Today my son found his dragon. I have never seen him happier.

My heartfelt thanks go to the girly being Toothless. She was so kind and so good with him, it was the best moment I’ve ever had at a convention and meant so much to my family. <3

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As I said before, it was Emerald City Comicon this weekend, and rather than get my usual Nightwing stuff I branched out and got awesome Hobbit stuff, specifically Hot Dwarves. Dwarfs. Dwarbs.

Anyway, Marcus To is one of my favorite artists, and he let me sign up for this piece ages ago. Look how freaking fantastic it is! My scanner’s not big enough to do the whole thing (it is 11"x17"), so I had to shoot it with my digital camera - hence the dark corner upper right. I have no idea wtf. Rest assured, it’s not on the paper. 

Fili and Kili, at your service.

I saw this guy dressed as Bane and had to go after him for a photo. I was two steps below him on the escalator and called out “excuse me, Bane, can I take your picture?”

What I did not expect was the “But of course…” rolling out from behind that mask in a fabulous impression of Tom Hardy’s Bane voice as the reply.

I nearly blew an ovary.

Another great Captain Marvel. Love seeing them out in force. 

Photo by AS aka Wren in 2014 and it belongs to me. For more go to giantblackalbatross.tumblr.comI don’t know the model, but I’d love to add credit. 

Thanks Kelly Sue and Tumblr people! The model on this one is Junecovington


Come visit me, COREY LEWIS THE REYYY THIS WEEKEND at Emerald City Comic Con 2014! Table X-06!!

I’ll have copies of AREM, a new 32-page 1-shot comic book space adventure tribute to the video game METROID! 

Read about Arem, and see a preview of it here on Comics Alliance


Also both volumes of the pulse-pounding action digest SHARKNIFE and SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z!!!!

Along with self-published projects like Layered Jacket, Sharknife vs A Poop, Rufyo and We Are the Broken Ones!!

Basically a lightningbolt of comix energy at TABLE X-06!!! 

(Near Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple, Simon Roy, etc) 

Just look out for these banners: 

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With just one week left to apply to Purity, we wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the brilliant Jakface! 

Known for her bold style–both on the canvas and out in the wilds of Canada–Jakface is always out there creating something new and exciting. Recently, she was a contributor to the FUJOSPORTS anthology by the Canadian team Love Love Hill, who wanted to celebrate female-gaze sports anime! And of course, let’s not forget her story in the TamaGotCheese anthology (for all of us who treasured our digital pets, even at their most pixel-y!) She was also a contributor to The Devastator: Otaku, a comedy book by Devastator Press. Oh, and how could we forget? Jakface’s art also featured in MEGA FAUNA, an all-ages anthology about pets, monsters, and beasts by Cloudscape Comics!

Furthermore, she was a two-time contributor (2014 & 2015) to the Monsters and Dames charity artbook, which donates 100% of its proceeds to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. (They’ve donated over $75,000 since 2009!) Not content to rest, she also did the poster for the upcoming event Guardians of the Sexy: A Geeky Celebration in Burlesque at Emerald City Comic-Con this year! And let’s not forget that Jakface was the creator of the Men of Dragon Age fan-calendar, much beloved by Bioware fans everywhere (including showing up in the background in photos of the Bioware offices!) … And the GAMEboys calendar…. AND the Silver Fox calendar! Oh, and here I go, almost forgetting the cherry on top: her webcomic, WOOHOO!

(That’s what it’s called, WooHoo. But also, woo-hoo!)

If you’d like to support Jakface’s tireless work, consider checking out her print store or contributing to her Patreon!

A big round of applause for Jakface! Thanks for joining the team!

Remember, you still have time to apply to Purity! Deadline is March 10th!

Pre-order Purity on Kickstarter!


So, to explain my radio silence on here as of late, I was madly prepping for Emerald City Comic Con (read as sewing a ten suit for my fiance, and failing miserably before giving up)!!!!  I got to hang out with some incredible people for this epic weekend.  I’m sad I didn’t take more pictures than I did, and it’s pretty obvious learning how to use the camera on my phone was a process, cuz dang some of these pics are blurry.  But I did manage to catch some GREAT moments of some AWESOME people.

SO MANY DOCTOR WHO SHENANIGANS happened all weekend that I can’t even begin to explain/retell all the silliness.  xD  Oh lawdy.  But I was dressed as my Fear Her Rose on Friday (no pictures yet, makes me a sad Rose) and my Empty Child Rose on Saturday and Sunday.  

We ran around all over Seattle both days (my feet are killing me)  Gingerten’s ego was stroked quite nicely by random strangers in Seattle going “Oh!  The Doctor!” or “Look it’s David Tennant!” xD  Him and Pinkpolicebox ended up in more adorable poses than I could capture with a camera!  And I managed to snag us a Donna for Sunday and Jack found an Ianto that hung with us too!  IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!  I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!