ecclesiastes 11:8

Sometimes people are not immediately punished for the bad things they do. Their punishment is slow to come, and that makes other people want to do bad things too. A sinner might do a hundred evil things and still live a long time. But I know that it is still better to obey and respect God.
—  Ecclesiastes 8:11-12

anonymous asked:

Katie, my heart hurts like fire. I lost my faith many years ago in the sixth grade. I'm stuck in a state of hopelessness and isolation worse than ever and I wish so hard that I could believe in anything at all but I don't know how to force it. I don't really know what I'm asking, but please help me. I admire you so much.

I am so, so sorry, darling. Do me a favor and read the following:

- Psalm 4
- Isaiah 40: 28-31
- Romans 5: 7-11
- Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

Please hear me when I tell you that you are not alone. Jesus is our companion; He is with us always. Speak to him, give your fears and worries and your struggles to Him. He will replace them with joy, triumph, and contentment.