Happy Halloween everybody!

For all of you, i made the main cast as somebody that almost everyone should be able to recognize.

This picture took me 2 whole weeks to finish it.

Let’s start from left to right:

  • Penny: she’s chinese, she’s from china, she’s a panda from china, so i picked something that related china, becuase not everyone recgnozes famous ribbon dancers, or do you?. anyway, she’s Chun Li, from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Minka: she’s arty, she’s happy, so i chosed a famous contemporal artist, sadly, he’s dead (RIP), Minka is: Bob Ross.
  • Vinnie: he’s a dancer what else where you thinking he is? so i chose for hima very famous dancer (and singer), sadly, he’s also dead (RIP), he’s one of the most recogniced and one of the most controversials, but what we want here is the dancing. Vinnie is: Michael Jackson in his Billy Jean cloths.
  • Russell: he’s smart… organized?, a hedgehog!… he likes to have fun every so and then?, like this VERY famous person, he’s… yeah, you guessed it, ALSO dead (RIP), Russell is: Albert Einstein.
  • Pepper: she likes to do comedy, wich person is recognized across the world because of his/her comedy? make yourself that question and you’ll have a pretty good time thinking about it. But this person is really well known by most of us, Pepper is: Charlie Chaplin.
  • Sunil: sunil is a mage! DUH, he’s timid, he’s a mongoose, he’s gay, no wait, not the last thing, or is he?, wich WORLDWIDE FAMOUS MAGE DO YOU KNOW?! yeah i thought so. Sunil is: Harry Potter.
  • Zoe: and for the last one (but not becuase of that less important), she likes to sing, she likes to dance (sorta), so, i was between 2 divas. Madonna and Lady Gaga (in one of her Poker face cloths), i choosed the alst one simply because she’s more known than the fisrt one.

So that’s it! hope you enjoyed as much as i suffered/enjoyed/hated/insertencounteredfeelinghere.

I love wall of texts.

Cute Shy Zoe WOO!

This is the SFW pic of a duo SFW/NSFW pics about Zoe. The other pic will be updloaded at my NSFW blog, check it out if u want.

Also, first pic with background (just becuase it was easy, yay)

Enjoy it!

Edit: Added the collar’s Diamodnds, Derp.

PS: i’m moving on to a new city, so my internet is GONE (T-T). Gonna keep uploading whenever i get the oportunity.