one of my favorite hockey memories has to be when the Las Vegas Wranglers were about to fold. The Orleans arena said they would not be renewing their contract with the team and they didn’t have anywhere to play once the season was over. The fans fought hard so they wouldn’t see their team go. They all put together a video of fans saying what the team meant to them.

and then sold out the next game for the first time all season 

Everyone says Las Vegas shouldn’t get a team because no one would care. I know i would at least. Just appreciate your team while they’re still there. I wish i could have them back every day.

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OKay I'm arguing with this friend of mine and he says that the worst NHL player can beat the best female hockey player. What do you think of this? I know you have a grasp of both. Do you think men are "better at hockey" than women? What are the comparisons between the men's game and women's game.

To answer your first question: He’s dead wrong. He must have never heard of Hilary Knight, Amanda Kessel, or Hayley Wickenheiser.

To the second: Men have much more opportunity when it comes to professional leagues and play; perhaps the answer here lies in exposure to the public and demand for such leagues. Men have multiple professional leagues across the world: NHL (and minor-pro such as AHL, SPHL, and ECHL); the KHL; major European leagues such as SM-liiga in Finland, Russian minor-pro Russian Major League, the Swedish Hockey League and HockeyAllsvenskan in Sweden (the top two leagues), and the Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom. And that’s just a small portion!

Meanwhile, Women’s leagues around the world in pro, minor-pro, and/or semi-pro amount to a grand total of 28 leagues. Women are usually, if not always (and I’m not sure on the always), paid much less than a man at any point in the game. The game is growing slowly but sure, though!

Third question: Men and women’s hockey are more different rule-wise and play-style wise, than between the players themselves.

I have played both girls and guys; girls play a much faster and dirtier game. Often it becomes much rougher than a typical boy’s game. Since women cannot body check, we instead use body position to rub out an opponent while battling for the puck and shove them around, the latter mostly along the boards. We also tend to slash, trip, and crosscheck our opponents (mainly because we aren’t allowed to lay them out with a hit… oops!), though most of us have learned to do it discreetly so as not to be caught and penalized. 

Another thing about girls/women’s hockey is the play along the boards. We tend to use the boards a lot more than our male counterparts, as I’ve found in both playing and officiating.

I hope this helped!

*hallelujah chorus plays*



(for those who don’t know, Reign has a long history of doing extremely well in the regular season and extremely poorly in the playoffs. reademmaduh & I sadly know this all too well)

But they did it!  They didn’t get swept in the first round, so we’re off to a way better start than last year! 

#ReignTrain is headed to Utah next!  #DoItForDerekCouture

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do you think dubnyk is fatigued? or is this mostly a team thing for the wild?

He might be fatigued, he might just not have our number yet, but he’s also handicapped by the team in front of him at times. I don’t know that any of the goals the Hawks have scored on him are ones I would blame entirely on Dubby. 

Disclaimer, however: he played for my hometown ECHL team a while back, so I also am entirely biased to root for him doing well.