eccc blogging


- slept in. Was amazing.
- @pugglemuggle ’s house is so cool. Gay frat house? Brilliant. Not as cool as Ruby herself though.
- got to con. Gansey'ing it up.
- saw Ngozi. Great start to the day.
- Artist Alley is always so damn GOOD here folks
- bought a ton of queer comics and stories.
- made friends and talked about check please! ( @dexydex and @driftwooddragons )
- Bought @audkoch’s beautiful TeddyBilly zine and also saw Aud. Excellent. (Got an extra one for you @midoromi)
- saw an AMAZING panel on diversity in publishing, won a cool book and also finally got my hands on a copy of Not Your Sidekick (!!!!)
- no one recognized me as Gansey but I don’t even care I loved being my boy Dick 10/10 would wear again.
- to top the night off, took my binder off in one fell swoop!

All in all, fantastic day! Loved it!

Tomorrow. Day Two. Six of Crows. Fuck yeah.

vantatas eccc cosplay schedule (aka stalking meredith in the real world for fun and profit)

friday and sunday I’m going to be wendy corduroy from gravity falls wow!!! here’s picture

as wendy I also plan on carrying around hella stanbucks which I will happily give out to those who inquire (further incentive to talk to me. I did say fun and profit didn’t I)

stacks on deck

on saturday I will be aranea serket from homestuck

obligatory shitty phone picture:

wow so 8eautiful

I will be at the saturday photoshoot and also I will be carrying this backpack around and have this face plus more gray

this concludes today’s segment of stalking meredith for fun and profit have a wonderful day and a wonderful comicon!!! UuU