Charlie took me out tonight, no where normal people would class as special but not a single thing about tonight didn’t feel special. 

It all started with our classy date to mcdonalds which we ate in a random park usually full of chavs smoking weed. Which led on to us going to eccup resevoir and strangely we bumped into Nick (Charlie’s friend) and Isobelle (my friend), the four of us pissed around for a bit having a laugh. Charlie being Charlie decided we would follow them home in his car racing along, swearing at each other and just being teenagers which should really be too immature to drive. 

Stood on Nick’s doorstep, now Will Nick’s brother joining in with the banter we continued to act as if nothing else in the world mattered. And eventually Charlie and I left and Charlie took me back to Golden Acre Park which has this influence on me making me all giddy and excitable.

He took me to his favourite spot, a place which brought back a lot of memories for him (the spot in the picture), we sat in silence for a while with me in his arms. The sun was setting and I had never felt so genuinely happy with him as I did then. 

I then realised that maybe this time I can kick my depression as more and more I am having moments where nothing else matters but my happiness and it is coming naturally. I am happy, I do stupid things, I like to climb trees and walk over benches not round them, I don’t care what people think. For once I am living in the moment which is slowly becoming more of a thing in my life. I am forgetting the past and I am losing my fear for the future. I am me, now.