Imagine Loki meeting and bonding with Clint’s kids while he’s at the Avengers’ Tower, serving his sentence by helping rebuild New York. They are being kept their to keep them safe from threats. All their meetings happen after midnight, when the kids can’t sleep, and seek him out. Talking to him calms them down and helps them sleep. It becomes an almost daily ritual, with no one the wiser, as he always returns the kids to their room once they’re sound asleep. They affectionately call him Uncle Loks, having no idea about his and Clint’s history. Loki likes their company, because they don’t judge him and aren’t afraid of him, being unaware of his misdeeds. They are the only ones in the tower who like his company and talk to him, and he bestows them with the knowledge about the nine realms and delights them his magical illusions. He grows very fond of them and they of him. In a way, being with them has a healing effect towards his torn and tormented soul. He pretends that they’re his family and it gives him peace, since he feels that both his birth and adoptive families abandoned him.

One day, the Tower is attacked and Loki actively protects the kids and their mother, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to escape. When Clint is told about it, and Loki’s bond with his kids revealed, he becomes absolutely livid. The rest of the Avengers aren’t comfortable with this development either, and hence, Loki is sent back to Asgard, where he is dumped in the dungeons for the additional charge of manipulating innocent children. He is alone and isolated once again, and his newly gained inner peace shatters, driving him near insanity. He is often seen interacting with illusions of the kids and is deemed mad.

Meanwhile, the kids insist that Loki did nothing to harm them, and try to convince everyone to bring him back. This prompts Tony to seek Jarvis’s secret audio from Loki’s room. It reveals the truth about Loki’s loving relationship with the kids, much to everyone’s surprise. Everyone but Clint votes to bring Loki back, not yet realizing that it might just be too late to bring him back from the brink of madness.

Familiar Face

First installment in the No Place Like You Series.

Jensen x Reader, Y/F/N- your friend’s name, Jared, Kim, Brianna 

Series summary: Your best friend finally convinces you to put on your big girl panties and go to a Supernatural convention while you are in Atlanta. Never in your wildest dreams would you have thought you would catch Jensen’s eye. Little does he know, you have your own spotlight. (I’m terrible at summaries; stay with me haha) 

Warnings: Language, awkwardness, idk. 

Word Count: 1752 

A/N: This is my first attempt at a true series, and it’s only my second time writing Jensen, so be gentle haha. Also, remember, THIS IS FICTION, for the purpose of this storyline Jensen is single. There is in no way hate intended towards his family. 


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Y/N’s POV 

I groan in response to the incessant beeping of the stupid alarm clock in our hotel room, lazily fumbling about, trying to find the snooze button. “Hold it! What do you think you’re doing missy?!” Oh Y/F/N, and her bubbly, chipper morning self. 

“Five more minutes…” I mumbled into the pillow, begging her for some mercy. 

She apparently takes that as a sign to jump on my bed and start bouncing up and down, repeatedly chanting, “Today’s the day! Today’s the day!” 

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Comfort | Shingeki no Kyojin

Desperately in need for something positive with the following characters 

Let’s say after a terrible day they need some comfort of their favorite person.

A/N: no manga spoilers, anime snk first two episode spoilers might be included. Long post! +5 under the cut. 

Levi Ackerman. He frowned when he entered the room you two were sharing and seeing you on your knees, cleary searching for something on the ground. “(Y/N), would you care to explain what in the world you are doing there?” The sudden sound of is voice startled you and with a loud dong, your head made contact with the wooden bed. “I was looking for dust to clean up.” His confusion grew more intense. Since when have you been so much into cleaning? “You know, I’ve recently read the human body loses a lot of dead cells and cleaning regulary will prevent a pool.” You nervously fiddled with your fingers, a slight brush crept onto your cheeks. “I know you don’t like that and since your arm is injured I thought…” “Tch”, he interrupted before you could finish. He stepped forward and helped you back onto your feet. “What’s the point if you injure yourself in the process, silly?” He sighed when you looked embarrassed and briefly placed his lips on your forehead. It was so light you weren’t sure if it even happened. “Thank you, though”, he muttered. Then he cleared his throat, pretending he was coughing all along. 

Erwin Smith. Being the one in charge has never been more complicated. You needed to have reason for every decision you made and each time you made a mistake, at times like this, human lives were wasted. To say it was a lot of weight on one’s shoulder would be an extreme understatement. Time to give those shoulders a brief moment of rest. “Erwin”, you scolded. “Don’t you dare moving right now. You can’t function endlessly, it’s fine. Today evening you do as I say. Lean back.” You coughed. “Forth. Whatever.” With a slight groan he sunk back onto the matress. “For a commander you don’t really know what you want, he?” You could hear the mocking voice and popped a vein. Mischieviously, your grip onto his shoulders tightened which lead to another groan. “Oh my, strong soldier can’t even handle that?” You actually wanted to give him a massage, but his stubborn self couldn’t even relax for a mere five minutes. You considered stapling him onto the bed but this wouldn’t stop him from staying still. You were too busy to find a way to make him to see the smile on his face.

Mikasa Ackerman. A huge frown was caved onto her forehead for days and whilst everyone tried to avoid the worried female, you tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Eren has been asleep for a while now and even though he wasn’t in danger, Mikasa would not leave his side. You brought her self-made tea, bread or just sat next to her, letting her know she wasn’t alone. One day, she had fallen asleep in sitting position. With a smile, you place the tray with food and water on a table and sat next to her with some space left between. You were folding her scarf she had placed where you sat down when you saw a single tear ecaping her eye. She would never admit that but the current events were affecting her a lot. You unfolded the scarf again wrapped it around you two, pulling her into a hug. “(Y/N)”, she whispered. “It’s alright Mikasa, have some rest.” With a small smile, she sunk back into sleep.

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proffessor: alright holt youre pilot for this simulation will be kogane

Matt: wait the moody looking guy? oh this will go well

Keith: :/

(simulation: goes incredibly well)

proffessor: excellent work, as expected

Matt: Im keeping him

Keith: what

Matt: I am adopting you into my friend circle, ecape is futile

Keith: :I (scoots out the room, walls all the way up)

Matt:(chases after him with holt stubburness and a figuritive grapling hook) ESCAPE IS FUTILE SAD EYES

What Mycroft’s reaction after Eurus and Jim’s 5 minute meeting was;

No big deal… Business as usual.

What Mycroft’s reaction should have been;

What have I done… I’ve let Sherlock’s nemesis find out our biggest secret… I have to tell Sherlock before Moriarty gets to him… Tighten security… Watch her every move… Moriarty can arrange her ecape… He has the resources… Why else would she want to see him… If she’s loose, we’re all in danger… Mummy and Daddy won’t understand why I had to do it… What if Moriarty and Eurus plot together… We’re all doomed…

Worst Away Mission - Bones x Reader Imagine

Bones x Reader

Imagine: My own idea where you, the reader, have been badly hurt during an away mission and Bones comes to the rescue.
Warnings: Quite a few injuries are mentioned and you the reader are placed in danger.
Words: 1,921

The wind howled and nipped at your nose. Other than that, all was silent. You longed for the voices and sounds of the Enterprise as you sat on the cold ground of a cave. You could hear foot steps every now and then, indicating either the crew or the natives whom took an immediate disliking to you. Of all the away missions, this one had made it to number one on your “Top Ten Worst Away Missions,” list. You were starving, freezing and injured, not to mention left for dead by your crew mates. Your right shoulder had been pierced by a spear and a dart had grazed your head. What really topped it all off was the large boulder that had crushed your left leg. You just wanted to see Bones again, your best friend and crush.

~Five Days Earlier~

“Bones, check it out.” Jim said, peering over a cliff. A small village was just barely visible, and a small fire in the middle of it.

“Too primitive, we shouldn’t intervene.” You concluded, turning around to collect more samples of the flora.

“I guess, but what’s the fun in that?” Jim whined. You shot him a glare and he returned it. Being the sister of the Enterprise’s captain allowed you to behave that way with him. You joined the away mission to help communicate with any intelligent life forms, however you weren’t needed this time. So instead you spent your time aiding the others with studying and collecting samples of the planet.

“She’s right, we mustn’t risk it.” Spock agreed, scanning something off by a tree.

You noticed some movement just down the path a little ways and took it upon yourself to investigate it. With no warning, you ventured to where it had been seen. Behind a bush you spotted a foot. Quickly you turned back and made your to the crew, trying not to have seemed like you noticed the person waiting to ambush you.

“Jim, there’s native hiding that way down the path. I failed to notice a weapon, but I believe it’s an ambush.” You stated, grabbing the attention of McCoy and Spock as well.

“How can you be sure?” Spock asked.

“I can’t, but it’s a possibility.”

“Yes, it is. What do you propose, Captain?” Spock asked, turning to Jim. He rubbed his chin and then looked back to you.

“Could’ve just been hiding, let’s just try not to provoke it or anything.” He concluded.

Before you could return to your job, a dart had flown past your head, grazing it and sticking into Jim’s arm. “Ah!” You exclaimed, grabbing the side of your head. Startled, the Captain removed the dart and all eyes turned to where the dart had come from and immediately a second had just missed Spock. Jim and Spock took off down the path and Bones followed close behind, helping you along. His eyes filled with worry as both you and Jim began to stumble. Spock put the Captain’s arm around his neck and hit his comm badge. “Beam us up, we’re under attack.”

Moments later, you were caught standing at the edge of another cliff. Suddenly a spear pierced through your shoulder and you were sent over the edge. You could hear Bones calling out for you and you tried grasping the air, as if he could reach your hand and pull you back up. The silhouettes of Jim, Spock and Bones had vanished, and you knew that they had left you.

The fall had taken a toll on you. You hit your head and fallen unconscious. You weren’t sure what day it was when you woke up, but you knew you had to find a place to seek refuge until the Enterprise came looking for you. Your mind longed for Bones and the warmth of his arms as you sat up. It was night and the air was frigid. You tried to stand up, but finally noticed the boulder on top of your leg. You were confused, hurt and cold. Most of all, you wanted to see Bones… Your longtime crush. You had no idea if he returned the feelings you felt towards him, but Jim sure seemed to think so. You hadn’t wanted Jim to find out, but somehow he just knew. And he teased you about it, constantly.

You almost fell asleep with Bones on your mind, but the sound of feet hitting the ground filled your hears. Before you stood a group of natives. Their skin looked rough and it had a green tint to it. They were all bald and shared the same curious look and they studied you.

“Hey, my name is (Y/N).” You said, not wanting to sound like a threat. You tried your best to smile but the pain surging through your system was making that difficult.

The natives smiled too, but you weren’t sure if it was friendly or not. They moved the boulder of your leg, earning multiple groans of pain from you. One came over to you and began bounding your wrists together with a twine like rope. You could’t fight back and didn’t bother trying as one lifted you and carried you back to their village. It was hard to keep your eyes open as your head swung side to side and a massive headache ensued. “Bones… Leonard… Help…” You muttered.

You had no idea what the natives wanted from you, but they were much to touchy feely for your liking as they stared at all your curves. They tossed you into a small prison like room constructed out of sturdy wood logs. You passed out from yet another hit to the head and woke up later with bruises all over your body. Confused and in pain, you tried breaking your wrists free from the itchy ropes. With no luck, you studied your prison, finally feeling right in the head. Noticing a sharp piece jutting out from the wall, you dragged yourself near it and cut your wrists free.

Through the cracks in the walls, you could tell it was day. You were located near the back of their village as you recalled. With your good leg you kicked a loose looking log until it gave way and that wall collapsed. Quickly you stood and hobbled into the forest before any would noticed you ecaped. Once you deemed yourself far enough, you tried your comm badge.

“(Y/N) to Enterprise, are you there? I need help, please, can anyone hear me?” You tried over and over as you trekked your way to the cliff where you fell. Just under it was a cave and so you attempted, and succeeded, to make your way into it. Though you hit your shoulder and applied to much pressure to your leg, you contained your screams of pain to stay hidden. Finally you settled down and sat in the cold cave, breathing deeply. One last time you tried to contact the Enterprise.

“(Y/N) to Enterprise, can you hear me?”

“(Y/N)!” You heard a voice reply… It was Bones. You smiled and fought back tears.

“Yes, I’m here. Can you beam me up?”

“We’re trying to locate you but you aren’t showing up, hang on, alright darlin’?”

“Please, I need help now. I don’t how long I have until they find me again.” You pleaded.

“The natives? Did they hurt you? How’s your head and shoulder?!” He demanded.

“Bad… I… Feel horrible…” You said between breathes. Bones sensed this and ordered you to stop talking and catch your breathe. Without warning the communication was cut and you were left to your thoughts and pain as you wished for one more moment with Bones.

You had fallen asleep. There wasn’t much else to do in your situation, because you sure couldn’t walk. The grumble of your stomach and dry throat urged you to get some water food, but you just couldn’t. It was unknown to you how you had been waiting in that cave. You were only sure of one thing, if you didn’t get help soon then you would die.

Much to your delight, you heard the faint voices of Jim and Bones calling out from a distance. You struggled to drag yourself to the edge of the cave and onto the cliffside where you would be in view of your two favourite men.

“Bones… Jim… I’m here…!” You called out hoarsely. Realizing that they would never be able to hear your voice, you grabbed stones and began throwing them against larger stones and up onto the cliff itself. You had repeated this for hours, crying. But just as you were about to give up, you heard his voice close by.


Bones…. you thought to yourself. Soon his face came into view and a smile found it’s way onto your own face.

“Jim! Over here!” He called out before running to your side. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N)! I didn’t want to leave you, I swear… I was so worried!”

“Bones… I….” You couldn’t say much, but he understood completely and held a bottle of water to your lips so you could drink finally.

“There you are, come on we need to get aboard the Enterprise.” Jim said, with natives tailing him.

Bones took initiative and contacted the Enterprise to be beamed aboard. He picked you up in his arms and stared into your eyes with concern and guilt. Soon you were on board and being rushed the medbay. There, he took your vitals and checking your wounds.

You noticed his flustered look as he spun around, grabbing this and that. You could tell how distraught he was and once he was near, rested your hand on his shoulder. He stopped and looked up at you. “It’s okay…” You whispered.

A few tears escaped his beautiful eyes and you moved your had to cup his cheek. He leaned his head into your hand as he placed his own hand atop yours. “I… I don’t know what I would’ve done if…” He didn’t need to say it, you knew what he meant.

“But I’m here now.” You assured him and a few tears escaped your eyes as well. Moving in closer to you, he placed a hand around your waist and you leaned in as he planted a soft kiss on your lips. You returned the action, deepening the kiss into something more passionate.

“Ahem…” Jim coughed. The two of you turned your attention to the door with a mad blush to see your brother leaning against it. “I see things are going well here. I just came by to check on my sister.”

“Of course, go ahead.” Bones said, embarrassed as he backed away.

You gave Jim a hug and he whispered, “I told you so…” You could tell he had on a grin as you pushed him away and glared at him. He laughed and left with a small wave.

Bones came over and began to scan you, “(Y/N), I want to be honest with you. I’ve fallen for you and was wondering… Would you like to go out with me?

“That would make me really happy.” You replied much to his relief.

The two of you shared one last kiss before he began to assess your condition. Finally something had gone right for you, maybe this away mission wasn’t the worst after all.

Ramblings on TFA: The Most Expensive Adaptation of a Fanfiction Ever

I saw the movie at the midnight premiere on December 17 and I’ve been trying to process it ever since. Actually, I thought I would simply bottle up my feelings, but it’s useless and I need to get them out and rant. Overall, I’ve mixed feelings about TFA - they were moments and things I loved but overall I would call it a disappointment. 

This post contains spoilers 

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the-shadow-siren-alith-blog  asked:

*assuming he's in his house when the M!A got him* Susan was sitting on the couch full nine months pregnant and a week and four days till the baby is due. She huffed watching Disney movies and eating chocolate ice cream.

Cautiously the seven year old began to explore his surroundings. He was in someone else’s house! They were going to be angry when they found him. He had to get out of here!

He entered a room and froze in the doorway at the sight of the woman in it. A tiny startled noise ecaped him and he made to back out.