and he smiles.

“Alright, Dr. (y/l/n), ready?”

She shoots him a hard look as James walks in, and she has to rip her eyes away from the doctor’s childish grin and flirtatious eyes.

“Doctors, set and prepped?” he asks, standing next to Scotty at the monitor. They nod, and he nods back. “You’ve been equipped with the needed tools to conduct your field studies, along with clothing, food packs, hydration pills, and one tent.” Both Bones’ and (y/n)’s eyes seem to go wide, and James smiles.

“Wait, one tent?” they say at the same time.

“Energize!” James shouts as he walks out, and (y/n) groans in frustration as she squeezes her eyes shut. After a small feeling of sickness in her gut and a moment of weightlessness, she feels humidity on her skin and inhales fresh oxygen and the smell of a new world.

She opens her eyes slowly, holding in a gasp as she scans the environment. It’s gorgeous, like from old pictures of the rainforests back on Earth that have long since been depleted. The trees are bright with dew and the wildflowers under her feet are as colourful as anything she had ever seen. She looks up, a bright sun shining on her face as a cool breeze brushes her skin, and she finds herself falling in love with the unexplored planet.

“Doctor McCoy, have you ever seen anything like this?” she marvels as she turns to him. As he looks to her, he can’t help but smile at the look of curiosity in her eyes and the upturn of her lips.

With a chuckle and a quick glance around, he says, “No, I don’t think I have.” His eyes set on the lowered sun, and he sighs deeply as he adjusts his bag. “Come on, doll, we gotta go set up camp.” She nods, and he has to grab her arm slightly to drag her from the beauty of the land.

They walk through the woods quietly, and (y/n) stumbles many times as she looks around. She smiles at the unknown ferns and the small critters, and she recognizes the feeling in her heart as the same excitement a child has on Christmas.

After only hearing his own footsteps for a bit, Bones turns around only to find that (y/n) isn’t near him. His eyes go wide and he spins in all directions, hissing her full name under his breath as he looks behind tall trees and overgrown shrubs.

After searching frantically for a few good minutes, he finds her kneeling in front of a three stump. He walks to her with a scowl on his face, standing behind her to see what has her bright mind so focused. It’s a small colony of bugs that have made a settlement on the stump. They look like ants, but with large head and a blue shimmer to their legs and a yellow on their bodies.

Bones kneels next to her, watching her face as she lets on crawl onto a leaf she holds. It runs up and down, crawls across the back and back onto the stump. She smiles, and Bones can’t help but chuckle softly.

“It’s getting dark,” he says quietly, and she just nods. He stands and sticks out a hand to help her up. She takes it, letting him lead her carefully over the stump and back north in search of a place to settle down for the night.

After a good half hour of walking, they stumble across a clearing amongst the tall trees. The opening overhead in the canopy shows a pink and orange sky, not too much daylight left for them to set up their one shared tent. (Y/n) begins to curse at James in her head at the reminder.

“Good?” Bones asks, and she nods as she sets her bag down next to his.

“Good.” She leans down and takes her jacket off, unstrapping the tent from his bag. She tosses it to him, a small rectangular box, and he sets it down in the center of the clearing. With a simple press of a button on top, the tent unfolds and sets itself up. It’s pretty large, a zipped-up door on the front of the dark green tent.

“Boy, I love technology,” Bones mutters as he picks up his bag. (Y/n) grabs hers and they walk inside, setting them back down. By now, the sun has lowered far enough to where there’s barely any light in the tent. So (y/n) grabs a small lantern from her bag and turns on the sterile white light, and she sets it down in the corner.

Bones begins to set up his sleeping bag on the right side, and (y/n) unrolls hers on the left. She takes her hair out of its ponytail and runs her fingers through it, sighing as she opens her bag. She finds a blue tank top and pair of shorts, with a small note at the top.

“Hey, James left something,” she says, and Bones leans over her as she reads it. “‘Gets cold at night, bundle up.’” There’s a little winky face in the corner and (y/n) rolls her eyes, setting the note back into her bag.

“How helpful,” Bones groans, walking back to his bag.

(Y/n) stands, looking over her shoulder and assuming now is the best time to change as Bones rummages through his bag. She slides her shirt over her head and throws it down, quickly putting the tank top on over her sports bra. She slides her pants off and sets them next to her bag, and she can feel a set of eyes on her.

“Turn around,” she snaps, and she can hear him laugh as she slides her shorts on. She turns around to find him shirtless, a pair of grey Starfleet Academy sweats on and his hair messed up from taking his shirt off. She shifts at the sight, trying to look away.

“Turn around,” he mocks, and she scoffs as she crawls into her sleeping bag. Already she can feel the temperature dropping, her feet becoming cold and her breath sharp. She lies her head on the built-in pillow and Bones turns the lamp off, climbing into his and sighing deeply.

It’s quiet, besides their breaths and (y/n)’s heartbeat in her ears. There’s a slight breeze that freezes their tent, and a soft hum of a cricket-like species in the distant. It’s nothing like the Enterprise with the constant hum of the machines, or Earth with the hustle of life. The silence here is pure, pristine in its way and unadulterated altogether.

But as the night goes on, (y/n) and Bones find it becoming unbearably cold. (Y/n) shivers, unable to sleep, and Bones buries his face into his pillow as he tries to tire himself somehow.

“He couldn’t have given us any warmer clothes?” (y/n) growls into bared teeth, and Bones laughs once to himself.

“Enough room in here for two, Doctor (y/l/n),” he mumbles, and she bites her lip.

Without another word, and sick of the bitter cold, she stands and walks to Bones. He looks up at her with raised eyebrows and she crawls into his sleeping bag as he scoots over to give her room. Automatically, it’s warmer for both of them, the body heat building up in the bag.

Bones wraps an arm around her, pulling her to his chest. She relaxes, finally feeling her fingers and toes, and rests her head on the doctor’s chest as their legs intertwine with each other. Never did she think she’d have to be in this position with anyone, but she’s glad it’s him. Because as much as she hates to admit it, her feeling towards Bones have grown stronger through their expedition of deep space. And what she doesn’t know is he shares the same feelings.

So as the night goes on, and the air gets cooler on this Earth-like planet, Bones and (y/n) drift to sleep in each other’s arms with visions of the new world beyond their tent.
Merkel Coalition Seeks to Punish Social Media for Hate Speech
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government plans to fine social media networks such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. if they fail to combat hate speech, as German officials accuse media companies of being too slow to take action.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government plans to fine social media networks such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. if they fail to combat hate speech, as German officials accuse media companies of being too slow to take action.

Volker Kauder, chairman of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union parliamentary caucus, said on Saturday that he reached a preliminary agreement with Social Democratic Justice Minister Heiko Maas that would require companies to respond to speech complaints within 24 hours. Otherwise they’ll have to pay.

“The fines have to hurt, otherwise it won’t work,” Kauder told reporters Saturday at a meeting of the CDU’s leadership in the western region of Saarland.

Merkel has backed regulating social-media content including hate speech to help counter populist movements that are gaining support in Germany and across Europe, particularly in response to the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Kauder, echoing frustrations within the coalition, said that social network operators had “played dead” when confronted with the issue.

EU Efforts

With efforts to crack down, the German coalition is wading into a fraught debate about what a government can do to curtail online hate speech, fake news or trolling and what constitutes censorship.

Last year, U.S. Internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft Corp. promised to engage with the European Union in efforts to tackle hate speech. The companies joined the European Commission last May to go beyond national laws in reviewing online activity.

Kauder, Merkel’s top lieutenant in the lower house, or Bundestag, said the Justice Ministry will draft a bill that will include a “catalogue of fines” and he is confident the coalition will come to a “swift” finalized agreement. He said victims of virtual attacks should have access to the same legal recourse as they have against other types of incitement.

“This is simply about what is valid in the real world also counts in the digital world,” Kauder said, rejecting a query on whether such measures are censorship.

Facebook Pressed

Justice Minister Heiko Maas told German newspaper Rheinische Post that Facebook needed to improve its process for deleting hate posts. The government will take legal action if it finds that the social media company is moving too slowly, the newspaper said.

Merkel herself has been on the receiving end of a wave of such activity, especially after last month’s deadly truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people. But the issue came to the fore in Germany with the refugee crisis, coinciding with a surge of racist and xenophobic social media posts.

The German leader in September 2015 confronted Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg over his company’s efforts to tackle the problem, asking what he had done. In a conversation overheard at a luncheon at the United Nations, Merkel was heard to ask the CEO “are you working on this?” “Yeah,” he responded.

Five months later, Zuckerberg came to Berlin with a vow to rid his site of hate speech against migrants. He said a team of people will police the site in Germany to remove racist posts.

The media companies have also been under pressure from Western governments for not doing enough to remove content related to terrorist groups and far-right organizations. In December, the European Commission warned that time is running out for such U.S. tech companies to prove they are serious about tackling hate speech or face further regulation.


The “hate speech” line is intentionally blurry for the purpose of suppressing speech.  As we can see in this article, speech critical of Merkel is conflated with hate and thereby criminal activity.

The Skeptic ⋄  A Grantaire fanmix

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Soy Sauce;  a John Dies at the End Fanmix [listen]

i. People Are Strange - Echo & the Bunnymen | ii. Dope Hat - Marilyn Manson | iii. Panic Station - Muse | iv. Monster Hospital - Metric | v. One Way Ticket - The Darkness | vi. I’m Your Boogieman - White Zombie | vii. Let’s Get Fucked Up - The Cramps | viii. Personal Jesus - Marilyn Manson | ix. Fresh Blood- Eels | x. Sunshine and Dandelions - Cosmo Jarvis | xi. Bad Moon Rising - Morning Ritual | xii. Oculus Remix - Oculus

Color photo of the Echo II, NASA’s Balloon Satellite. Photo: Fritz Goro. In: LIFE Science Library - Matter by Ralph E. Lapp and the Editors of TIME - LIFE BOOKS, 1963 (hungarian edition by Műszaki Könyvkiadó,1973)

The 135-foot rigidized balloon satellite was sent into orbit as a passive communications experiment by NASA on January 25, 1964. When folded, the satellite was packed into a 41-inch diameter canister.

Eddy aka. Echo II Biography

名前/NAME》Eddy aka. Echo II






好きな食べ物/FAV. FOOD》食べられるならなんでも(好き嫌いなし)/ANYTHING EDIBLE


好きな言葉FAV. QUOTE. SAYING》Ephesians 2, “Rule yourself, Rule the World”


After months of planning and shooting it’s finally done! Here’s our music video for “Omnia”, directed by the amazing Alfred Aquino and starring Jesus Barron and Sienna Moffitt. Being a part of the creation of this has been the most incredible experience for all of us, and we’re really, really excited to finally present it to you in all its glory.


P.S We’re all in this video! Look hard to find us!


Believers (Yonkers Remix) Video


Finaly all my Locke & Key keys stored in a FrameBox with custom made slipcases! This are some examples! #Locke&Key #JoeHillFanclubNederland

A remake song I did a while ago!  Gotta speak life! 前にリメークした曲!

Tokyo HD “Echoes” - Canon 5D II, Sony A65, Glidecam, Timelapse on Vimeo by Blue Eden by Patrick Shyu

Finally settled on a title font and background combination that I don’t hate! this is the finished cover art for @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s ReEntry series, Lost in the Echo Part II. The drawing part has been done for a while, but I am not what anyone would call swift on the digital end of things. @poplitealqueen here is the finished version!

Playing around with the features for a Mara Jade who may or may not share significant genetic similarities with Obi-Wan Kenobi made me want to also do a straight-on drawing to settle her features in my head. To be honest, figuring out faces, underlying bone structure, proportions, etc. is kind of like doing crossword puzzles or sudoku can be for other people.

So this is what I ended up with for Mara Jade. I have alot of unreasonable affection for this imaginary woman.