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taes fashion comfort zone imo is definitely patterned blouse tucked into pants (probably wide cut/bell bottom) while for jin it seems hoodies and pink? we all know for yoongi its black and maybe jerseys? just generally wide stuff, id also presume that yoongi is the one to gravitate towards masks. hobi is like.... wide sleeveless top with short pants and bucket hat + very eccentric shoes (bonus points if its mainly supreme based), jimin: stripes, i feel like namjoon is very confident in any style

Namjoon is into Japanese workwear style(If you google it you’ll see exactly what I mean haha) , he has also mentioned some of his favorites designers are Japanese and takes a lot of inspiration from Japanese street fashion but apart from that yes, i agree, he’s definitely confident in any style. Just like tae, he’s not afraid to experiment.


Room Tour: Its been a year since my last update, but I have collected a lot. My favorites by far is my bear head Russell, a bunch of vintage cameras, and my mid century night stand.

Style And Fashion Drawings: White Shoes and Eccentric Styles

White shoes, floppy hats, and splashes of color are popular nowadays in Kobe. While walking around the city, I spotted this guy in a 70s-inspired, workwear Bohemian look. He had on a wide-brimmed hat, U-neck tee, skinny jeans, and pointy slip-on boots. The combo felt like as aggregate of a lot of hyped brands at the moment – Saint Laurent, Visvim, John Elliott, etc. Probably not for the average PTO reader, but it worked for him. 

This man was wearing tan trousers, a red shirt with contrasting cuffs, and a straw hat. Last year, a lot of people were wearing white sneakers, but I’ve been seeing more white leather shoes lately (e.g. loafers in particular being popular with both men and women). The hat on this gentlemen was slightly too big for him, while his shirt and trousers a little too small, but the colors and materials balanced really well. 

Perhaps my favorite of the three, this man had white slip-ons, floral shorts, and a tailored jacket. Leather ankle bracelet was a bold move, but I suppose if you’re going to do something eccentric, it should be in the summertime.