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This might come off as arrogant but i really don't want it to i just know nothing about vaporwave... But like what is it/what's there to understand? And why do people mention capitalism a lot?

Vaporwave is a micro genre of music that was birthed out of the 2010 album CHUCK PERSONS ECCO JAMS VOL 1 (by Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never fame) and FAR SIDE VIRTUAL (by James Ferraro) that is noted for (but not limited to) it’s use of chopped and screwed vocal samples, whitewash corporate elevator music, and sometime samples of older 90s video game consoles (other samples include japanese tv commercials, the weather channel, and other obscure sources)

Lots of people like to attack this hackneyed “anti capitalist” idea to vaporwave because of some very very misinformed online articles about the genre in it’s early days

for me, vaporwave is all about the idea of nostalgia on the edge of my mind. I listen to vaporwave for the headspace it puts me. Not to be cool, not to “be a hipster" as I have been told by people who don’t understand, and not to be elitist. Vaporwave can be smooth background music to get me focused on another task at hand, or it can be a jarring harsh sound that grabs you and demands you to listen to it.

If you are interested in the genre, and want to find some albums to listen to, I suggest you look at my little guide I’ve haphazardly put together