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Can you analyze scorpios the same way you did capricorn?

i can go on and on about scorpio. every person i speak to on a daily basis is a scorpio lmao. 

scorpio’s key words as the fixed water sign ruled by pluto and mars are… loyalty, depth, passion, desire, self-preservation, intensity, intuition, transformation, death and rebirth. 

scorpios make excellent friends and lovers. they are so devoted. having a scorpio in your life means having someone who will stick with you in the hardest times. a scorpio is a ride or die. 

making an enemy out of a scorpio is a grievous error. scorpio is a fixed sign, so she is quick to hold a grudge. she may never forgive and she certainly never forgets. being the object of a scorpio’s contempt is like pressing dry ice to your bare skin. 

scorpio is understood to have three stages of development; the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. i really love the way @astrolocherry breaks this down: 

“ # 1 the scorpion ~ paranoid, self destructive, wrathful, and withdrawn. controlled by emotions and suspicions. controlling and power hungry, promiscuous, fanatical and pedantic 

# 2 the eagle ~ has an empathy and intuitive psychological receptivity, identifies with darker impulses, justice seeking, fears loss of power and exposure, may dabble in black magick or darker sciences. can be the ‘hurt to heal’ expression like a surgeon who must make an incision to cure

# 3 the phoenix ~ the divine healer expressing the wisdom of water therapy and sorcery and medicines. ultra conscious of human suffering, uses occult power for good and holistic healing” 

scorpio is the last sign of the second third of the zodiac, the middle echelon of relational signs. scorpio signifies the psyche’s maturation from relational thinking into universal thinking. in scorpio, the ego dies and is reborn with an intimate knowing of what is good and just for all people. scorpio alone is a complete story, from the primal id-driven desires of mars into the subconscious pluto, who seizes control of the unseen 

A Vow Unbroken || Closed


Name: Lawrence Brig Prior

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Physical Condition: Fit. Athletic.

Mental capabilities: Above Average

Loyal, understanding, empathetic.

Stubborn, risk-taking, impatient.

Hobbies: Sports.

Profession: Emergency Medical Support and Disaster Relief; Sector 1–upper echelon. City A.

Once he’d signed his contract, he was given the keys to his new home. Lawrence had been nervous, sure, but his test results had put him in the best part of the city–the part of the city where he’d be able to thrive. His three siblings were scattered over–but he knew his two brothers both were in Sector 1 of City A–oh the simplicity of the system. 

The house was spacious and pristine–bright and as inviting as a museum in Lawrence’s opinion–but it would have been decorated to his wife’s taste. The information on the young woman was held on a small microchip that he’d be able to put in the reader–portable or the in-home system he could see the moment he walked into the door–but he was hesitant. What if she was horrible?

What if she hated him?

Lawrence slowly moved through the house, checking things like closets–where their things had been placed ahead of time, new wardrobes for their new careers and a few personal affects. The man rolled his shoulders and stretched before moving to the reader to insert the chip. The first thing that he noticed was that she looked tiny.