Scientific photography by Arthur Anker

1.- Crab megalopa (Carpilius sp ?)

2.- Stilapex montrouzieri (Moorea, French Polynesia)

3.- Euthamneus cf rostratus (Moorea, French Polynesia)

4.- Stauromedusa (French Polynesia)

5.- Pilumnus vespertilio (Madagascar)

6.- Notospermus tricuspidatus (Moorea, French Polynesia)

7.- Diopatra sp

8.- Galeommatid bivalve, possibly Scintilla sp

9.- A thalassematid echiuran (Madang, Papua New Guinea)

10.- Male ovigerous sea spider (Pycnogonida)


Green Spoonworm (Bonellia viridis)

…is a species of Echiruan or spoonworm found in the north-eastern Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans, and the Red and Mediterranean and Red seas. Green spoonworms are highly sexually dimorphic, the females take the green form you see above, the males however are planktonic and live inside the females body. The presence/absence of the pigment bonellin determines sex. Green spoonworms are mainly detritivores and will anchor themselves to the floor with two hooks. They will also feed on small invertebrates aswell by using an extendable proboscis which is 10x their body size.



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I made a 30 day art challenges cause why not

For 1 month, make and draw a character based off of a species of your choice from each given phylum of animal (some phyla have thousands of species to choose from…others will only have one or two)

You can make them anthros, gijinkas, cartoons, monster, sonic ocs, anything you want as long as it’s at least inspired directly by the critter

The days:

Day 1. Porifera
Day 2. Placozoa
Day 3. Ctenophora
Day 4. Cnidaria
Day 5. Orthonectida or Dicyemida
Day 6. Chaetognatha
Day 7. Platyhelminthes
Day 8. Cycliophora
Day 9. Gastrotricha
Day 10. Rotifera (including Acanthocephala)
Day 11. Gnathostomulida or Micrognathozoa
Day 12. Entoprocta
Day 13. Bryozoa
Day 14. Branchiopoda
Day 15. Nemertea
Day 16. Phoronida
Day 17. Annelida (including Sipuncula and Echiura)
Day 18. Mollusca
Day 19. Priapulida
Day 20. Loricifera  
Day 21. Kinorhyncha
Day 22. Nematoda
Day 23. Nematomorpha
Day 24. Arthropoda
Day 25. Onychophora
Day 26. Tardigrada
Day 27. Xenacoelomorpha 
Day 28. Echinodermata
Day 29. Hemichordata
Day 30. Chordata