Pretty Cool Webcomics: Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Tish Doolin / heysawbones and Leah Eburne! It updates once a week on Mondays.

Bob Derek Crossroads of the Red Diamond Kingdom and Crossroads Empire is in a bad way. With conflicts between kingdoms and colonies abounding, and valuable imports on the line, the simplest solution may be an alliance; and Bob has taken the initiative to do just that via proposing to Starlett Vandiver, heiress to the Vandiver colonies. It’s all planned out and perfect, aside from the fact that that his father, Emperor Steven Crossroads… well, he has his objections to his son being a political pawn, even if it’s a decision Bob made himself.

Several months pass, and Bob is beginning to have doubts on this matter as well. To commit to a marriage when you’re still in high school is a difficult situation normally, but add on the scrutiny and political matters as well as frustrations with his father’s apparent lack of formalities, and it’s not unreasonable to believe that Bob didn’t give this decision as much thought as he should have. One thing’s for sure, though; with so many tensions and rivalries just under the surface, barely contained by diplomatic relations, their marriage - and whatever results of it - will only be the beginning.

While not the usual kind of premise I see with a lot of the comics suggested here, Modus Operandi stands out not just because of that, but because of how grounded the comic manages to be even when talking about royals and politics. Even with what little we’ve seen of the story so far, it’s presented in a way that gets you hooked from the get-go, and there’s a rough type of energy to the art that makes even duller conversation moments engaging and interesting. I honestly can’t imagine this comic being drawn in any other way, the art and the writing fit together so well.

Political intrigue in a speculative fiction setting may not sound like the most exciting thing, it’s true, but trust me when I say there’s a lot here that’s just difficult to pin down in words. It’s the kind of comic where you really just need to read it for yourself, because everything manages to click together and be fascinating and exciting and well worth your time.

Modus Operandi contains coarse language and sexual themes, and is suitable for older teens and up.

Thanks to heysawbones for the suggestion!

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