eccy me

my ideas for Scrooge and Goldie’s kids (if they HAD ANY) 

Rhiannon (a name I was almost given) is Welsh for “Great Queen”. Rhiannon is a Welsh/Celtic Goddess of fertility and the moon. She was said to always wear a Golden silk gown and ride upon a shining white stallion. 

Duke is Latin for “leader”…and it’s just a really cute name I’ve always loved. (also Eccy gave me the idea for this!)


The crabs got dried coconut, banana, and pineapple bits with some hikari massivore pellets mixed in. These are a few of the braver crabs who didn’t run when I came up with the camera. You can see an eccie making a break for in with his coconut in the last picture though.

The Caribbean in the bowl is a very special crab; he came to me missing a leg and very shortly after lost the other leg on the same side. I moved him into ISO and fattened him up hoping he would molt. It was hard because missing two legs on the same side made it very hard for him to move around so I had to soak him each night to ensure he stayed hydrated. Eventually he went under to molt and came up with two shiny new legs. Hermit crabs are really cool inverts if you care for them correctly. All my eccies have been with me for a year now and I hope to have them for many more!