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Female/Agender/Genderqueer Hockey Writers/Podcasters Support Network

(I guess that’s a good thing to call this idea, anyway.)

So, if you listened to Second Balcony Breakdown last night/this morning, during our “Hockey Trashboys” talk, you heard Casey and I speak of supporting women and looking out for other women in hockey fandom (as well as in general, but we’re a hockey podcast, so that’s where our focus is, natch).

And, while that’s a very lovely sentiment, it’s easy to just kind of do your own thing as a writer or podcaster and not really reach out, you know? Like, today, I had to ask Twitter to tell me who other female/agender/genderqueer hockey podcasters are. I’m glad I asked, because there are quite a few podcasts out there with female hosts that I just didn’t know about because… of reasons, I guess.

This is what we’re doing: as a female-led hockey podcast, we want to talk to other female/agender/genderqueer podcasters and writers out there. Because, as one of my Twitter followers said (of one particular podcast that shall remain nameless, but is true just in general), hockey podcasts are sort of a “sausage fest,” and we kind of want to amplify and highlight those voices who aren’t as heard. Not just on Second Balcony Breakdown, either, but just in general.

So! If you’re a female/agender/genderqueer hockey podcaster and/or writer, we want to know who you are! We want to read your things, plug your things to our audience, and maybe have you on Second Balcony Breakdown, if you’re down with that.

We want hockey writers/podcasters from all leagues, including:

  • NHL
  • CWHL
  • AHL
  • ECHL
  • SPHL
  • Juniors
  • College (both men’s and women’s hockey)
  • International leagues

And any others I just can’t remember at this moment.

So, reblog this, drop us a link (or links) in my Tumblr ask box OR at We want to support you!