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Drunk RFA Confession

this turned so long in the end yikes, but i couldn’t help write angst because im angst trash lmao also im sorry to all jakes out there (requests are open btw!) ^^


  • Yikes, Yoosung?? in Zen’s house?? with beer???
  • It can only mean trouble for this drunk little bastard 
  • He was feeling really depressed because he’s been failing at LOLOL, failing at his exams and worst of all, MC was on a date
  • His chest was hurting so much at the thought of his hopeless crush with another person so he decided to drink his problems away
  • Zen was really irritated because Yoosung was sobbing and kept saying that his princess was taken away from him and that he will never have a chance with her
  • But Zen slapped this boi and called MC over saying that he couldn’t handle any more of Yoosung’s whining
  • She led him back to his apartment, struggling to keep himself on his feet but he felt giddy when he felt MC’s arms wrapped around his waist
  • MC tucked him to bed and placed a wet rug on his forehead
  • He caught  her hand and started kissing her fingers, kissing her knuckles and she was so red
  • “Yoosung what are you doing?”
  • “To reward my love for her hardwork”
  • His love?? wait he likes her????
  • “Yoosung what are you talking about”
  • “You’re so pretty… I know I can’t be the perfect man for you and I cherish your happiness so I really hope this Jake guy you went on a date with treats you well, I love you” 
  • He brushes the hair from your face as he pressed his lips against yours and collapsed 


  • Zen knew going to a club was bad and dangerous but he couldn’t help himself
  • He was going to play lead in another musical but he had accidentally broken his arm 
  • Zen protested and told the director he was going to be fine but told him that it was going to be too late and that they were going to find a new actor to replace him
  • He got really depressed and with the added fact that he recently saw MC with another guy laughing like they were on a date had him on the edge all week, that was his breaking point
  • He drank and smoked and was dancing with the girls at the bar trying to embed in his mind that it was MC he was holding but he just couldn’t imagine 
  • He was never really satisfied and had enough
  • He was stumbling when he reached MC’s door, knocking on it loudly
  • “Zen what are you doing out here, it’s late”
  • When she smells the smoke and alcohol in his mouth she couldn’t help but sigh 
  • Zen leans up against the door frame, puts his hands in his pocket and stares at her
  • “I’m sorry, but I had to see you atleast once tonight”
  • She pulled him in and made him sit at his couch telling him that there was no way she was going to let him go home in this state and offered to stay at hers for the night
  • Zen was really embarassed and while MC was draping a blanket around his body she kissed his forehead and sighed
  • “I thought we already talked about your drinking and smoking habits”
  • “I know.. and im ashamed that you get to see me like this, if that Jake dude ever hurts you, come to me I- I’ll be there for you, always. I’m just sorry I can’t be the man for you with all these habits… I love you”
  • Then he softly kissed her left eye and proceeded to kiss her lips gently before completely passing out on the couch
  • MC has never been so flustered 


  • They were celebrating yet again another engagement party of Jumin’s father
  • It was in a hotel venue and Jumin was free to invite a plus one so he decided to bring MC along
  • But his spirits deflated when MC said she couldn’t go because she had a date
  • So all night he was distracted and all night he kept subconciously reaching out for wine
  • He kept checking the messenger and when they were all teasing MC about her date and that she was the first to have a lovelife he couldn’t help bit feel a pinch in his chest
  • Screw that it felt like there was something impaled at his chest 
  • He can just imagine MC and her date sharing jokes, hugging… kissing
  • His grip on the glass tightened as it spilled on his thousand dollar suit
  • Jumin excused himself from the crowd because of his embarassing display and headed straight for the washroom
  • He collided with someone on the way and was about to scold them when he saw the familiar face and his glare suddenly disappeared into a soft gaze
  • MC was there and explained that they had a dinner date here and they had just finished.
  • Jumin wrapped his arms around MC as he inhaled her scent.. her scent. Not a trace of another man, meaning they haven’t displayed those actions and so Jumin was fast to claim them
  • Trying to place his scent on her trying to mark her as his
  • Jumin then realized that he must be drunk enough for him to get this bold
  • “Jumin you smell like spilled wine” She pushed herself off of him
  • “That’s because it is, darling” He smiled fondly at her, stroking her hair
  • “Get changed” 
  • “I don’t have any spare ones, but i’ll gladly head home so you can tend to me” jumin calm down
  • “No thanks but i’d see you off to your car atleast”
  • “Sounds good to me”
  • She led him to his van and adviced driver kim that he be sent home 
  • “Thank you MC… You’d be a good wife. I hope that he treats you well but remember that I will always hold you dear to my heart. I love you”
  • He kissed the top of her head as he held her waist


  • Jaehee had been really stressed about the coffee shop that she owns with MC because she’s been out on a date while Jaehee basically suffers handling extra because of MC’s absence
  • Not to mention how cranky she has been all day, scaring customers away and often getting orders wrong
  • She has never been such a wreck until today 
  • She was on the verge of tears as she popped open a bottle of soju and drank away the sorrow of lost customers and broken hearts
  • Jaehee always had this hopeless crush on MC but seeing her with someone else really broke her
  • She suddenly started to laugh loudly to herself, her voice echoing through the empty coffee shop
  • “MC will never like a woman like me, a woman with no elegance, who’s such a stuck up while she’s out there reaching out to people and shining for them”
  • She was saying all these compliments about MC loudly 
  • And again laughed at how ridiculous the situation is 
  • So she dialed Zen’s number thinking that she could get some release by having to talk to someone about it
  • “Hey Zen, ugh im sorry to call, im just really stressed right now”
  • She started to talk about how she was too unfit for MC and afterwards started complimenting her yet again
  • “I just.. I just love her too much”
  • “Jaehee have you been drinking?”
  • She was startled when she heard a sound of a feminine voice instead of a male one though
  • Oh shit she accidentally called MC
  • She sighed through the phone 
  • “I’m sorry I didn’t get to help you today.. but look up”
  • Jaehee did and saw MC through the glass windows smiling, a phone at hands, and two cups of coffee on the other


  • The stress of previously working from an intelligence agency is greater compared to his current job but there will still be some bad days 
  • And today is one of those days
  • “You’ve been really cranky lately, what’s gotten into you?” Saeran asked as he rolled his eyes
  • Seven grunted as he continued to angrily type, muttering the words ‘date’, ‘MC’ and ‘Jake’
  • Saeran snickered as he opened a tab to a CCTV footage of her so called date
  • “Stop it, im trying to work” 
  • Seven had enough and closed the footage, allowing him to work more efficiently
  • After he had done a few assignments and Seran had gone back to his room, instead of chugging down his usual Phd Pepper he opted for the beer Zen once left when he visited
  • He was getting drunker by the minute and when he heard that someone got through his security system he was alerted
  • MC was there smiling while holding out the bag of ice cream she had bought
  • “Hey Seven! I bought you and Saeran Ice cre-”
  • “Are you stupid MC?!”
  • “W-what are you talking about?”
  • “I thought someone broke in ugh! I should’ve never given you the answers through my door”
  • “Why don’t you just stop meddling with my life! You’re so annoying, even back in the apartment you were annoying. Why can’t you just leave for one second”
  • “Fine then i’ll do you a favor and leave for more than a second, i’ll give you forever!”
  • “Suit yourself, go run away with that stupid Jake boy”
  • MC stood menacingly towards Seven
  • “Do not bring him into this”
  • “Aww little MC’s sooo inlove, yeah yeah just get out of here” Seven crossed his arms
  • MC eyes pricked with tears as she threw the ice cream at his feet
  • “That was supposed to be for you, since I knew you were stressed lately but who cares, tell Saeran I said hi… or goodbye”
  • She wiped the tears using her sleeve and quickly left the house
  • Seven tched as he picked up the Ice cream and suddenly sobbed, curling his body and running his fingers aggresively through his hair 
  • Saeran came in and was confused as to why Seven was acting like that
  • He saw the food and connected the pieces together
  • “You idiot.. MC was coming to bring you this didn’t she, what did you do”
  • Saeran held Seven’s collar, pulling him up
  • “What did you do?!?”
  • After a punch to his face, Seven tried to catch up to MC seeing as she wasn’t too far but his drunked state didn’t help but impede his running
  • When he spotted her he shouted her name at the top of his lungs not caring wether other people hear him
  • But he broke when he saw MC’s tear streakened face
  • “MC I’m sorry! I’m stupid and I’m sorry! please… I love you”
  • MC was shocked after hearing those words but still she turned around
  • ….and left
Facebook Reveal

So I wrote a supercorp THING based on this post because it made me irrationally happy: 

(Original post here for credit)

I thought a facebook crack reveal would be hilarious and fun, and apparently so did a few of you SO, I did it. Enjoy <3 :) 

@supercorptrashed @nevertobeships @project-alice

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Sweet As Pie (Ethan)

Summary: Requested by a few. Ethan is a barista at your local coffee shop and he writes stupid puns on your cup every time you drop by.
Word Count: 2,326
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m still reeling from 1k followers ughhh, you guys are everything. Hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you want a part two, might make it smutty. xx

It had started last semester. You had been sleep deprived during finals and had studied all night, eventually feeling like you had to go and take a walk outside for some fresh air. It was nearing 6AM by the time you had found  yourself outside the deserted coffee shop, so you had shrugged and walked in to grab something to drink. Maybe sugar and caffeine would keep you awake.

The barista that was standing behind the counter was utterly gorgeous and you had lost your voice for a second as you saw him walk around, wiping down the counter and pushing his long curls from his forehead with a rough hand, humming. His nametag had said Ethan and he looked gorgeous in the obligatory white shirt that clung to him in all the right places. You had marveled at the stripe of red at the front of his hair, stuttering out your order when he had smiled gently, greeting you.

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It burns, doesn’t it? [Pt. 8]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

Originally posted by berry852

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

Generously you applied a coat of lotion to your arms and legs to calm the skin. They’ve been bringing bath products and other toiletries more often; you wondered if it was by Jungkooks request or Namjoons order. Either way you were grateful to have more things for yourself, even if it was something as small as soap, you appreciated it. Jungkook was sprawled out on his back, lips slightly parted and fast asleep. You put the lotion back in the cabinet and yawned, tears building at your eyes before quickly vanishing. Your sleep was choppy and unfortunately he had to suffer with you. You woke him up three times, twice because of the pain and once from another bad dream. Each time he would groggily sit up and pepper kisses on your cheeks and the corner of your lips. He didn’t know what else to do except kiss away your tears as best as he could, telling you to calm down and that he would keep you safe. He held you tight, knowing that would be enough.

“Hey…” Jungkook mumbled with half lidded eyes. He sat up, dragging both of his hands down his face. He held his arms out so he could pull you into his lap. Your legs hung over the edge of the bed and he kept you secure as you loosely rested your arms on his shoulders.

“I’m sorry I woke you up last night…” You broke the silence with a scratchy, cracking morning voice.

“You don’t have to be sorry…” He kissed your cheek delicately, letting his velvety lips sooth your nerves.

“Y-yeah but…I still feel bad,” You pressed your fingers to his neck and shoulders with a little pressure making him sigh at your soft touch, “you didn’t get any sleep…”

He traced wide circles on your bare skin with his finger tips, hiking up the back of your t shirt. “I wasn’t gonna leave you up by yourself, that would be cruel…” You leaned more of your weight into him and relaxed.

“Do you wanna talk about it? Your dreams I mean…” You shook your head no. He could understand why you didn’t want to talk about it, it probably scared you. He nodded, he wasn’t gonna push you to talk because that might make you even more hesitant to speak. He was trying to be patient with you but he wished you would talk more, he could at least try to help you if he knew what was going on in your head.

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Red | Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff | Soulmate AU
Word count: 3,709
Requested by: @ceruleanbubble
Member: Park Jimin
Summary: In a world where everyone is born with a soulmate, around your wrist is tied a light blue bracelet that changes colors as soon as you come into contact with whoever is your other half— but you have to find them within the time you’re given, and your time is running out.

So I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you

Park Jimin reads the numbers aloud again, feeling the weight of each one as the sound leaves his lips, almost as if condemning him to a death sentence. 

Three hundred and sixty four days, twelve hours, forty-two minutes and six seconds left, the first set of zeros engraved into his skin in a haunting pitch black tone, warning him, reminding him as he ran his fingers over them, his pulse beating rapidly against the skin and he couldn’t look away, the numbers changing rapidly every second; he could almost hear the clock ringing inside his ears.

Tick. Tack. Time waits for no one, and it certainly wasn’t waiting for him.

Carefully, he wraps the light blue bracelet over his wrist again, convering the counter but not masking its presence— it was still there, it was always there and he desperatly wishes it wasn’t.

He has less than year, he has to find her.

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~One Cream, Five Sugars~ (Philip Hamilton X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! I took this off my Wattpad because I wanted it to go somewhere of use, so here. It’s short and sweet but shitty with a dash of fluff.

T/W: Coffee? Oh God it’s the fluff hannah’s so bad at writing hng this is why i angst 

A soft thump echoed through the small coffee shop as a wad of yellow paper was tossed into the large, metal trashcan from across the room. Another wad quickly followed, hitting the rim and bouncing in carefully. She threw another. And then another…. And another-

Eventually, a smaller ball narrowly missed the trash can, and an exasperated, bored sigh followed.

“Why does Mrs. Adams make us stay here?! She knows nobody comes in past 9 –  Oliver got to leave an hour ago, why’re we the ones stuck here… I gave up a date for this, (Y/N); a date.” Theodosia stopped lazily tossing the paper balls into the trash and leaned over the counter, resting her forehead against the cool granite and trying her hardest to pretend she was anywhere but the small, empty New York cafe.

You shrugged, barely interested in the conversation at hand as you began to slowly drift off to sleep, sitting backward in one of the many metal chairs around the café, facing Theo, who was now looking out the large windows that covered the opposite wall with worry.

“It’s snowing real bad out there…” She muttered from behind the register, standing up straighter in an attempt to see the snowfall better through the large windows.

“It’s almost Christmas – it’s not exactly going to be the Bahama’s.” You chuckled, resting your chin sleepily on your arms, folding them over the back of the chair, and watching the heavy snowfall outside. Theo sighed, settling back down, and began to twirl disinterested circles on the counter with her perfectly-crimson French nails.

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anonymous asked:

20 and 12 for mreyder :3

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Reyes never slept much, that was just how things were. There was always so much to do, so many things requiring his immediate and undivided attention that being dead to the world for more than a bare minimum of hours seemed like a horrible waste of time. His body was so used to this ascetic regime that even on his rare days off he simply couldn’t force himself to sleep in. At the break of dawn, or whatever equivalent it had in deep space, he laid wide awake staring at the quarters’ ceiling, no trace of drowsiness lingering in his mind.

That had its perks though. Reyes turned his head to the right, a fond smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Unlike him, Scott had zero problems with sleeping – he slept, one can even say, with enthusiasm, mouth parted and drooling obliviously at his pillow.

Lo and behold the mighty Pathfinder.

The thought that he was the only one privileged enough to see Scott like this, so vulnerable, unkempt, almost childlike warmed Reyes’s heart to a degree he did not anticipate. The things that man did to him, unbelievable…

A month or so had passed since the Charlatan’s coup d'état in Kadara Port and it was only Reyes’s second night he got to spend on the Tempest. But things were looking good on all fronts, more than Reyes dared to expect even in his most optimistic prognoses. He had been preparing himself mentally that Scott – Scott the paragon of virtue who flew across the galaxy helping people – would reject him as soon as he’d learn the whole truth, of all the shady and questionable things he had done. But no. Scott understood that things were rarely black and white, Scott accepted him for who he was, good and bad. Reyes knew that he was a lucky man to have found someone like Scott. He didn’t deserve him, not by a long shot.

Reyes felt the overwhelming urge to wrap his arms around his lover. Not being the one to refuse himself much, he shifted closer to Scott, his hand resting on his shoulder blade, his lips pressing to his forehead.

Scott stirred, sighing softly. A warm, boneless mass against Reyes’s chest. Barely lucid, he instinctively reached out for his lover, his fingers curling on the tawny hip. Scott didn’t open his eyes yet. Maybe that was for the best – he couldn’t see the embarrassingly mushy expression on Reyes’s face.

“Rey…?” he mumbled, his lips tickling Reyes’s neck as he spoke.

“Yes?” He carded his hand through the mess of hair on Scott’s head, massaging his scalp gently. Scott liked that, the tender motion always seemed to soothe him. It worked like magic even now, making the Pathfinder sigh again with contentment.




“Coffee?” Reyes echoed with amusement. “You want some?”


“As you wish.” Reyes chuckled, nuzzling against his cheek. “One coffee coming right up.”

A languid smile curved Scott’s lips.

“Love you,” he said, warm glints of affection flickering in his half-opened, heavy-lidded eyes, still clouded with remnants of whatever dream he was having.

The sight completely melted Reyes’s heart. Smiling like a fool, he kissed Scott’s temple, the corner of his eye, his cheek before finally letting their lips meet in a surprisingly chaste union, almost an antithesis of the lustful kisses they shared in the evening.

“Be right back,” Reyes said, stroking Scott’s chest before finally sliding away from his lover towards the edge of the bed. He let his bare feet fall onto the cold floor and then stood up, stretching his stiff muscles. Although the temperature on the Tempest was optimal for humans and other humanoid species, it still felt chilly against his naked skin, warmed so perfectly by Scott’s pliant body. He missed it already.

No, his thoughts shouldn’t wander off in that direction or he’d just dive in straight back to bed and never leave.

With an inward sigh, he located his pants under a chair, thrown there haphazardly the night before. He picked them up, aware of Scott’s gaze on him.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked, turning to his lover. Just as expected, Scott, still not fully awake, observed him with a relaxed smile playing on his lips.


Reyes shook his head and put the pants on.

“I expect something in return for that coffee. I am, after all, a greedy man.”

“I know… a kiss then?”

“Not good enough.”


“At least five.”

“Four and a half,” Scott said with mock sternness. “Final offer.”

Reyes laughed, feeling another burst of sentiment towards that impossible man.

“Deal. You drive a hard bargain.”

“Been taught by the best.”

They exchanged telling glances and smiles like true partners in crime.

This relationship shouldn’t have worked, all evidence and premises pointed to its inevitable destruction. How could love bloom freely between the human Pathfinder, a symbol of hope for the whole of Andromeda, and the Charlatan, the head of a criminal organization ruling over Kadara Port? But somehow it did, against all odds.



“The coffee I’m going to prepare for you,” said Reyes smoothly, giving his lover his signature wink.

Hearing Scott chuckle, Reyes walked across the room to the door. He hesitated before pressing the button though. His current looks were hardly… presentable. Wearing only his pants, with disheveled hair and enough love bites on his skin not to leave much to imagination what he and Scott were doing the night before, he was bound to scandalize the crew, who didn’t have a very high opinion on him in the first place.

Oh well, it was still early, surely no one would be up at this ungodly hour, he thought punching the door open.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he understood how wrong he was. Jaal and Liam were sitting at the table, empty bottle of wine in front of them, and chatting about something animatedly. At least until they spotted Reyes. The atmosphere then soured at once. Both the angara and the human gave him unfriendly stink eyes reserved perhaps for something filthy that stuck to the sole of your shoe.

Well then, an excellent start.

“Morning,” Reyes said in a neutral tone as if he hadn’t noticed the icy cold reception. They didn’t reply. It didn’t bother him too much though. Tons of people hated him, that was basically in the job description. Two more didn’t make too much of a difference, he was used to it.

Unperturbed, he opened the cupboard and took out Scott’s favorite mug – the one with the Brave Heart Lion from the old Care Bears cartoon. What a nerd. Reyes caught himself smiling like a goofball as he started the coffee machine. Scott’s blend of choice contained more milk, caramel syrup and sugar than the coffee itself, he knew that by now. Sweet drink for a sweet boy.

God, he couldn’t believe he had just thought something that cheesy. Scott brought out the worst sap out of him. And Reyes wasn’t entirely sure if he minded that.

Reyes was so caught up in his own musings that he had nearly forgotten that he wasn’t alone in the kitchen. A grunt full of disapproval and even more disapproving words reminded him of that quite successfully.

“I don’t like you,” announced Jaal.

It was hard not to laugh, but Reyes managed to keep a straight face.

“And here I thought we can make s’mores and sing kumbaya together.”

“I don’t understand what you are referring to, but we will certainly not do that.”

“Well, here go my weekend plans…”

“Listen, smartass,” Liam chimed in, openly hostile. “You’re not welcome on this ship.“

“No, really? I can’t believe it, everyone’s so nice to me,“ Reyes deadpanned, casting a brief, almost bored glance at the man. This indifferent reaction only infuriated Liam even more.

“It’s a disgrace that you’re here,“ Liam slurred, the alcohol making him more open with his resentment. “You’re a bloody exile and a criminal, you should be in prison.“

Reyes felt the anger rushing in his veins, but he bit back the reply, not showing that the words had phased him in any way. There was no point trying to engage in a conversation with any of them. All he had to do was to wait until the machine spat out the fancy coffee for Scott and he’d be out of here in a blink of an eye.

But Liam wasn’t done yet, not even close. He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Honestly, Scott must be a bigger idiot than we thought to trust you.“

It was as if a thunderbolt hit him straight in the chest. He spun around to face them, his muscles tensed and ready for a fight.

“Leave him out of this,“ he snarled, making Liam and Jaal stare at him with surprise and maybe with fear too. “You don’t like me and insulting me is your new hobby? Fine, I’ve heard worse. But don’t you fucking dare talk shit about Scott.“

“Yeah, as if you care about him,“ Liam said with scorn. “You’re just using him for his connections, we all know that. Only Scott is too naive to see that.“

Reyes narrowed his eyes, seething and truly wounded. It… well, it was a painful thing to hear. If the crew thought that about him, could Scott be swayed too one day?

“We’re watching you. When you hurt him we will eject you into space.“ Jaal wasn’t joking. “With pleasure.“

Reyes grit his teeth, clenched his fists. They went too far. Implying that he was here to hurt Scott? No, he couldn’t stand for it, he wouldn’t.

“Same applies to you,“ he said, his voice sharp like a blade of a knife.

“What?“ Liam replied, puzzled. Reyes smiled, but that smile had no humor in it. It was a warning.

“You’re all so self-righteous, looking down and passing judgment, and yet you seem to forget who I really am. I’m not just some smuggler nobody. I’m the Charlatan. If any of you just as much as look at Scott in a funny way, you’ll have the wrath of the whole Collective on your asses. Just so we’re clear, it’s a two way alley. You may keep an eye on me, but I’m keeping mine on you just as much. Hurt him and you’ll die. Painfully.“

A soft ding cut through the silence that enveloped the room – the coffee was ready. Reyes took the mug and walked out of the room, not deigning Liam and Jaal with even a passing glance. He didn’t have to, he knew they were both staring at him in stunned silence.

* * *

Hearing the sound the machine made, Scott backed away slowly, returning to his room. His heart raced in his chest. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he got bored waiting and decided to join his boyfriend in the kitchen. But what he heard… Reyes’s words resounded with devotion, care and power. Scott was slightly frightened. And touched. And turned on, all at once.

He needed to have a serious talk with his crew though.

Scott kicked off his pants and slipped under the sheets again as if he had never left. Reyes walked in a moment later, a steaming mug in his hands.

Scott looked closely at his lover’s face, trying to read his thoughts on what had happened in the kitchen. Reyes was so good at clamming up, at hiding his emotions, burring them deep beneath the surface of a suave charmer. But Scott couldn’t be fooled. He saw the hurt in his lover’s eyes, despite his efforts to smile.  

“Here you are. One coffee, just as requested,“ Reyes said, sitting at the edge of the bed. Scott sat up as well, taking the mug carefully. The smell told him that Reyes remembered how he liked to take his drink. That was really sweet.

“Thank you.“ Scott hesitated, unsure if he should do it. But he felt like he must. He put the mug away on the nightstand. Reyes looked at him quizzically, thousands of thoughts probably running through his head.

“I love you,“ Scott said, pouring his heart into these words, his hand reaching to Reyes’s cheek. “And nothing and no one can change that. I… I just wanted you to know that,“ he added, a little embarrassed.

But Reyes looked at him with nothing but adoration, his eyes lively and bright again.

“Thank you, Scott. I needed to hear that.“ His words were soft, just as his lips when he gave him a kiss. And then another, locking him in a warm embrace.

The coffee stood on the nightstand completely forgotten.

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↳ Maybe spilling scorching hot coffee on someone in the middle of the cold winter was a good idea.

Pairing: Barista!Jungkook | Reader (Soulmates)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4.5 K
Warnings: N/A
Author’s Note: I tried to make it seem like the reader (you) and Jungkook have never fallen in love before so prepare for it to be v cheesy!!
Barista AU: Right before Person A leaves, they leave a small origami animal for Person B when Person B cleans up. Person B secretly collects them at their place.
Soulmate AU: You and your soulmate have matching tattoos

xenodochial: friendly or especially kind to strangers or foreigners

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Minseok - 시선

시선 (siseon): line of vision.

; how perplexing…

A/N: i’m so sorry it took so long to make this. i was on vacation and panic mode cus of exo’s comeback, but here it is. i’m not sure if this is the way you wanted it. i got carried away by fluff. disclaimer: that’s not my gif, i just found it on my phone. creds to whoever made it, it’s beautiful. edited.

masterlist // get to know me

     He was so handsome even from afar. It was as if all the stars of the universe were taken and placed in his eyes, infinitely shining and dazzling. His smile was breathtakingly painful as you stared at him.

     The quiet chatter and small clatter of coffee cups echoed through the café. Quite a few people were inside, finding warmth in the hearty place. But you found yours behind the counter.

     His jet black hair was styled up, allowing his alluring eyes to captivate others. He wore a smile as he worked behind the counter, typing in orders and then turning around to make them.

     It’s been twenty minutes since you’ve came inside the café, but you haven’t had the confidence to walk up to the handsome man. His perfect and captivating aura kept you away from him in fear of being trapped in a cycle of mumbling and stuttering.

     You didn’t mind just staring at him from afar. He didn’t seem to notice your eyes on him as he calmly did his work, quickly making order after order. Still, there was a smile on his face as he moved. You caught youself sighing at the sight of him, averting your eyes some place else. How funny this was how you always ended up everytime it was his shift and never got used to the sparkle in his eyes.

“You know we do take orders from tables too.”

    Your heart jumped out of your chest at the sound of the voice. The cool voice somehow felt soothing as it spoke. You turned your eyes to the person at the side of your table, not expecting for you to lose your breath.

     Kim Minseok was written at the namecard of his black apron. A smile on his lips as he asked, “Would you want anything? You’ve been here for quite sometime, but you haven’t ordered anything.”

     You didn’t quite catch what he said, your attention diverted to the stars in his eyes. He didn’t seem to be bothered as he watched you stare at his eyes, seeing how your body leaned towards him as your eyes were dazed.

     His hand was soft and magical as he touched your shoulder, awakening you from the spell his eyes put you under. “Would you like to order anything?”

“Uh, yes please,” you stuttered, trying to remember what you usually order, “I’d have a… a…”

“Iced latte with two sugars?” He said, a smirk on his face as a shocked look flashed in your eyes.

     Before you could ask him how he knew, he winked at you, turning away towards the counter. “You’re not the only one with fluttering eyes.”

     You drew no single breath as you watch Minseok walk behind the counter and punched in your order, then quickly made your beverage. You didn’t make your staring discreet or your beating heart. The surrounding was still serene and silent like as if time has stopped and you were most convinced it did as you watched him smile and the stars sparkle in his eyes.

     He soon returned to your table with your beverage he knew perfectly well of. It took you by surprise when you saw your name written on the cup, neatly written with a smiley face at the end.

“You need to smile more often,” he said, seemingly embarrassed even after just randomly appearing beside you, “you look gorgeous when you smile.”

     Your smile came out naturally as you felt your face heat up, your eyes on the smooth tabletop. When the yearning to see the stars in his eyes returned and you settled your eyes on Minseok, he had a tint of pink on his cheeks and a small smile on his lips as he looked back at you. He lets out a short and almost silent laugh before sitting at the other side of your table.

     A smirk appeared on his face seeing how your eyes widen. Your heart beated fast against your chest as he sat in front of you, not expecting the shy man who stole the stars to talk to you, much less sit with you.

“Are you afraid of me?” The question startled you. How could he have thought he scared you when he made you want to kiss the soul out of him and watch the universe grow with him by your side.

“No,” you replied, confidence sparking as you wanted him to stay, “why would I be afraid of the man who stole stars?”

     Minseok chuckled before replying back, “Maybe because he stole the stars to get you.”

     The cool temperature of the room had no chance against the burning heat you felt against the back of your neck and cheeks. You didn’t expect this confident side from Minseok who just minutes ago had a blush on his cheeks, but you enjoyed it either way, glad to have the starry eyed man right before you.

     It didn’t take long for you to get to know each other. His charisma and charms made you more open to him. He felt warm and familiar like the moment you enter your house, so cozy and welcoming. But the romantic and cocky side of him electrified your vines, stinging you so beautiful that it hurt in a sweet way.

     Time passed by quickly as you stared at him. You didn’t notice it until you touched your watch by accident. “Aren’t you still on your shift, Minseok?” You asked him, worrying about his job.

     He shook his head, laughing. “Hell no. I choose my shift. I actually own this place. I just happen to like working here since it’s so calming.”

     It baffled you at how humble he was to work at his own place and how you never even noticed the title “Owner” underneath his name on the pin of his apron.

“Well, I have to say you’ve done a great job,” you complimented him, adoring at how artistic and calm the café was.

“At making you fall in love with me,” Minseok smirked as he answered, “I guess.”

     Another tidal wave of heat and embarrassment washed over you at his words. There was an urge to bang your head on the table, unable to swallow his honey words.

     Time went on and the sun no longer shone and the moon had taken over its shift. Minseok allowed you to stay a little later. Everyone had left and the cafè never seemed more peaceful than now. You felt the cool air brush against your skin and the warmth of your coffee on your hands. You watched Minseok as he prepared to close the store, walking you out the door and bringing down the metal gate to protect the door. You saw his muscles flex as he slowly brought it down, allowing you to enjoy the view.

     It didn’t go unnoticed by Minseok who wore a smirk on his lips as he walked you back home, teasing you at how you ‘drooled’ at the sight of him.

“You know I thought you’d rather drool at my face instead of my arm,” he boasted, the smirk on his pink lips slapping you in the face, “are maybe you already have?”

     You managed to let out a short laugh, trying to mask your embarrassment. “In your dreams, Minseok.”

“I’m pretty sure you have them also in your dreams, love,” he replied back, his smirk growing as he stopped in front of you, his face right next to yours. He saw your eyes widen, your hands stuck to your sides.

     He looked so handsome under the shine of the moonlight and stars. His eyes lighted the black and white world of yours as he leaned in. His lips you so fondly watched over for many months were finally on yours, softly moving against your mouth. A small hint of coffee swirled around your tongue as you kissed him back. Your hands found their way at his warm cheeks, holding them gently in your palms. He too placed his hands on your hips firmly but carefully.

     His lips and hands were a source of warmth in the cold night, but you found that it came from the pumping heart in him. The kiss didn’t stop until you finally felt the need to look at the stars in his eyes.

     Nothing else circled in your head, but the reminder of the coffee you tasted through his tongue and the sweet sugar of his lips. Your heart beated a little faster when Minseok smiled. You may have been strangers to each other hours ago, but those your longing stares at him were always given back through his dazzling eyes.

Late Rex (minific)

When Fives and Echo walked in the mess hall to get their breakfast, only the higher ranks had gotten there yet. Commanders and ARC troopers were supposed to be up earlier to inspect the troops and take care of their affairs, not to mention they should set an example - Fives wasn’t particularly happy with this aspect of his job. Lucky shinies and lower ranks got to sleep a little longer and he’d always envy them for that.

“Hope the caf is decent today.” he yawned “Wait, no. I actually would love to play the Dogma.”

“Won’t you leave the man alone already?” Echo raised an eyebrow at him

“When he manages to unclench his ass, yeah.” Fives snickered, grabbing a tray “Now wait a second. Commanders Cody, Wolffe, Fox, Gree, Bly… where the kriff is Rex?”

Echo looked around as Cody approached the two of them.

“Huh. Odd.” Echo agreed “Where is he?”

“Fives, Echo.” Cody nodded at them “Where’s Rex?”

“We don’t know, sir.” Echo shrugged “We… expected him to be here about now.”

Fives stroked his beard.

“Hm. Okay. Okay, we manage it until he arrives, all we have to do is not alarm the men about his tardiness and…”

Cody was drawing in a deep breath. Oh no.

“Captain “Follow the Codes” Rex is late for the very first time ever!” he boomed in the silence of the first hours of the day “What do you guys think that happened?”

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silhouette // Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic, Urie Kuki x Kirishima Touka


~1,550 words. CWs: one-sided romance (not necessarily triggering, but, i’ll mention it so no one gets disappointed…). excerpt:

“Coffee,” Urie echoes. “At three in the morning?”

“You still have about eight hours until tomorrow’s meeting,” Kirishima points out, and he thinks that he can hear some dryness in her usually cheerful voice.

“Alright, make me one,” he says, because he figures this will keep her, at least, from bothering him.

It doesn’t. To his dismay, after Kirishima brings him his mug, she sits down on the other side of the table and looks across the diagrams, her own cup cradled in her fingers.

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♡ home ♡

sea cottage: open windows, sea spray, picnics on the sand, sea glass filled jars

woodland shack: the crackle of fire, soft fallen snow, catching fire flys

lake house: swimming in the lake, gazing at the fish, making wishes off of daisies

apartment: listening to the sound of yellow lights, laughter echoes, smells of coffee drifts through the air

mountain cottage: the winds howling, feeding forest creatures, collecting herbs from the garden, windows all open

#4: barba/carisi

i wonder what could possibly have inspired this.

It’s one of the most spectacular cases of bad timing Sonny can remember ever experiencing, when he walks into Barba’s office late one morning just as Barba is walking out.

This in itself is nothing more than slightly awkward, but he also stopped to grab a coffee on the way over. He’d thought nothing of it at the time– precincts and Barba himself run on the stuff, and he’s been up most of the night going over security footage. What it means, however, is that when Sonny runs into Barba, the goddamn coffee explodes all over Barba’s shirt and tie, and Sonny is hard-pressed to find any examples of more unfortunate timing in living memory.

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Coffee Shop Tweet - Dan Howell Fanfiction

A Quick Fic based on this tweet…

I took a long sip out of my mug, the taste of tea washing over my tongue and down my throat before releasing a deep and content sigh. It had been a while since I had enough time to just sit and enjoy my surroundings, though lord only knew why. It wasn’t like I didn’t get up early enough, it just seemed that lately time went by in the blink of an eye and before I knew it I was rushing out the door frantically trying to shove everything I needed into my purse. But today was different. Today was a day where I didn’t have university classes, didn’t have any social plans and definitely didn’t have any pressing responsibilities that were nagging at my soul. No, today was just a day to be myself and relax in my favourite coffee shop.

I took a moment to take in my surroundings. It wasn’t particularly busy that day, the Café was nonetheless beautiful though. It was a nice place with the side facing the street lined with large windows and booths with surprisingly comfortable seats. From there the floor was dotted with simple but strong wooden tables and chairs and with bright hanging lights dangling from the ceiling, the equipment was always clean and the people who worked there knew you by name. overall it was a relaxing atmosphere that quickly when I first discovered it became my happy place. Today was no different.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, briefly taking in the mouth-watering scent of tea and coffee fumes before concentrating somewhere else. I took a moment to visualise the flowing green hills and open skies, with a field of flowers stretching on forever, I imagined the scents and the sensations that would caress my senses and smiled in bliss. When I found myself completely immersed in my idea I opened my eyes and began penning down my thoughts. My entire life I had wanted to be a writer. It’s what I centred my entire life around, all with the hopeful thoughts that I would one day be published successfully, my words out in the world for people to enjoy and hopefully love. The problem was, that lately I hardly found time to write properly anymore; I was too busy being bombarded by assignments, classes with required attendance, exams, studying and work. Now, that I only had work to worry about for the next month I planned on reading and writing until I dropped. Which I realise sounds really lame even in my head… but hey! Can’t really change what makes you happy.

I scribbled down to the end of the page in my atrociously messy hand writing until I was stuck on how to correctly phrase the next sentence. I looked up from my page and rested my face against my hand tapping my pen against my lip. Without even realising I started looking around the coffee shop looking for inspiration when I made eye contact with someone.

He was insanely tall, with beautiful brown eyes and swept to the side straight, brown hair. Dressed in black skinny jeans and a black leather jacket, he was walking through the centre of the shop with a take-away mug in his hand. Good grief he was gorgeous. I realised that I was staring in this moment and felt a blush over take my face, but I couldn’t manage to look away. Tension started to build in the space between us and when I saw his lips part to take a sip out of his cup, electricity zinged through my veins, causing me to part my lips in response. He still didn’t look away, I wasn’t sure how to react, being a social recluse like myself meant I didn’t have a lot of experience with strangers making sexual eye contact with me, I mean it’s not like I-

My train of thought was interrupted when the beautiful stranger slammed into the window, missing the door beside it quickly. The crack of his body hitting the glass echoed throughout the coffee shop and caused every body to look at him. I watched frozen in shock as a blush erupted on his face as he scrambled to right himself, a look of consternation crossed my face as I realised that I had caused this situation, like sympathy. Poor guy, I’d probably be stumbling around just as much as him. I tried to do something to help the situation but my brain was drowning in guilt and embarrassment.  Before I could gather my courage to do something he had already bolted out of the door.

Without thinking I packed up my stuff and followed after him. I threw myself through the door after him and looked back and forth rapidly to determine his direction. When I saw a familiar leather jacket and jeans I bolted after him, with my bag slamming against my side, I cried out “Wait!”

The stranger stopped and I managed to reach him after a little while and I slowed down when I reached his side. Since I was horrifyingly unfit I had to bend over for a second holding my hand up in the universal stop sign until I caught my breath, I must have looked completely ridiculous as he let out a deep admittedly sexy chuckle. “Are you okay?” he leaned down with me and placed gentle hand on my back suddenly caught up with the feeling of his hand warm on my back I blushed a little and jumped into a standing position. I must have come close to knocking him out as he reeled back from me quickly.

“I’m sorry!” I waved my hands in a panicked manner, before scratching the back of my head nervously. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay, it looked like you hit your head pretty hard.” I smile a little to try and communicate to him that I wasn’t completely insane.

A matching blush swept across his features and he fiddled with his fringe a little; it looks like we’re both nervous wrecks. “Oh yeah, I can’t believe I did that while making eye contact with you. That was so embarrassing.” He gave me a small smile in return and my heart fluttered when I noted that he has dimples on his cheeks.  

“No need to be embarrassed, it was my fault for staring at you.” I laughed a little at his confused look.

“I’m pretty sure I was staring at you back.” He grinned and stepped forward and I was greeted by the smell of his cologne, the second mouth watering scent I had smelled that day.

“Well, I’d still like to buy you a replacement to say sorry.” I smiled up at him sweetly, man he was tall!

My thoughts must have been painted on your face as he let out another chuckle. “Only if I can buy you one as well, just not the place we were just in… I don’t think I want to return there ever again if I can help it.”

I giggled at the look of embarrassment on his face and nudged him with my shoulder. As we began walking side-by-side to the next closest coffee shop I added “It wasn’t that bad,”

He placed a mock-offended hand on his chest and tried for a dramatic pose, “Not that bad? Literally everyone in there stared at me!” I nodded in agreement but I wasn’t going to let this go.

“I’m sure you’ve experienced worse right? By the way, I love the way you pronounce literally.” I smiled at him, our hands brushing as our arms swung back and forth with the rhythm of our steps.

“Oh I could tell you stories,” he pronounced proudly, causing he to giggle. This one was definitely born to entertain others with his antics. He seemed to take my laughing constantly at his demeanour with pride as he then leaned down to my dwarfish height and asked. “What’s your name? I’m Dan.”


“Y/N?” I nodded. “That’s a really pretty name.”

“Thanks,” I blushed and Dan straightened to his usual height. I still couldn’t believe how tall he was.  We arrived at the next coffee shop, when Dan stepped in front of me to reach the door first.

“Well, Y/N” he began as he opened up the door to the coffee shop for me. “I believe this is the beginning to a beautiful friendship.”