Unpopular Opinions: BORUTO Edition

Behold cuz I’m really pissed and Tumblr is the only place I can rant about this.

A list of things that bother me about the Next Generation.


  • The fact that there even exists a manga drawn by sb other than Kishimoto himself and it is considered canon. 
  • Ikemoto is a pervert and not suitable for illustrating this series, that has a very young audience as well. I don’t think i even need to mention his portrayal of female characters (high-heels and skirts for ninjas, suuuuure), especially Sarada, A 12-13 YEAR OLD, being drawn like this. A fucking panty shot. As if this were some kind of lollitacon ecci manga. Fuck you, Ikemoto, seriously.
  • The storyline lowkey sucks and I’ve stopped reading it out of frustration. I really wanted to give it a chance because I loved Naruto to death, but this is a fucking disappointment.


  • Even though the anime is a lot better, now it’s time to nag about the characters included.
    TOO. MANY. FILLER. CHARACTERS. (Sumire, Iwabe, Denki) And they get way more screentime than the actual canon characters (SARADA???, Inojin, Metal Lee, Chouchou). What the shit??
  • Boruto is a fucking brat with the worst manners I’ve ever seen. Sure he’s angry at his dad for never being home, but what the hell boy. And the fact that he’s being made the super nice kid, the hero’s son, is so annoying because he’s nothing like his dad. Only in the most recent episode (#12) he showed some signs of “Oh yeah, that’s Naruto’s kid, alright” because of helping his comrades in the team. Otherwise, he’s a shitty little asshole kid. 
  • The portrayal of Naruto’s and Hinata’s marriage.
    Even though I know being Hokage probably takes up a lot of Naruto’s time, but I don’t remember ANY of the other Kage that we’ve seen in office be that busy with their Hokage duties. I get that this is a new Era, but since it is a new Era and Naruto has so many trustworthy friends/comrades, you’d think that he’d hire some more fucking secretaries to handle trivial matters. And since there’s peace at the moment, I really dont see what bigger issues exist that take up Naruto’s time. Also, when he’s home, he’s always shown sleeping on the goddamn sofa in his home office. Even in the Inauguration OVA, when he wasn’t yet “officially” Hokage (because from the movie The Last in the end-credit scene, we see that prior to becoming Hokage, Naruto had a lot of time to spend with his kids. Why change that in the anime??). And Hinata doesn’t seem to be bothered at all. They think showing ONE couple scene, where they lean on each other’s shoulder is gonna keep the fire up? I’m so fed up about this because they make Naruto look like a shitty dad/husband, when he’s the most kind and selfless person in the entire series. Good fucking job, SP. Didn’t expect any less from you.
  • Not to sound like a femi-nazi, but I do have an issue with the major exclusion of female characters and their reduction to mere side characters. Even Sarada and Chouchou, who are canon (Sarada even being the daughter of 2 main characters from the original series), they get such minimal screentime, it’s fucking ridiculous. And when they’re shown, they’re always portrayed as naggy and inferior (except that ONE FREAKIN TIME when Sarada saved Boruto’s ass). Get your shit together.

There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now, but I just wanted to write this down. 

TL;DR - I don’t know what Kishimoto wa sthinking when 1. He passed his one of a kind work to a shitty pedo pervert and 2. When he said that he wants BORUTO to surpass NARUTO (as a series). This ain’t ever gonna happen. The storyline is lame and the characters are mostly done wrong by both the studio and the mangaka. 

anonymous asked:

Im trying out the water for being an SB on tinder, 24 but i look 17. Im happy for dinner and services after, but i dont know how much i should be charging- the whole night or per hour? What if he doesn't want to give me his full name to do a background check on. Xx

This question…it’s a problem. It really is. Let me explain…

That’s not being an SB and these men KNOW that. These men EXPLOIT that. 

What you’re doing when you’re operating in such a way as an SB is devaluing yourself. 

I’ve seen the men’s lounge on ECCIE. There’s a thread specifically about sugar babies, where they talk about how they get them to do the same things for escorts for less money. These men are the men you will likely encounter. These men are not SD’s. They will not treat you like a real SD will treat you. They will likely never spoil you or take you on trips or buy you designer goods or pay your bills. They these things Golden Pussy Syndrome. 

Do. Not. Play. Their. Game.

The best advice I can give you is to become an escort. Under the title of being an SB, you can spend hours with a guy, go to dinner and then fuck him and walk away with $200. You can do the same thing as an escort and walk away with $1000. Be a smart hoe. Don’t play their game. 

These per-date “sugar” relationships are bullshit and they need to stop. 

The whole concept is literally just a way that men have played us to get their way. If you think I’m bullshitting you, what do you like about this arrangement? You spend a few hours and walk away with some cash? If you want that money to keep coming steadily, you’re going to have to fuck for it. And you’ll be making less money. 

The point here is; think about how you want to organize and run your business before you start because regardless of what you call yourself, you are still running a business. 

Do you want to invest the same amount of time with a guy and make less money? Or would you rather advertise as an escort, do the exact same things, and get paid more for it?

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