Hydatid cysts

Cysts are abnormal closed cavities within the body, usually containing liquid.

Hydatid cysts are formed during the larval stage of Echinococcus tapeworms.

All disease-causing species of Echinococcus are transmitted via the ingestion of eggs by means of eating infected, cyst-containing organs.

Humans are accidental hosts that become infected by handling soil, dirt or animal hair that contains eggs.

Echinococcus infestations can usually be treated with medicine and cysts can be removed during surgery (depending on the location of the cysts, complications may arise).


I am tottaly speechless.

Brain echinococcus surgeries of doctor Mamikon Yeghunyan

North Cyprus - Kyrenia Municipality gives notice to dog owners

Kyrenia Municipality gives notice to dog owners

By Chris Elliott

It would seem that representatives of the Kyrenia Municipality were out on the highways and byways delivering notices to the owners of dogs. This must have been an easy task as most dogs bark when strangers come to the gate.

So in our locality every property that has a dog in the garden received a notice in both English and Turkish…

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Things I learned yesterday:

• International health certificates are a PITA. I understand the “why” behind them but there’s so. many. forms. @.@

• Dang they’re serious about Echinococcus multilocularis in Germany! The paperwork required the *vet* to administer the dewormer at the clinic (LOL because Doc HATES pilling animals), provide the product name and manufacturer, print her name, sign and date it, and provide the *military time* at which she administered it… which is more than we had to do for the rabies vaccine!

• Writing the date the European way (dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy) seriously hurts my brain. So much so that at one point it apparently short-circuited and I just wrote random numbers separated by slashes. What the heck brain??


Wissenswertes über den #Fuchsbandwurm #Pfadfinder #survival #outdoor #hygiene

by Alan R. Walker Nachdem ich schon ein paar Kräuter und Pflanzen vorgestellt habe, die man essen kann, erscheint es mir doch notwendig eine kurze Übersicht zum Thema Fuchsbandwurm (Echinococcus multilocularis) zu schreiben. Da ich kein Mikrobiologe bin, werde ich mich kurz fassen. Wer es ausführlicher haben will, findet unten eine ausführliche Linkliste. (more…)

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