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EB: from what i have scientifically gathered, moms aren’t just girls but they are also daughters.
EB: and alternatively, daughters are moms.
EB: also, apparently, brothers can be father and son, and father and son can be brothers…
EB: and your grandpa can also be your grandson, and your grandma can be your granddaughter?
EB: this world is complicated and scary.

How I Got Pokémon Yellow

To celebrate the announcement of the Gen 3 remakes, I thought I’d share a little story about how I ended up getting one of the original games.

October, 1999: Before EBGames really took pre-orders, before online ordering was a thing, I was still living in northern Ontario.

My mother had been calling around town every day to find a copy of Yellow for me.  K-Mart, Microplay, Walmart, EB, Blockbuster, Mom and Pop shops, she called everyone every single day.  They must’ve hated the sound of her voice by December, but it was literally the only think I’d asked for that Christmas, and darn it, I was going to get it if it was the last thing she did.

Finally, on December 23rd, 7:30am Wal-Mart tells her they have six copies in…
Mom: “Can you please hold one for me?  My daughter really wants this game.”
WM: “Sorry, we can’t, it’s a high demand game.”
Mom: “You don’t understand, this is the ONLY thing my daughter wants for Christmas.  I am going to immediately send my mother to come and get it, she just needs 15 minutes to get there.”
WM: “Okay, we’ll hold it for 30 and no longer.”

Mom calls my Nan “I don’t care what you’re wearing, get to Walmart right now and BUY THAT GAME.”

Nan is in her nightgown with curlers in her hair, so she throws on a pair of pants, throws on a coat, puts a bonnet on over her curlers, breaks the speed limit getting to Walmart.

Nan: “Hi I’m here to pick up Pokémon Yellow for my granddaughter.”
*Walmart Employee looks her up and down, as she’s clearly crawled straight out of bed to do this.*
WM: “Man, you two must REALLY love your granddaughter.  Here’s the game.  How old is she?”
Nan: “Oh, 18.”
WM: “………………………………………….”

Still own that copy of yellow, btw.