Love Of The Universe

Aries + Gemini: the young mind meets the young heart. Two eccentric, two energic souls falling for each other’s mind and self-acceptance. Aries is in love with the energy that radiates oh-so beautifully from Gemini’s voice, whereas Gemini admires the strong, unbeatable strength and power Aries was blessed with. Like one in a million. The child of passionate living meets the child of vivid thinking. Where Mercury meets Mars, there will wonders happen. May the light in you never extinct and the youth in your love never die. Aries is and Geminii knows. To the heart and the mind and a forever existing laughter.

Taurus + Cancer: “oh say, does pure affection still exist? Love made of sensibility and sensuality?”, Cancer asked her night time friend, the Moon. She laughed, knowing her naive, little heart, “Yes, my child, it does”, and she pointed to Venus her long time romance. Whenever a Taurus and a Cancer fall in love, there are roses blooming more beautifully than ever before. When beauty comes across the night sky, they stop to admire the elegance, the loveliness of it. For Venus, Moon is the most beautiful jewel they have ever seen. For there is no love blessed with so much sensual grace than this one. Your love is the stars.

Leo + Libra: where Apollo meets Aphrodite, the Gods play crazy. They shout “yes”, to the couple, and “yes”, to the love. Say, Apollo, has anyone ever admired you the way Aphrodite did? And say, Aphrodite, has anyone ever gave you a bigger heart to keep? Where justice meets generousness and pride selflessness, there will always be light and there will always be love. Leo will forever keep you warm if you, Libra, promise to be his. Give them love and admiration, and Leo will give you the world. But keep your word flaky butterfly, for are they sensitive beneath their golden mask. The king and the princess, growing to be queen.

Virgo + Pisces: innocence meets illusion and naivety dreams. Like birds caged up in mid summer, these two want to escape the harm of the world. Though Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of our circle, they symbolize not wisdom but more often youth. Has a wise person ever been a dreamer? Or a adult ever been able to flee into another world hidden within our pitiful selves? Virgo, the virgin, the pure manifestation of the Zodiac knows no bad. Though you can’t run from what does exist, you can always hide and blend out. Virgo knows that and is willing to teach Pisces. “I know how hard it is, still, we must get through this”, Virgo whispered, “and how?”, Pisces cried, “I will find a way“ and Pisces believes that. Here is the muse and the painter - the canvas and the color. Such harmony and happiness and never ending faith.

Scorpio + Capricorn: here is where we meet the dark and depth and mystery of love and life. Where the scorpion meets the sea-goat - half fish, half goat - the horned mermaid, there is a instant, almost sexual intensity. No one has ever understood the Scorpio as much as the Capricorn - no one has ever loved them like Capricorn. The scorpio, the phoenix, the spider - the mystery itself waiting to be revealed to the right person, the one. Where Pluto bumps into Saturn, there will be a heavy depth exposed to light of the stars - the two most mysterious, most dramatic jewels in our universe. Their love is undying, eternal, so dark and passionate wrapped in a black box, not passable for anyone but them. How can there be such sadness, but such hope at the same time? This love is the midnight rain and the midnight dusk. Keep your secrets and don’t tell anyone and I promise not even death will part you, as Saturn the father of time will hold onto the now, not the future and Pluto the master of destruction will keep the love alive.

Sagittarius + Aquarius: here is to the adventurer and the rebel. To the archer and the bearer. To the aiming and the knowing, to the question and the answer. Sagittarius, say has anyone ever been so blessed? How do you manage to be so lucky? The paths you follow radiate in golden light and the stars fall to your feet. Say, will you guide Aquarius through the happiness if they give you the answer to everything you ever asked? Will you gift them some luck and positivity if they keep you in their arms and on the ground? The Sagittarius will forever be fascinated by the bearer’s all-knowing nature. So quiet, yet so loud. Aquarius’ braveness and will is everything Sagittarius ever needed and aimed to be. You know who you are Aquarius, you know who you want to be - will you help Sagittarius find themselves? They have been on that road for too long, will you be their companion? Help them to tell apart right from wrong, and Sagittarius will give you a reason for why it is beautiful to questions sometimes, and let things be unknown.

Powerful Love
  • Powerful Love
  • Chuck & Mac
  • Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation

Tuesday’s Tune 12/18/12

“Powerful Love” by Chuck & Mac from the 2007 compilation album Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation.

Hey, you saw Looper, right? I recently saw and I thought it was great. Time travel movies are always weird but it was still pretty enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it, check it out as soon as possible.


Because it’s awesome, that’s why. Also, because this song is featured throughout the film. Which is pretty cool too. Watching the film, I didn’t recognize it immediately but I knew that I knew it. I quickly jotted the lyric down on my iphone’s notepad so that I wouldn’t forget. Took me a while but I finally remembered what song it was.

And here it is.

Helene Smith - Pain In My Heart
  • Helene Smith - Pain In My Heart
  • Eccentric Soul
  • The Deep City Label

Helene Smith - Pain In My Heart

From the fantastic compilation album Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label. Miami’s Deep City record label had some of the best southern soul anywhere in the 60s, but it was eclipsed by the success of the Motown sound. Fortunately, the people behind the Eccentric Soul series gathered a bunch of these rare and lost recordings for us to revel in.


PS  Want more proof of how damn good this album is? Here’s the first track:


Elijah & The Ebonies - “Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother”

An excellent little slice of instrumental funk from a band that’s been on multiple Eccentric Soul/Numero Group compilations and now I own this on a 45. Check that one off the bucket list.


The sleep edition | IG:Souleofficial

In the words of Mike Waters, “There is no reason to know time. We are timeless” with that being said, let’s pretend it’s still August 23 because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t post something of my own in honor of this beautiful angel’s 45th birthday…

Thank you for being one of the most influential people to ever exist. Thank you for refusing to succumb to the standards of the film industry. Thank you for illuminating the dark with your original yet brilliant acting career, timeless music, constant activism, wicked sense of humor, infectious charm & eccentric soul.

Above all, thank you for being the epitome of kindness, love, & compassion. 

Your legacy will live on forever. Happy Birthday, River Phoenix