Samus Edition New 3DS XL coming next month ⊟ 

This prestigious-looking model ships out to select retailers in North America, Europe, and Japan on September 15 with Metroid: Samus Returns, the 3DS 2.5D remake for Game Boy classic Metroid 2. The Polygon-esque patterned hardware will sell for $199.99, but it won’t include the game.

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Sing me a Song Introduction: Tuneful Melancholy

Triggers: Vague mentions of Pokemon related violence. Off screen separation?

Description: He remembers being young. He remembers the struggles. The difficulties. But most of all, he remembers her.

Notes: Oh my god… I wrote a fanfiction… and I am posting it…. ahhhhhhhhhhhh *ahem* ANYWAY.Yes, this is about the Pokemon Sides.  Or rather, one in particular. I will be continuing this, but I am proud of what I have so far!

Btw, I will get to the prompts at some point as well! I have just been distracted with other things and lacking inspiration!

I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you want to be tagged or if you don’t want me to tag you!

Tags: @killerfangirl3 @dan-yuna @obviouslyelementary @ec-sanderssides

EDIT: This is referencing my headcanons I made but those headcanons are up for change in the future!

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