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My partner is set to deploy next month. This will be our 3rd deployment since we got together. It has me thinking about Sterek Military fics. Marines, Army, Navy, Navy Seal, Spec Ops, whatever I will take them all. Bless you and this blog for getting me through many lonely nights.

Awwww, sending your partner good vibes and well wishes!  Tried to find you some completed fics with happy endings bb, hope they help <3  -Emmy

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I’m Coming Home by redhoodedwolf 

(1,031 I Teen I Complete)  *military!Stiles

Prompt from Tumblr:
I’m not sure if your still doing prompts… but if you are I would love you forever if you could write a Military!AU, where Stiles surprises Derek be coming back early!! Very FLUFFY!!!

Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday by wirewrappedlily 

(1,395 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

When Stiles woke at ten the next morning, Derek was curled tight around him, Erica’s head in the dip of Derek’s waist, and Isaac’s thin form thrown over their legs, Scott lying around both Stiles and Isaac while Lydia slept in as small a ball as possible on Stiles’s chest, Boyd’s hand on her head as if she’d had a nightmare. Stiles smiled to himself, going back to staring at Derek’s sleeping features. The curve of his eyelashes and the relaxed shape of his mouth. He wanted to trace his finger over the line of Derek’s nose, leave hickies over the straight edge of Derek’s jaw. It was new and old and so good Stiles wanted to cry.

Derek was home.

Coming Home For Christmas by Nerdy_fangirl_57 

(1,780 I General I Complete) *soldier!Derek, married!sterek

Stiles was trying to be the best dad he could be for his little girl after Derek was drafted into the military 3 months ago. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel like crying when Alex tells him that all she wants for Christmas is for Santa to bring her papa back home. 

What a Difference a Day Makes by the_gramophone 

(1,888 I General I Complete)   *soldier!Stiles

Derek is struggling not to feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, but he does his best to put on a brave and happy face for his daughter. Both their days take a turn for the better when they get an unexpected surprise.

Home Without a Heart by 138andcounting 

(2,145 I Not Rated I Complete)   *marine!Derek

Derek leave the Marines due to an injury, and finds himself in a small town in California, Beacon Hills. Not being able to stop helping others, he joins the police, where he meets 18-year-old Stiles Stilinski. A year of dating later, they moved to NY for Stiles to go to college. After dating for two years, Derek get’s an unexpected visitor.

Coming Home by Ella Dean Pendragon 

(2,277 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

It’s been three hundred and seventy six days since he left and Stiles has been living each day as it comes but all that is about to change. Non werewolf AU. Army AU, Sterek, Slash. Other pairings Scisaac, Dethan and Lydia/Aiden.

A Soldier Surprise by Eburn 

(2,765 I General I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

The one where Derek is a Soldier and Stiles is at Uni, and they’re engaged. Derek surprises Stiles by coming home early.

Traveling Soldier by Angelwithwingsoffire 

(3,006 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

Stiles works in a diner when one day a soldier walks in, dressed in army greens and sits down at one of Stiles’s booths. They end up talking and soon enough Stiles is sending letters off to one Sergeant Derek Hale, until one day, the letters stop.

Thank God Your Heart is Too Close by hoars 

(3,469 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

There’s a boy, (“Fuck you, dude. I’m seventeen. Not fifteen.” Stiles laughs in his memory) waiting for him back home.

Coming Home by WyldeWombat (orphan_account) 

(3,766 I Teen I Complete)  *soldier!Derek

Derek joined the military over four years ago, and Stiles doesn’t get to see his mate very much. In fact, he hasn’t seen Derek in over a year. Little does he know, Derek is coming home.

In the Air, On Land, On Sea by enthroned 

(6,443 I General I Complete)   *marine!Derek, marine!Stiles

In which Derek is a marine on his way home.  He meets Stiles, a marine on his way to war.

Marine Sergeant Hale by Angelwithwingsoffire 

(6,258 I Not Rated I Complete)  *marine!Derek

Stiles has been bullied for years and it gets worse when the Sheriff is deployed one last time. One day, in the middle of the daily beating, a Marine comes to his rescue. A very hot and muscular Marine who also happens to be in uniform. And unbeknownst to Stiles, they’ve met before. Stiles can’t remember but Derek remembers it all.

If You’re Not Here to Turn the Lights Off (I Can’t Sleep) by losingmyangelgrace 

(7,234 I Explicit I Complete)  *marine!Derek, teacher!Stiles

“Honey! I’m home!” Stiles shouted into the empty apartment as he moved quickly through to the kitchen, dumping his backpack onto bench before crossing to the fridge and crossing off another day on the calendar. A month and a half. That was how long was left until Derek came home, until he was safe. Everyday felt like a lifetime to Stiles.

Grace - Prologue by Venchaser 

(9,655 I Explicit I Complete)  *historical au, WWII au, soldier!Derek, doctor!Stiles

Twoshot - Prologue (Complete) . It is the 1939, the world is on the brink of a second World War. Stiles is the son of a wealthy high ranking ministry official. His friend and childhood protector Derek Hale is off to the same medical school as he is, with the financial help of his own father, something Stiles is not too happy about, though he won’t admit it to himself that there might be feelings involved. Yet.

The Last Time by clawstoagunfight

(10,874 I Explicit I Complete)  *Soldier!Stiles

Stiles is leaving in the morning and Derek can’t find the words to say how he feels. Instead, he shows him.

Secrets of Suburbia by GiaUrsula 

(17,338 I Mature I Complete)  *historical au, Soldier!Derek

Lydia Martin was the Queen Bee of Beacon Hills so it was her job to welcome her husband’s nephew, Derek, and his new wife into the neighbourhood. Derek has returned home after service in Korea to settle down and marry his sweetheart, Gen, who Lydia becomes fast friends with. But after stumbling upon Derek cheating on Gen, she isn’t sure what to think. But who was the man she saw him with? Who is Stiles?

Air Mail by Handsofred 

(20,229 I Not Rated I Complete)  *soldier!derek, dad!derek, teacher!stiles

‘’Oh my god’’ Stiles breathed out as heavy booted footsteps faded away down the hall. ‘’oh my god’’

‘’Stiles?’’ Allison asked as he scrambled around the desk searching for the last letter before he was thrusting it at their faces.

‘’It’s him…my soldier…it’s him, it’s Mattie’s dad’’ He told them, his eyes wide as Allison took the letter from him, ‘’oh my god, oh my god and I fainted in front of him…oh Jesus Christ’’

Protecting Home by countrygirlsfun 

(38,400 I Mature I Complete)   *soldier!Stiles, Teacher!Derek

Stiles Stilinski is now an ex-army sniper and engaged to kindergarten teacher Derek Hale. All he wants is to leave his military service and experiences behind him so he can move on and build his life with Derek.

But it isn’t always easy when the battlefield follows you home.

I’ll Be Seeing You by thepsychicclam 

(81,489 I Explicit I Complete)  *soldier!derek, WWII au, historical au

In the summer of 1941, with the country on the brink of war, diner waiter Stiles meets Derek Hale, an army soldier just passing through Beacon Hills.

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i hope you guys are doing awesome! :) but, if you could, do you have any fics where stiles has wings?

Okay, Anon, since these ended up being mostly Angel!Stiles fics, I’m including this ask with it:

Angel Stiles:

Feather by rainsoakedshoes

1,886  I  Werewolves are Known, Hurt/Comfort

General Audiences

The angel startled and slipped in the mud made by the running tap.
Derek held up his hands, and let the feather float to the ground. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just wanted to see if you’re okay.”

Suck My Kiss by lowlifetheory

5,478  I  3/3  I  Crack, Wingfic


From LJ Prompt Stiles is a spazzy angel and Derek is the devil who wants to taint him. With lots of sex.

The Epic Love of Scott McCall by ferretbaby

14,704  I  4/4  I  Fluff, Wingfic, Nests, Implied Torture


Actually this isn’t about Scott’s love life, not really. It’s about the angel sent down to protect Scott’s fledgling romance and his love life. The angel’s, just so you know. Derek really wishes he bought a vacuum.

Seize My Soul by WhereAreTheBreaks

15,589  I  5/5  I  Angst, Fluff, Pining Stiles, Kidnapping

Teen and Up

Stiles Stilinski has been an angel of death for as long as he can remember. Delivering souls to the fiery pit of eternal damnation or to the pearly white gates of eternal happiness, it was kind of his thing. Being stationed in a town where supernaturals lived? It provided plenty of opportunities.

The Concept Of Grace by demonicweirdo

20,232  I  3/3  I  Guardian Angels, Angst, Angel Hierarchy

Teen and Up

There was a small part of him, tucked away in a self-deprecating corner of his mind, that refused to believe Stiles was anything other than a figment of Derek’s imagination.

Derek dismissed the notion whenever it rose, because his imagination had never been vivid enough to conjure up something as pure and light as an angel. Never vivid enough to conjure up Stiles.

The Full Moon Like Blood by p1013

24,332  I  10/10  I  AU-Apocalypse, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, BAMF Stiles


It starts, like most unexpected things, on a Tuesday. New York is the first city to be hit. Witnesses will tell reporters later that there was a huge wind, and the clouds parted like someone had pushed them aside. And then there were dark silhouettes of wings against the bright sun, casting the streets in shadow.

Or the one where Stiles is a vengeful angel and Derek is just trying to get home.

Control? by Eburn, and MsEmli (Cever09)

47,807  I  23/23  I  Soul Bond, Mates, Angst, Slow Build

General Audiences

The one where everyone is a supernatural creature, and they’re all in high school. Stiles has been having control issues, he’s being bullied and he’s trying to keep his crush on Derek secret.

Winged Stiles:

Blackbird Fly by lavieboheme0919

6,404  I  5/5  I  Developing Relationship, Sassy Derek


In a world where everyone is born with a pair of wings, the fact that Derek can’t fly makes him the target of ridicule. Stiles is actually a very good flyer and decides to help Derek learn how. As their friendship develops, Derek learns to trust and they both learn to love.

a dying breed that still believes by paxlux

15,510  I  Wingfic, Full Wolf Transformation


He thinks, Mom, we can do this, we’ll fly.

Trees are always a relief after dealing with people (except when they aren’t) by ravelqueen

15,889  I  Fluff, Wooing, Pining, Pixie Stiles


Derek Hale decides to become a hermit before he reaches 25. Too bad he picked Beacon Hills as his retirement home.

(Or the one where Stiles is a wood nymph/pixie/human hybrid who falls in love with his new grumpy werewolf neighbour)

Okay, Lovelies, have fun with all the wings and feathers!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

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In the need for some self-sacrificing Stiles?? Maybe a bit of hurt and angst in there as well??



(Also check out our Hurt!Stiles tag for more–Especially this list where Stiles dies during battle.)

Echo by Saucery

(1,535 I General I Complete)

Soon after Deaton begins training him, Stiles starts weaving talismans for the pack.

There’s A Beast In My Heart (He’ll Only Bow To You) by RayShippouUchiha

(3,605 I Teen I Complete I Nogitsune!Stiles, 3B AU)

“Stiles.” Derek fucking whimpers and if Stiles wasn’t already dying he’d kill himself for making Derek sound so hurt. Stiles just wants to protect him so much sometimes because no one else ever seems to realize that Derek is so goddamn fragile and Stiles hates them all a little bit for not being able to see that.


In an effort to expel the Nogitsune Stiles is given the bite but it all goes horribly wrong.

You Call Me A Hero by happyevraftr

(5,233 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles knows he won’t beat this mysterious dark evil that’s come to devour them. He knows it’s a losing battle and he’s probably going to die anyways, but he still tries. He has to try and save them.

The Human Sacrifice by amiebr0wnlie

(5,431 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: Not more than Teen) I Complete)

Derek wakes up to an unusual phone call from Stiles. He talks through sobs and tells Derek not to look for him because he’s leaving but before he hangs up Derek hears the faint sound of crying. Stiles doesn’t have any special talent within the pack, there is nothing he can do to help fight off the alpha pack. So Stiles, still desperately trying to hold the pack together long enough for them to make it out alive makes a decision, maybe this time in order to save them, he just has to leave them.

Don’t leave me by Eburn

(5,851 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: Teen) I Complete)

“Why? We normally hang out after a pack meeting.” Isaac piped up. What Stiles said next shocked everyone.

“I’m not pack.” The next thing he knew he was up against a wall with Derek in his personal space. Growling low in his throat.

“What do you mean you aren’t pack?”

There’s a witch in town and she’s out for power, which involves Stiles. Stiles love’s Derek but Derek’s in a relationship. Or is he?

Cosmic Tree by calikocat

(7,338 I General I Complete I Episode Related: 3x10, The Overlooked)

Stiles sat there…he didn’t know how long. He just let the steam and the fog envelope him. He could feel his vision blur a bit, his head grew a little fuzzy, dizzy. Soft, kind laughter curled around his ears.

I’ll show you what to do Caorunn, stand child, we have work to do.

The Price by theroguesgambit

(18,452 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to save the group… and no one can figure out what it was.

Voices in the Dark by atsuyuri_sama

(23,752 I Mature I Complete I Warning: Torture, PTSD)

Stiles would do anything to protect his Pack. He would even lie, though it means slowly falling apart at the seams.

Origins by bioloyg

(52,267 I Mature I Complete)

“Great I just swerved off the road, hit a tree, and probably broke a rib, for nothing.”
He turned towards his car and was stunned to find someone standing a few yards away. His heart raced and a panic crept across his skin, achingly slow. “Hello?” Maybe there was something.
The person didn’t respond, they only moved closer at an unhurried pace. The rain bubbled around them, never seeming to actually make contact. It wasn’t until they got close enough that Stiles realized the person he was looking at was… him. Stiles was looking directly at a mirror of himself.

Enjoy the fucking tears, man,


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Hey so I can't get this trope out of my head. Basically Stiles thinks Derek hates him until Stiles gets hurt and he's suddenly overprotective and clingy? Even if you could just link me to a list of fics already made I would be so greatful. Thank you!


Anonymous said:Hey, loves! Could I get some good ol classic sterek in which Stiles gets hurt or almost hurt in a fight and Derek takes care of him/blames himself/realizes his feelings? 😙❤

I thought these were pretty similar. So I’ve combined them for nonny and @iheartfillintheblank - Anastasia

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I know by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I  1,045 I Mature I Sterek I Angst)

Stiles has lost himself, he’s drowning, and he doesn’t know if he’ll make it back up to the surface

The One With Stiles Crying and Derek In A Towel by donttouchmeimdylanocryin

(1/1 I  2,314 I Teen I Sterek I Fluff)

Stiles is a crier. Everyone knew that but no one talked about it. There wasn’t much to talk about, to Stiles’ relief. But there are plenty of reasons for him to cry, all completely logical, he thinks. But the one time he has no idea why he’s crying, (and he probably looks insane doing it) he just wanted to be alone.

Of course that wouldn’t happen.

(Or, Derek finds Stiles crying by his Jeep and takes him home and they make pizza and make out a little.)

Don’t leave me by Eburn

(2/2 I  5,851 I Not Rated I Sterek,Jennifer/Blake I Mates)

“Why? We normally hang out after a pack meeting.” Isaac piped up. What Stiles said next shocked everyone.

“I’m not pack.” The next thing he knew he was up against a wall with Derek in his personal space. Growling low in his throat.

“What do you mean you aren’t pack?”

There’s a witch in town and she’s out for power, which involves Stiles. Stiles love’s Derek but Derek’s in a relationship. Or is he?

We Are Not Tragedies by BrighteyedJill

(2/2 I  6,316 I Explicit I Sterek I Rape)

Stiles is the one chanting in Latin, which is probably why the demon goes after him in the first place.

I saw a wolf covered in blood by Cras

(5/? I  8,898 I Mature I Sterek I Slow Build)

Everybody knows that’s a bad idea to get involved with witches. Dead or alive, doesn’t matter. It’s trivial, but Stiles still fucks up just royally (like he has ever done it another way).

brOKen by HolyWater

(1/1 I 9,998 I Explicit I Sterek I Nightmares)

The day Derek comes back from his trip with Cora, he comes back alone. Stiles is the first one to see him, mouth hanging open slightly after he opens the front door to his house and sees him standing there awkwardly on his porch. He looks the same; leather jacket, permanent scowl, brooding eyebrows… but then again… he looks very different. His skin isn’t as pale as before, he doesn’t have any dark circles under his eyes, and it looks like he…

“You lost weight.”

It was suppose to come out as a question, he swears.

Derek rolls his eyes and sighs. “Nice to see you too, Stiles.”

“I mean, not that you where fat before, like, at all, but you don’t look as… muscle-y.” Stiles finishes lamely.

What You Can’t See by darkmagess

(9/9 I  54,420 I Teen I Sterek, Scott/Isaac/Allison I Kidnapping)

A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.

Make Me Skin & Bones (Where The Hell Have You Been) by Kandakicksass

(44/44 I  54,865 I Mature I Sterek, Berica I Post Nogitsune)

Stiles takes the darkness from the Nemeton a lot harder than Scott and Allison do. Derek comes back after he goes catatonic.

Saving Stiles by DancesintheWind

(21/21 I  67,020 I Mature I Sterek I Protective!Derek)

There are new hunters in Beacon Hills, big whoop, no big deal, except they have shown an extremely sick interest in Stiles. Derek has assigned the betas to protect him but Stiles is becoming increasingly more interested in Derek coming over instead.

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun

(16/16 I  67,901 I Explicit I Sterek, Scira, Jydia I Therapy)

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.