Zach Fucale #1

Requested by Anon:  I love your writting! I was wondering could u write something about Zach Fucale? something cute like a lazy morning together?

*Hiii! Thank you so much! I hope you like this one. Rather short but I swear it’s sweet and cute. :) Enjoy!!*

Word count: 773

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Why does it feel like it’s still six in the morning when your body clock is telling you that it’s almost noon? Rolling on your back, you reached for your phone to look at the time and, true enough, it’s eleven thirty-eight. Groaning, you pushed the covers off and started to sit up.

You haven’t even straightened when an arm gripped your waist and pulled you back into the bed, trapping you with his leg and arm. 

Zach nuzzled his nose against your neck and murmured sleepily, “where you goin?”

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Prompt: Dean punchs Sam for drunkenly kissing Cass and finding out only because there's a photo. He ignores Cass as well. In the end, he apologises and explains why he flipped out ;D

The hockey game had been Dean’s idea. Now he regrets even mentioning it.

“’Dollar Beer Night’, Sam,” Dean had said. “How can you say no to that? We all need a night out: you, me, Cas…” 

Sam had agreed to go, as had Castiel (even though the intricacies of organized sports tended to escape him most of the time). They piled into the Impala and headed to the nearby arena to watch the local ECHL team while getting hammered on cheap beer.

That had been the plan at least. 

Everything was going so well up until the end of the first period. Dean got up to drain the snake and get them all refills, leaving Cas and a visibly-tipsy Sam at their seats. He was standing in line at Concessions, watching the replays on the monitor above his head when the stadium began their “Kiss Cam” thing. 

It was cute: a young couple clearly on a first date, and elderly man and woman decked head to toe in team colors, A man and a woman who don’t seem to know each other very well but play along with a peck on the cheek, a shaggy haired guy and… Wait, is that Sam and Castiel?

“What the…?” Dean mutters, watching in horror as Sam cups a hand around Castiel’s jaw, pulling him in for a sloppy kiss. Castiel looks surprised at first then  relaxes. Dean’s veins seem to harden and fill with ice water. He barely aware of  the cups of beer tipping out of his hand or the shouts of the other attendees around him. 

Seconds pass like hours as Dean’s eyes remain glued to the screen. Dean has seen so much horror and awfulness in his life but it doesn’t compare with the image of his brother kissing his, uh, his…

“Fuck…” Dean hisses under his breath. Without thinking, he moves down the passage way, heading back to his seats.

“Hey Dean,” Sam says cheerily, his words a little slurred. “Castiel and I were on the-” He’s cut off by Dean’s fist connecting with his jaw. Sam lurches back for a moment and before lunging toward Dean, plowing his entire weight into his brother. Castiel calls out Dean’s name and attempts to pull them apart as Security scrambles up the steps toward them.

“What the fuck, Dean!” Sam shouts as they walk toward the Impala after being thrown out of the arena. “What the fuck is you fucking problem?” Dean stomps toward the car, any buzz from the beer now gone. 

“I said I was sorry,” Dean says, not turning around. He was, too; He had no idea why he blew up that way at his brother. It was clear that the kiss had been a joke; just a drunken reaction to the Kiss Cam. Sam was laughing like an idiot the whole time he was doing it. 

Castiel stays strangely quiet, trailing behind the two men. Dean can tell he’s pissed, at him in particular. That was all Dean seemed to do nowadays- piss off people who care about him and drive them farther away. Dean couldn’t even bring himself to look at Castiel. 

“Why the hell did you punch me?” Sam asks again.

“It doesn’t matter,” Dean says. “Let’s just head back to the-”

“No, no!” Sam grabs Dean by the shoulder and spins him around to face him. “You’re going to tell me right now what-”

“Is it because Sam kissed me?” Castiel asks. Dean startles and looks toward him, his blue eyes cool and a little accusing.

“I… I uh… I,” Dean stammers. A denial hangs on his tongue, but he just can’t seem to get it out.

“Is that fucking why?!” Sam blurts out incredulously. He makes a disgusted noise and scrubs a hand over his face. “Godammit! As if I don’t have to deal with the two of you and your soap opera shenanigans enough. Christ, Dean, you could’ve said ‘hey, Cas is my boyfriend. Hands off, alright?’”

“Cas, isn’t my-”

“If you’re companionable to that idea, Dean, I think I can be persuaded-”Cas interjects. 

“But instead,” Sam continues, “You decide to punch first and ask questions later. That is not how healthy relationships work!” 

“Sam, it’s not like -” Dean frowns, noticing the disappointed pull to Castiel’s shoulders. “I mean, if you want it to be like that, we can Cas, but-” Sam grabs the car keys from Dean’s hand.

“I’m going to the car,” he says firmly, turning to leave, “You two get this sorted out. I don’t care what you do, just do it.” Sam’s grumbles echo through the parking lot as he walked away from them. Dean can’t lift his gaze to meet Cas’, too mortified and angry with himself. He starts to follow after Sam when Cas pipes up.

“Dean?” he asks. “Dean… Is that why you punched Sam? Because you were jealous and assumed him and I were in some sort of relationship?” Dean doesn’t answer, just continues to stare at the ground. 

“I can assure you,” Castiel continues, “that my interest in Sam is purely platonic.” Dean nods, but he can’t seem to shake the image of the kiss from his brain. “Unlike my interest in you which is… deeper.” Castiel moves forward, and Dean barely has time to react before Cas’ lips are on his. The kiss isn’t as quick or messy as the ‘Kiss Cam’ kiss, but there’s a level of need and intensity that has Dean sinking into Castiel’s embrace touch, his mouth opening willingly as Castiel’s tongue runs over the seam of his lips.

Dean’s hands come up around Castiel’s middle, pulling his closer and earning a soft groan. Castiel’s hand close around Dean’s chin, his cool fingers a counterpart to the warmth of his mouth. 

Dean pulls back first, catching his breath and resting his forehead against Cas’ temple. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles. “I’m an idiot.”

“A little,” Castiel offers. “But you’re my idiot.” And then a little more hesitantly. “You are, aren’t you? Mine?” Dean leans his head on Cas’ shoulder. 

“Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, I am.”

Alec Martinez - All For You

This is my first piece in YEARS ( and I mean y e a r s) I decided to start again after being inspired by some stories that had popped up on my radar.

Prompt: despite Alec scoring in one of the last games of the season, the loss has taken a toll on him. He asks for your presence to comfort him through the night.

Word count: 2500

Warnings: explicit is marked before it begins.
Please give me your honest opinion on how I can improve! Again, it’s been a while (8/9 years?) and I know I’m quite a bit rusty. Thank you for looking out!
The sun peeked through your curtains cascading shimmering lights over your bedroom. You roll over to face away from the sun and snuggle closer to your sleeping boyfriend. It’s barely been 6 months and you practically live together. It was the morning of a huge make-or-break game for your boyfriend’s hockey team. The Kings’ final shot at getting ahead in the regular season to clinch a wildcard spot was riding on this game. After the practice Alec had, the day before, you had helped him all day with nutrition prep and giving pep talks along with great muscle massages.
This season had been a rough one and it was literally your entire relationship thus far. But, it brought you closer faster than any relationship you had ever been in.
You were admiring his calm demeanor as he slept. You couldn’t help yourself from running your fingers through his dark and thick hair. One of his favorite things that you did to make him relaxed was to play with his hair.
His eyes begin to flutter open and he smiles once he can see your face and figure past the blinding sun.
“Good morning, my love. You have a big day ahead of you.” You whispered, as you lean in and give him a gentle kiss on the forehead.
A big grin appears across his face and he stretches his arms out then, fully embraced you in them. He firmly grabs your entire body and rolls you over so you’re on top of his solid body.
“Good morning.” He gently says as he tucks your hair behind your ear and gives you a sweet kiss on the lips.

The morning is filled with excitement and nerves as you help him run errands and get hyped for tonight’s game. After he goes for a morning run and you fix breakfast there’s only a couple hours before you have to get ready to head out to the arena.

“Alec, I think you need to take this time to relax before the game.” You suggest as Alec seems to be getting a bit worked up watching stats on the NHL network. Immediately after your morning routine together he had been on the couch watching different sports channels to see how other teams were doing on their chances for playoffs. He sighs at your suggesting while turning off the tv.
You’re standing directly behind him while he sits on the couch and you begin to massage his shoulders. You can feel his body lose its tension and he leans his head back on the sofa to look up at you. He’s actually too relaxed now for you to continue on his shoulders so you move further down to his arms. You smile at him as he’s lovingly staring at you.
“How do you do this?” He asks, with a smile on his face. You give him a questioning smirk, “do what?”
“You can so easily take all my frustrations and worries away.”
Your face lights up and a chuckle escapes your lips. You simply place a soft kiss on his lips in response. He smiles and you move your hands from his arms up to his scalp and massage his head. He’s closing his eyes as you begin to hum to him. You two spend a peaceful hour together until it’s time to get ready for the game he’s playing tonight against the Coyotes.

There’s loud music playing throughout Alec’s entire apartment. His dog Hanks is jumping around with excitement as you and Alec are running around the place looking for articles of clothing for tonight and trying to put yourselves together. You can’t get ready in the bathroom because there’s steam built up from Alec’s hot shower he just took and neither of you seem to be able to find your final touches to your outfits.
“Babe, have you seen my black matte tie?” Alec yells from the bedroom as you are in the living room trying to find the second earring to match the one you’ve already placed on your left ear. You quickly forget about your earring and start searching for Alec’s tie. “No I have no idea but, I’ll look for it!” You yell back as you begin searching drawers with Hank eagerly following you around the living room. The music Alec is blasting is supposed to be hyping him for the game but it might just be adding to the stress you’re both under seeing as things aren’t going quite as planned.

You’re both out the door 10 minutes later than expected. Your phones are blowing up from a group text with Trevor Lewis and Drew Doughty since you are responsible for dropping the boys off for their pre-game rituals.
Drew: any day now. Your captain is going to be late.
Trevor: diva Doughty is getting a bit worked up. Please hurry.
Alec: boys. Cmon. We’ll be there soon.
You: did drew just say he’s captain? That’s an “A” buddy. And I’ll speed over right now!
Trevor: damn (Y/N) can chirp!
You: shut up 🙄😂 be there soon.

the entire car ride to the Staples Center is only about 20 minutes but it feels so much longer with the boys strategizing in the car over tonight’s game.
“We cannot afford to lose tonight. And to the yotes??” Drew is getting very heated over the thought of a loss tonight.
“I’m putting all in tonight, boys. So many of our fans believe in us. Win or lose, we have to show them we are giving it our all,” Alec adds in to the conversation.

You arrive at the arena and drop the boys off where the rest of the team is loading in.
“Good luck!” You yell out of the car, “ I’ll be in the stands cheering my lungs out for you!”
The boys all wave and you park the car where the rest of the team’s wives/girlfriends are.

It’s the beginning of the 3rd period and the boys are down 2-0. All the Kings on the bench are looking defeated and you’ve been fidgeting with the sleeves of your #27 jersey all game. You haven’t even had a drop of alcohol to help the nerves since you’re still responsible for Drew, Alec, and Trevor all getting home safely. Your eyes also haven’t left Alec all night. And his stern facial expression has not changed all night. The pressure of this game has been wearing him out. It’s now almost 5 minutes into the 3rd and Alec has possession of the puck
You stand out of your seat while almost in a prayer like position of holding your hands together. Please just one goal for my man. He’s at center ice and he takes a risky move of attempting a shot at the goal.
The entire crowd is on their feet. The puck is in the goal! The entire crowd erupts into cheering and chanting, “GO KINGS GO!”
You’re jumping up and down screaming, “THAT’S MY MAN! NO SHUTOUT TODAY!”
Then you immediately recognize that Alec’s facial expression has hardly changed from what it has been all game. His team congratulates him on the goal but he still seems upset by how the game is going.

The score remains the same for the rest of the game. As does Alec’s demeanor. It’s silent as you are driving the boys home. Drew and Trevor live together so you drop them off first. They quietly thank you for the ride and each give Alec a pat on the shoulder as they exit the car.
The drive from their apartment to Alec’s is only a few short minutes. Alec is looking out the window while resting his head against the cool glass. The traffic is light so you keep one hand on the wheel while reach over to hold his hand with your other. You rub the back of his hand and he flips it over so you can intertwine your fingers into his.
He looks at you and gives you a weak smile and you give him a bit stronger of a smile back.
He finally breaks the silence as you are pulling into his parking spot, “can you please stay tonight?” He asks, softly. Then his voice goes even quieter, “I really don’t want to be alone.”
“Of course, my love.” You say as you kiss his rough knuckles.
It’s silent the rest of the way up to the apartment. Once you’re both inside his home you set down the keys on his kitchen counter and give Hank a light pat on his head. Hank is laying on the living room couch looking very sleepy but eyes open as he has been waiting for Alec to finally come home.
Alec heads straight to the bathroom to brush his teeth and change out of his suit and into his boxers for bed.
You get your spare pajamas from his bottom drawer in his bedroom and quickly change into the loose tank top and soft shorts. Before Alec is done in the bathroom you are already under his covers, sitting up against the headboard, waiting for him to join you.
The only light in the bedroom is coming from the street lamps outside of his bedroom window. An occasional car passing by. There’s almost complete silence in the apartment besides the soft sound of wind and waves coming from the beach less than a block away.
Alec flicks off the bathroom light and crawls under the sheets with you. His warm body almost completely on top of you and he lays his head on your breasts and wraps his arms around your waist. You begin to caress his hair and his body starts to tremble
You can hear a soft whimper and feel your tank top getting wet from his tears.
“I saw you doing everything you could possibly do out there tonight, babe. You did so good on the ice.” You try to encourage him as you continue to caress his hair.
His crying stops after a couple of minutes and he gives your chest a soft nuzzling then looks up to face you. You’re still brushing his hair through with your fingertips.
“I love you.” He breathes out. You cup his strong jawline in your hands and give him a gentle kiss on the lips. Once you pull away from his face, he begins to kiss you back. Your anxiety about how to deal with him tonight is slowly washing away as he seems to get lost in loving you.
He pulls you down from your sitting position so you’re laying beneath him under the covers. You wipe away his tears from his cheeks with your thumb and your other hand’s fingers are running through his hair. He is gracefully giving you soft pecks on your lips and lightly tracing the curves of your hips and waist with his rough fingertips.

“I could get lost in you.” He breathes out as his lips begin to trail from your lips down to your collarbone.
*explicit ahead*
He begins to gently irritate your skin with his beard scruff as he is sucking on your skin. You let out soft moan, no longer being able to be silent about how he’s starting to make your entire body fill with butterflies. He pulls your hips into his and starts to slowly rub his pelvis against yours.
You’re now gripping onto his shoulders and tilting your head back against the headboard. He easily makes you weak. It’s unfortunate for yourself that you can get so heated for him this quick. But, in this instance, you’re grateful because you know how much satisfaction it brings him. Tonight is about him. You begin panting as his lips and hands move lower on your body.
His hand playing with the waistband of your shorts and his mouth moving down the center of your chest. His right arm is propped strongly on his elbow against your waist. You take this chance to lift your tank top over your head and toss it to the side of the bed.
He quickly moves in on the opportunity you just created and begins to play with your breasts while leaving a trail of hickies down your stomach.
You moan out his name as he continues to fill your body with pleasure.
“Please,” you whimper as your body is shaking.
He lifts himself from your body and you push your hand against his chest signaling for him to lay down now and you begin to take control. You kick off whatever bed sheets are left tangled around you and are now sitting on his hips. Taking a moment to catch your breath you tie your hair up into a ponytail and begin to bounce on him. Feeling him grow beneath you, you lean down on top of him and begin to kiss him spontaneously from his lips down to his v-line. Playing with
His waistband of his boxers with
Your fingers. His strong hands grab onto yours and guide you to remove his underwear. You obey his gesture and remove is boxers without hesitation.
You move your lips back to his and begin to kiss him with your tongue tracing his bottom lip for entrance. He’s quick to allow as his tongue goes back and forth with yours.
His hands explore your lower back, removing your underwear down your thighs and off the bed.
As you begin to rub your sensitive spot against his stiff growth he lets out a low moan into your mouth. The noise alone made your whole body weak and unable to move on with beginning to ride him like your mind/body/ and whatever else was involved had wanted you to do next.
You roll over onto your back and Alec is eager to follow by getting on top of you. His entire face has changed from a few hours ago to even from when he first laid in the bed with you. There was passion in his eyes and determination lit up on his entire face.
“You’re scoring in the bed, Mr. Martinez, for that score on the ice.” You giggle as you run your hands down his torso.
A wide smile runs across his face, “that was all for you, baby girl.” He says as he thrusts himself into you.

The next morning you wake up to the same amount of sunshine as the day before. You’re wearing one of Alec’s old Monarch jerseys and can’t seem to remember when you changed and he didn’t. You lift the covers to see he’s completely bare. Then you proceed to gently kiss his face to wake him.
“Good morning Mr. Martinez,” you greet while pulling away from his face. He smiles immediately remembering the events of you two the night before. He tugs on the #53 of the sleeve on his ECHL jersey you’re wearing.
“This’s all for you, my love,” he says.

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2015-16 NHL|AHL|ECHL Affiliations
Highlights- Beau Bennett

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Ok I kinda bash the Devils a little here but I LOVE THEM OK? So no slight intended it’s just… no one seems to like the Devils. Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: An imagine with beau Bennett where you see each other again after 10 years. thank youuuu; and for the beau bennet imagine: like you dated in highschool and then you see eachother again and hit it off


              The New Jersey Devils. Ugh.

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Is There a Goalie In the House? (Alex Galchenyuk)

Anonymous said:

First your writing is amazing. Second, Could you please do an Alex Galchenyuk imagine where he is dating a female hockey goalie and she surprises him at one of his games by being announced with the team during line up or something? Maybe some fluff? Thank you!

Word count: 2398

Author’s note: I don’t often enjoy my writing, in terms of me reading it again after I’ve written it, but I really enjoyed this one. This goes out to all my ladies out there. You can do anything, so long as you think you can.

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You were a little self-conscious about dating Alex. You loved him, of course, but it was just weird to you to be dating a hockey player when you, yourself, are also a hockey player. You worry that people think you’re dating him to get a spot on the team, or other such fears. Even though you know they’re baseless fears, you can’t help but to worry at least a little bit.

Alex, however, thinks it’s totally hot that you’re a hockey player. He thinks it’s even hotter that you’re a goalie. Goalies are the ones who take all of the hits and carry their teams on their backs. Alex loves how tough you are on the ice, how you never flinch, no matter how many pucks you face on a given night. He always jokes how you could beat Carey in a shootout easily. Although you’d never tell Alex, you’d love to play on the same team as him, one day. Even though you know that it’s obviously never going to happen, you can’t help but to dream.

That is, until you get the call.

You’ve just gotten dressed in your street clothes after a really productive practice. The team worked really hard today and you all feel ready for the game tomorrow. As you gather your things into your bag, you notice your phone start to go off. Even though it’s not saved in your phone, it’s a number from the Montreal area, so you answer it. You always worry that if you don’t answer the phone, it’s going to be from a trainer or a hospital telling you that Alex is hurt.

“Hello?” You answer, waving goodbye to your teammates as you head out of the locker rooms.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” A deep voice asks. Your blood runs cold, assuming the worst.

“This is she. May I ask who’s calling?”

“(Y/N), this is Coach Julien. Let me just start off by saying that Alex is perfectly fine.” You breathe a sigh of relief at his statement, letting out a shaky laugh.

“You know hockey girlfriends too well, Coach. What’s the reason for this call?” You ask politely.

“Well, Montoya’s sick and he’s not going to be able to play tonight. Our emergency goalie’s wife just had a kid, so he’s on leave, and we can’t get anyone from St. John or Brampton up here fast enough. Would you be able to fill in as backup goalie tonight?” Coach Julien asks hopefully. Your eyes widen as you silently squeal.

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How would you recommend someone get into hockey for the first time? I know nothing about t but I really want to learn to follow it!

Alright okay. How to get into hockey. This is a good question because Up until November 2016 I pretty much forgot that hockey existed and the only sport I followed was world cup soccer every 4 years and Olympic soccer every other 4 years.

So how did I (and how can you…maybe) go from not caring about sports, to annoying your parents and sister and anyone who will listen by making random commentary about the state of the playoffs, draft prospects, the square footage of the locker room in the brand new arena that your team is getting, as well as how good that one player that you went to high school with looks without his shirt on?

I think I’ve seen a post about this…and it went something like:

“Step 1: Pick a team to follow

Step 2: cry about them.”

No but seriously, uhh 1) pick a team to follow for the sake of not driving yourself crazy having too many games to watch. If you like whatever team is closest to you geographically, great (for me, that’s the Red Wings. I grew up with them being The Team and I can never go back. ) but if you don’t , that’s also okay. I have two backup teams now that the Red Wings have let me down and not made the playoffs (for the first time in my lifetime) and they are:

The Penguins (because they are fun to watch, generally play pretty well, and Fleury is a ray of sunshine)
The Predators (because they swept the blackhawks and PK Subban seems super cool and Pekke Rinne is a force to be reckoned with)

And honestly I made those backup decisions based on what I saw when watching, and what I have seen on tumblr.

I guess 2) watch some games! (I watch via a combination of the Fox Sports streams, and NBCSN streams and the rare occasion when a game is on real tv. But depending on where you are I guess you’d have different options and also I’m not very good at finding….>.> alternative means. Of watching things so you’re on your own there lol)  There will be things that happen that you will not understand. There will be words and phrases that are said that seem to make no sense.

3) learn. When it comes to finding answers for the questions you will inevitably have…. I really liked the primers that
@ofgeography put together? They were a really good start to understanding a bit more?

Also @hockeyknowitall has good answers to questions!

There are so many lists and articles about hockey slang. This is just one of them.

4) enjoy the game? Not really following hockey as far as the NHL goes? But like…if you like the game, and there happens to be a Juniors/USHL team near you, or a college with a team, or an AHL team, or an NWHL team…. or an ECHL team…. ….go to some games for less money than going to an NHL game! Especially if you can get seats close to the glass! It’s not as big a production (only speaking of USHL and NCAA games from experience) but it’s definitely still a fun way to get your fix without breaking the bank XD
(It will also ruin you, you will not want to sit further away than that) Like the NTDP games in my hometown I think are like $10sh? The college games near me are $30 or so? So yeah, super fun, also gives you an opportunity to learn penalties and stuff by seeing it all right in front of ur eyes.
Warning if you do go to an NHL game, THERE ARE NO COMMENTATORS? That’s like…a big advantage of watching on TV? You have guys mispronouncing names talking about soft hands and big bodies and explaining everything that’s happening XD. Going in person you’re kind of just like “oh shoot where’d the puck go” especially if you’re in the nosebleeds.

Uhhhhh yeah idk I’ve kind of rambled a lot and I don’t know if any of that has helped!!

 The NHL app is helpful in that it can alert you to goals scored and when games are and shit *shrug*

5) oh also finding friends who also support your team (whether they be in person or online) really adds to the experience lol.

So my stepdad has a tradition of only getting people sports related gifts and he just recently got back from a business trip and got me the greatest Hockey T-shirt i have ever seen:

LOOK AT THIS. There is an ECHL Team in America named the fuckin SWAMP RABBITS. im DYING like how many rabbits actually live in swamps WHO KNOWS ahahahha why is his hockey stick a CARROT. why does the rabbit look like a Jacked Señor Bun? why does it have anime eyes? why is the top of his stick not green? who knows! all i know is this name takes the term ‘puck bunny’ to a whole new level

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It seems like there are so many paths to the NHL in hockey - juniors, college, prospects, AHL, the draft, free agents, etc. Could you help make some sense of that? Thanks for your hockey wisdom 😊

Yes, you are correct. I’ll try, although the intricacies of contracts (free agents, etc) is v. complicated. I’ll try to give it some coherence.

A player who is from North America and is 18-20 years old is eligible for the draft (if you’re European you’re eligible for the draft if you’re entering the league for the first time at any age). Now, being drafted doesn’t mean “you now play for the team that drafts you!” it means that they have dibs on you which they may or may not choose to exercise. A huuuuuuge percentage of drafted players never go on to play a single NHL game. 

Some players who are drafted go directly to a big-league NHL contract. This is a pretty small percentage of the total players drafted. These are your first-round picks, the guys who’ve been tagged for hockey stardom since their teen years, the guys who’ve had scouts watching them for awhile. Most of them played in the junior professional leagues or the junior amateur leagues. Most of the players that have big name recognition fall into this category. Most players who are drafted (if they make it into the NHL system at all) begin in the minor leagues, playing first for their drafting team’s AHL or ECHL affiliate. They may or may not ever get called up to “the big show,” as the NHL is called by the players. Some play in the minors their whole careers. 

Some players who are drafted then go on to college and play there. They can leave college or graduate before joining their team or their team’s minor-league affiliate. If you watch college hockey, it’s pretty standard for them to mention which NHL team owns the rights to various players. Amusing side-note: it’s not uncommon for a player in college to have his rights traded before he’s even played. A guy playing hockey at Boston College who was drafted by, say, the Coyotes, might find that by the time he graduates his rights are owned by the Canucks.

If a player goes undrafted, after they age out of the draft they become a free agent, and can sign with whoever. A good example of this is Conor Sheary, who currently plays for the Penguins, but who was undrafted. He went to college, then signed with Wilkes-Barre (the Pens’ AHL team) and was eventually offered a contract by the Pens and he now plays on their first line as Sidney Crosby’s most dependable winger. Not bad for a guy who went undrafted, right?

(Note for CP readers: this is how Jack’s career went. He wasn’t drafted, went to college, aged out of the draft and became an unrestricted free agent who was then wooed by several NHL teams before signing with the Falconers.)

Some players, if they aren’t drafted or signed into the NHL system (minors or majors) play overseas for awhile in their professional leagues. Auston Matthews did this (he’s a rookie for the Leafs and one of the top contenders for rookie of the year this year). He’s an American player (the US players tend to have slightly different career trajectories than the Canadian players, there’s a way bigger junior professional component for Canadians, although US players can also play in the Canadian junior pro leagues) and played junior amateur for US Hockey, but before he was drafted he chose to play pro in Switzerland for a year to get experience before he became eligible for the NHL draft.

There are a bunch of routes to the NHL. Some but not all of them:

  • Junior amateur –> Drafted –> NHL
  • Junior pro –> Drafted –> NHL
  • Junior –> Drafted –> AHL –> NHL
  • Junior –> Drafted –> College –> AHL/NHL
  • Undrafted –> College –> Sign as a Free Agent –> AHL/NHL
  • Undrafted –> Free Agent –> Pro somewhere overseas –> AHL/NHL
  • European player –> Pro overseas –> Drafted or UFA –> NHL

And this doesn’t remotely cover all the ways that players can get exposure as teenagers or collegians, all the various teams/leagues/etc they can play with where they can come to the attention of scouts.

Anyway I hope this helps.