Kuba Cloth : Zaire

Kuba cloth is the embroidered and appliqued fabric of the Kuba people of central Africa who leave around Kinshasa in modern day Congo.
It is made from woven raffia and it’s geometric art forms have been the source of inspiration for artists such as Picasso, Klee and Matisse who owned an extensive collection.
For the Kubans the cloth forms an important part of their funeral rites. In order to be recognised by your ancestors when you get to the other side you must be wearing the correctly patterned cloth.
These designs are handed down from generation to generation and it is the strength of this tradition that has kept the skills of making Kuba cloth alive

Iris Floor Light : MacMaster Design
One of the founding designs of the MacMaster range, the Iris Floor Lamp consists of curved laminations of timber that echo the shape of Iris leaves to create a sculptural, unique and impacting form. The arrangement of leaves give the lamp a structured yet organic form that allows light to graduate upwards on the interior of the lamp.