Eu não pertenço a nada e nem a ninguém. Não faço parte de nenhum grupo com os mesmo ideais e tenho minha própria maneira de ver as coisas. Gosto de fazer tudo do meu jeito. Eu sou eu, diferente de tudo e igual a ninguém.
—  Efeito Colateral.
Vai ver meu lado bom não seja tão bom assim… porque mesmo eu sabendo que o bom existe, as pessoas só conseguem enxergam o lado ruim.
—  Efeito Colateral.

Splatoon seeping into my life with wallpapers ⊟

I thought I had left the life of desktop wallpapers with cartoon girls sporting big ear-things behind me (shout-outs to Chobits and every other garbage anime I watched a decade ago), but I guess not. These problems just don’t go away on their own. You can download these backgrounds here.

Also, I would rock the fuck out of that squid squad cap. SQUID. SQUAD.


“Every character has a wig almost, because we’ve all got bonkers hair. I have named mine. Seasons 1 and 2, she was just Dany. And then Diva came along [following Daenerys’s Mother of Dragons moment], she’s completely huge. She didn’t behave herself.” - Emilia Clarke for Harpers Bazaar June/July 2015 (x)


Here are Nintendo’s plans for E3 ⊟

We’re getting another “Digital Event” (June 16, 9AM PT) instead of a press conference again, with a stream updating us on Nintendo’s upcoming plans. We’ll also have more Treehouse Live @ E3 streams, which was the highlight of last year’s show, if not the entire year. Yessssss.

And the Nintendo World Championships are returning! We haven’t seen one of these in 25 years – great way to replace the Super Smash Bros. tournament held at E3 last year with another competition for fans.

Anyway, watch this video if you’re into seeing Nintendo of America’s president stuff his face with bananas, Erik Peterson’s incredibly handsome mug, and Bill Trinen’s last moments at the company. Sorry to see you go, Bill.

Primeiro devemos conhecer cada um de nossos demônios, depois criar a coragem para enfrenta-los, para por fim, domina-los. Se temermos nossos próprios pensamentos como podemos ter algum controle sobre nossas vidas?
—  Efeito Colateral.

Nintendo theme park attractions in the works ⊟

Nintendo announced a partnership with Universal today to bring “immersive experiences” based on its popular brands to theme parks. The two companies didn’t provide any more details than that, so we’ll have to wait to hear what exactly those experiences will be – and considering how long it often takes to get these rides running, it could be years before we get to actually see them.

But, hey, Donkey Kong mine cart roller coasters at Universal Studios could be a thing. Or Yoshi carousels? I don’t know, you all can probably come up with better ideas. The GIF above is from this video of Mario riding a roller coaster.