underused fcs y’all are still ignoring in 2017

it’s the year 2017 and y’all still use the same old fcs so show the fcs below some love and idk.. start making resources for them/use them instead of the same 10 everyone uses

*before anyone wants to send hate, i ain’t hating on any fc. i’m just letting people know that alts and other fcs are available and if you do wanna send hate, i’ll block your ass faster than the speed of light so think about it.*

  • elliot fletcher - i know trans people are barely used in the first place but he’s got so many resources? what’s the excuse? oh that’s right there are none.
  • dylan sprayberry - he’s 19 now and teen wolf 6b was shot when he was 18 so start whipping out the icons, gif icons and gif packs out now. i’ve started but… i’m so busy #rip
  • hailee steinfeld - scream favouritism all you want at me but she’s not used much despite her numerous resources????? she’s gorgeous, fits the 18-25 age bracket the rpc loves, can act and sing (genuinely)
  • chis pine - he’s being appreciated more but he’s still the most underappreciated chris. he’s got plenty of resources and quite honestly he’s probably the best chris ever. so let’s all appreciate and use him more
  • paris berelc - she’s being ignored in 2017???? sad. she’s gonna be the star of a netflix show coming out in 2018 so rpc i expect gif icons upon gif icons and packs upon packs when it releases. and in the mean time, a quick look in her gif icons and gif hunt tag will tell you she has plenty of resources
  • any k-pop/c-pop/j-pop fc that isn’t bts, blackpink etc - there are directories dedicated to them and a lot of helpers/gif packs as well… so what’s y’all excuses here?
  • scott eastwood - … … … i don’t understand why he’s underused… he’s white, good looking, cis male and has plenty of resources. he’s pretty much rpc clickbait???????????? and before y’all cry “but aGE1!!!!!111!!!11″ yes that’s true but rpc fave matt daddario is a year and a half younger than him. don’t believe me? look it up.
  • kelli berglund - she’s so pretty. and i’ve made 1,025 gifs of her. no that’s not an exaggeration and that’s not counting others in her tag. so once again, start using her.
  • luca hostelle - she’s a beautiful redhead with a decent amount of resources who should be appreciated as much as kat and madelaine. and if you’re tired of the token redheads then luca is a brilliant option
  • olivia holt - my wife and actual queen lenora aka @oliviaholtz has made so, so many gifs of olivia holt and yet… y’all are fixated on using nicola peltz, gigi hadid and dove cameron as your blonde fcs????? sad. anywho, she’s gonna be in cloak and dagger so….. you know the drill
  • vajen van den bosch - not only has lenora spent hours upon hours giffing olivia, she and alexis over on @alexcsofrp having spent hours upon hours iconning, gif iconning and gif making stuff for her. so like………… 
  • the descendants cast minus dove - y’all ate up dove so quickly but the rest of the cast??? like i see sofia used sure but the others. zilch. and china anne mcclain is gonna be black lightning and the others have plenty of gif packs you can use.
  • mateus ward - peel your eyes away from co/le sp/ro/use and look at him. he’s got a few independent movie projects coming out so like if his disney gifs aren’t doing it for you then look somewhere else. look his filmography up and see what you can download and start making resources
  • keke palmer - rpc, zendaya isn’t your only black fc option. keke (and china) are beautiful alternatives that should be used more often. she was huge when scream queens came out but now… zilch.
  • alberto rosende - somehow him and harry aren’t used in rps??? which is shock considering the popularity of their shadowhunters’ cast mates???? that should change asap honestly
  • harry shum jr - another fc y’all are sleeping on!!!! everyone calls m/al/ec amazing and all that (which they are) but when it comes to playing him *crickets chirp* 
  • cody christian - any native needs to be played more but he’s someone i can think off right now. he’s really good looking and he’s been in a whole bunch of things too and is a cinnamon roll

there’s probably more but this is all my tired brain can think off right now. 


my favorite two scenes out of Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady. 

Donnie and April are very concerned about their puckboy and his recklessness. hurt/comfort feelings are abound.


a cluster of dorks.

anonymous asked:

Were u looking at Jin's noods? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jimin: First of all, Jin hyung is too chicken to even take nudes and secondly…

Jimin: Also..


M the Unicorn (Mod EM) 7/18/2017

What type of spirit are they and how old are they? :
She is a unicorn! She is about 200 years of age. She doesn’t know her exact age. She lost count.

What do they look like and how big? :

She is the size of a Clydesdale though her coat is a beautiful cream color. Her main and tail have a ombre effect. It starts white at the roots and ends in a deep pinkish red. Her eyes are a soft pink and her horn is a crystal like pink and is a foot tall. Her hooves are a typical black.  

Are they ok with/for beginners and why? :
She rather work with someone whom has an already established spirit home and family. 

What are their magic abilities/ ways of communication? :

She is good with crystal magick, energy healing, energy reading, and dream magick. She loves telepathy and pendulums

What size family are they looking for/prefer?:

She requires a small spirit family that already has a member in the family. 

What are their favorite things/ pastimes? :

she loves races against other creatures especially in a forest. She loves rom com movies and sappy love songs. She loves giving advice and being sassy at times. She’s loves the sunlight especially hot summer days. She also likes to hear love stories. she loves honeysuckles. Also she LOVES rose quartz and jasper

What are things they don’t like? :

She does not like cedar wood incense or dragons blood. I think the smell messes with her and gives her headaches. She doesn’t like pranks being played on her. She is extremely touchy about people touching her mane. She doesn’t like the winter. She hates the cold and snow. 

Any limitations/restrictions for adopting them?:
They must be able to handle her sassy nature. She is extremely blunt in nature and she wants someone who would handle her severe honesty. 

This spirits full name, preferred offering, and possible manifestations will be given to their future companion!

How to vote for BTS for Show Champion

I found a guide by BTSxMVP on twitter. It’s way easier and faster than I thought it would be so please take a few minutes of your time to do this. (it’s literally 4 simple steps.) We need the votes! They count for 20% of the total score.

step 1: dl the Idol Champion app


android: m.apkpure.com아이돌챔프-idol-champ/com.nwz.ichampclient

step 2: sign in with a gmail/facebook/kkt account

step 3: scroll down a bit til you find this and tap that button

step 4: find DNA and vote 3 times (you can vote 3x a day)

That’s it! Make sure you vote 3x a day up to the 24th 🔎🔎🔎 let’s give BTS what they deserve


Day 5/100 of productivity! 

Soooo, omg my last post got more than 100 notes (and thats like the most I’ve ever gotten). I was so shocked, I flipped out when I saw my notifs, and it was bc @emmastudies reblogged my post! y'all I was so happy, bc I follow Emma, she’s great, I absolutely love her posts and I just look up to her so much 😊

Anyways, back to this post. Today I just spent studying for Home Ec againn - I’m probably gonna be studying it again tomorrow though 😩. But I’m not that upset lol, I actually really enjoy Home Ec! I’m currently topping it at the moment, and I really hope I stay there 😅. Also I had the best time tonight, bc my cousins and I spent the night stargazing and I saw like 2 shooting stars, plus, we identified a couple constellations and it was just a blast. 

Also, please excuse my handwriting here, I’m really trying to improve it, but baby steps 😂


Hi I’m aiden, im 17 (senior in high school) turning 18 in a few months. I’m a hufflepuff, INFJ, Capricorn, and I’m a cat person. I live in NC but I’m moving when I graduate. My blog is @aiden-ec and I have an instagram, kik, snapchat, all that stuff the kids have these days so if you want that info just ask. I’m a giant chorus nerd and will brag about my music related accomplishments if you bring it up because I don’t have much going for me but I’m good at this one thing so I will boast. I’m also into art. Or any form of arts like writing, theater, drawing, photography, whatever, just all of it. I’m sure I’m rambling at this point so just message me so we can have a proper conversation 😂😂

I’m slowly making more EC dubs, I’m happier with how this one turned out than the Avanna version. 

I want to post this on Youtube, but I’m worried about getting another copyright strike (I got one the last time I attempted this dub ewe) Maybe I’ll change the pitch a little

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