D. Miller, English, Howard

“My style is very goth, Afrocentric.”

Holding men to their own expectations..

If my vagina supposed to taste like peaches🍑&🍦cream your cum better taste like a strawberry🍓🍌 banana smoothie…

If we dating multiple ppl don’t be mad when other ppl hit my line😎

If you ‘single so you can do what you want’ dont ever forget while you doing you Ima do me..💃💅

If Im 'supposed’ to shave then so are you😌

If you think its cool to fuck one of my friends while we’re dating but not yet in a relationship don’t be mad when I put it on your homie 💁

Ain’t none of that being sad over a dude who aint acting right too many fish in the sea & I got me a brand new fishing pole


Post reunion?? I need stupid sappy kisses and for Varrick to realize his dumbassery >:,,(

I even got my gif all figured out if/when they reunite in-canon

“In Portland, people seem to think I’m a drug lord or something because of what I wear. It’s weird, because Portland touts itself as a place that embraces eccentricity, but only the right kind of eccentric. The gauges in the ears, tattoos that are interesting, but not TOO interesting. I’ve seen a lot of people treating people in real life like it’s the internet. Like it’s a Pinterest board and people are like, ‘I like that, I don’t like that.’ I’ve had people see me driving in my car with the top down and the music turned up and they point and laugh and take my picture like I’m an animal in a zoo. The inauthenticity is creeping in.”

Michael Jackson asks Björk a Question
  • Michael Jackson:I have always loved and admired your creativity. Nature’s struggle to survive alongside mankind has been an inspiration for me. Given the natural beauty of your Icelandic homeland, how does nature inspire your work ?
  • Björk:I hope this doesn’t sound too naff, but being alone in nature, especially after walking for hours, just puts you in your place and you realise how small you are and how plenty of everything is all around you. Then you just let go and surrender, become part of it. I’m so chuffed you asked me a question ! I have to say you’re the best, keep fighting and it angers me how cruel everybody is to you. It’s like in the US right now, it’s illegal to be an eccentric. Maybe people would have been more understanding if you were a contemporary of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who comissioned Wagner and lived with the swans. I listen to Butterflies off your last album all the time. You are a true artist ! Thanks for fighting and believing in magic even though the rest of the world have forgotten about it