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                      “You don’t get it. At the end of the day, it’ll be me. Not you. Not her;
              I’ll be the one who pulls the trigger because I’m the one people are scared of.

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i’ve almost been here for a whole month & w o w. over 400 followers?! echo effin’ galaeus is such an important person to me, and i’m so grateful for those who have embraced her and all of her flaws. i’d be lying if i said this blog hasn’t utterly consumed my life and i’m finding more reasons to stick around for amazing plots every day. so this is just a little (lol) list to say thank you to the blogs i have written or plotted ooc with. there are many mutuals i didn’t include only because we haven’t done those things (yet), so please don’t feel discouraged if you’re not here! if you want to plot/write, never hesitate to send memes, like my calls, or message me. i’m always available to chat about our bbs, twenty-four seven!   —- xoxo amy

                                             THE SKWAD

                             ( i’m totally & forever in love with y’all. you’re perfect.
                                thank you for being such amazing partners/friends! )

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                                            THE RECRUITS

                                 ( we’ve either written/plotted together before & your
                                    blog is cool af. come bug me more pls and thank )

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