Met Osric at the con, and I honestly have to say that he is one of the nicest people ever. He could not exactly stop and take pictures with people (in fear of the con organizers kicking him out— but that’s understandable because he would’ve been causing quite a few traffic jams!) but he tried to accommodate for as many pictures as possible!

He was cosplaying as Glenn from The Walking Dead and lacked a machete. A group of us fans walked around with him in search of a machete that would work well (a.k.a not kill people, but still looked legit), but didn’t manage to find one. In the end, he took matters into his own hands and ripped one out of cardboard. This guy. I can’t.

I saw this guy dressed as Bane and had to go after him for a photo. I was two steps below him on the escalator and called out “excuse me, Bane, can I take your picture?”

What I did not expect was the “But of course…” rolling out from behind that mask in a fabulous impression of Tom Hardy’s Bane voice as the reply.

I nearly blew an ovary.


So, to explain my radio silence on here as of late, I was madly prepping for Emerald City Comic Con (read as sewing a ten suit for my fiance, and failing miserably before giving up)!!!!  I got to hang out with some incredible people for this epic weekend.  I’m sad I didn’t take more pictures than I did, and it’s pretty obvious learning how to use the camera on my phone was a process, cuz dang some of these pics are blurry.  But I did manage to catch some GREAT moments of some AWESOME people.

SO MANY DOCTOR WHO SHENANIGANS happened all weekend that I can’t even begin to explain/retell all the silliness.  xD  Oh lawdy.  But I was dressed as my Fear Her Rose on Friday (no pictures yet, makes me a sad Rose) and my Empty Child Rose on Saturday and Sunday.  

We ran around all over Seattle both days (my feet are killing me)  Gingerten’s ego was stroked quite nicely by random strangers in Seattle going “Oh!  The Doctor!” or “Look it’s David Tennant!” xD  Him and Pinkpolicebox ended up in more adorable poses than I could capture with a camera!  And I managed to snag us a Donna for Sunday and Jack found an Ianto that hung with us too!  IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!  I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!


Doctor Who Meet up at Emerald City! Feel free to tag yourselves, I don’t know most of the urls.

tunathemagicalgoat I believe was Lucy with her Master? gingerten is in there, arkytior-and-the-wolf is Empty Child Rose, handsomecaptainofsassiness is Jack, ahandacrosstime is the TARDIS with a painted corset, ewokey (me) is the darker weeping angel.. 


I killed Sherlock! Part 2 of my Emerald City ComicCon pictures! I enjoyed every moment of this con and I miss it so much. If you are a person in any of these, or you know someone in any of them I would love to follow you! (Not in the creepy way I promise) If you’re a person in any of the pics and would like them taken down, I would be happy to oblige your request. But otherwise tell me who these people are so I can tag them! Sherlock: Splenetically