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Jared Leto WTF

Jared Leto is absurd: is 45, looks 25, a godly 25, has eyes of a doll, has skin of a doll, has butt of a bubble, has waist of a scarlet o'hara, is ripped, looks good in a dress, looks good in anything, can work a fanny pack and leggings (not even your prettiest girlfriend!) can sing, can play guitar, can play piano, fronts rock band, is still on posters in bedrooms, can model, can act, has won Oscar, has played The Joker…THE Joker! Can direct, is rich from his talents, has hair that defies reason, has perfected ombré (not even your prettiest girlfriend!) and by all accounts - is hung like a horse. This goes beyond ‘Life’s Unfair’…something’s going on here?!?!

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But I ain’t complainin’. Keep doin you J! Happy Birthday King 😘

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Remember when all he wanted to do was galpal up that Gaga? 

And she girl, bye’d him insaaanely fast?

Yup me too. So much so I made a horribly awkward edit to really feel the feels.

But realtalk tho, I may be biased but is he not like teh cutest with his hands on his knees, reacting to her every word so animatedly… And then when she turns away to pretend there’s something in her eye, he looks to her seatmate Laurie Ann Gibson, suddenly looks lost and overwhelmed, rights himself, unknowingly mimics her little nose brush-off and then gives her the world’s sweetest, most tiny, most darling lit’tle wave goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu??

What was she thinking (besides about how long that meat dress would be good thru)??? He probably knew then his BFF-relationship status with Bjork was never to be, Cyndi Lauper was likely too much of a pipedream, so the next best girl for la Leto would be la Lady. Like, GAGA. Da fuq. Do us all a favor and galpal that little boy up. He just needed someone who is a freak like him, too.
Thankleto this ended all so happily, 6 yrs later. He finally wore her down & she finally got to see the real him.

Un-Fun Fact: if you look closely enuff you can see the exact moment his open little heart broke into a million little pieces…. Hint: 00:00:28 (seconds).

Hell Bent Impressions

(I know I skipped several. I had no energy and no motivation)

Wow. Doctor Who is often talked about as a life affirming show, but it’s rarely talked about how much. I went into the episode wanting to die, and I came out wanting to live.

That was really the 10th anniversary episode for the new series, wasn’t it? It goes back and revisits the consequences of the Time War after the resolution. It really hones in on the increased relevance of the 21st century companions and what their role is. You have the Weeping Angels as one of creatures imprisoned in the by the Time Lords, joining the upper echelons of Doctor Who monsters there (and is there really any dispute?) You have the invocation of the Doctor’s post-Time War theme, and Murray Gold’s music doing what some might say it’s always threatened to - invading the narrative.

Past companions literally haunt the narrative with notably Donna, Amy and Rory and River as effectively, ghosts in the machine. You have Donna’s departure being invoked, critiqued, and ‘done right’ from an ethical perspective.

There’s also a bit of additional fridging subversion to add onto the end of Face the Raven, the plot uses the fact that the Doctor was hurt and tortured to motivate Clara, which is really quite nice. 

Oh, there was so much to enjoy here, Moffat just giving masculinity a further deserved bashing, and sticking two fingers up about regenerations of race and gender by finally getting a double one on screen. The 'so much ego’ line was wonderful, as was 'Death is Time Lord for man flu’.

Clara’s ending is full of parallels to the Doctor. Chock full. The answer to the question of 'Why can’t I be like you?’ turns out to be 'I can, for a little while.’ Rather than go straight to the end, she’s decided to have a few more adventures. It’s a farewell tour! She steals a TARDIS and runs away. With a companion. For just a heartbeat, she too is Master of the Land of Fiction. That’s why it doesn’t ruin Face the Raven for me.

Speaking of said companion. I love that Ashildr finally gets acknowledgement that what happened to Clara was not her fault, and that she finally gets to travel and share eternity with someone, just for a little while. I sympathised with her when it all went wrong and I knew that it was the last thing she wanted. Additionally canon bisexual Clara ‘fight you for her’ Oswald and Ashildr ‘you’re as beautiful as all your photos’ in the same TARDIS making heart eyes at each other? Clashildr is so canon.  

I was very concerned at points. But Moffat stuck the landing impeccably and in hindsight I loved every second.