Dom f u c c - s p e c
1991 Nissan 300ZX Z32 Slicktop
Custom built/tuned Stance SS S13/14
Swift springs 16/12k
HeatMaker FLCA 25mm extended/notched
HeatMaker Hotside S14 knuckle
HeatMaker modified crossmember
Powertrix tension rods
Stillen Sway bar
Energy Suspension sway bar and steering rack bushings
OEM Nissan S14 inner/outer tie rods
GoldStar Garage custom Mcpherson steering conversion
PBM V2 S13 drop knuckles
Powertrix RUCA
Powertrix toe rod
PBM solid subframe bushings
Energy Suspension Poly differential bushings.
HeatMaker modified Z32 subframe (diff raised 25mm)
Stillen sway bar with Energy Suspension Poly bushings.
Standard VG30 Naturally Aspirated
JWT intake
JWT ECU tuned via blatz courtesy of Z Car Garage
206whp (lol)
CSF aluminum radiator
Earl’s powersteering cooler
Custom exhaust with a muffled 2in>2out X pipe and dual 4 inch blast pipes
Unknown flywheel/clutch that the car came with 7 years ago. Definitely not stock.
Unknown short shifter (gift from japan/TD Garage)
Custom 1 piece driveshaft
Welded R200 4.08 VLSD
The ones that all the 240 guys want.
OE rotors with Hawk HPS pads.
OE ebrake shoes.
Kouki front bumper
Kouki corner lights
Switchback LED turn signals/daytime lights
TwinZ Type II Kouki lip
‘90 Nose Panel
Powertrix foglight bumper vents
Ebay underbody strobe lights
Ebay headlight/taillights strobe lights
Bomex Z32 Aero Mirrors
Supermade S13 side skirts modified for Z32
JZA70 Spec-B rear add ons
TwinZ rear diffuser
326Power Manriki rear wing modified
SSR Agle Strusse 18x9.5J +17 square set up (front is -13 offset with spacer)
Championship Red with HOK red and purple flake
Metallic purple accented aero
Candy Apple Red over ground down hood and roof panel
Thrash Racing bucket seat
Key!s Racing Fossa Magna steering wheel
Kenwood audio deck
LED floor/under seat lights
Autopower full interior cage modified by Brown Recluse Garage
SerialNine shift knob


My friend’s Cressida is for sale, buy it!

1991 Toyota Cressida ~ $7500 contact Brian @ vqdreaming@aol.com


s2 RB25DET fully rebuilt forged internals, every arp fastener possible, Tomei crank collar and oil orifice, Cometic head gasket, Precision turbo 4831(low low miles) and external waste gate, custom outlet down pipe and exhaust, real Greddy intake manifold with q45 throttle body, bar and plate intercooler(not tube and fin like most cheap front mounts) Nismo twin disc, Isis short throw, PBM shift knob with steel insert.


Stance GR+Pro SSD coilovers for an s13, Serial 9 s13 coilover conversion kit, custom offset rack spacers with Tein z33 inner and SPL out tie rods, s13 HL drop knuckles and lca’s, custom s13 tension arm brackets, every single Excessive manufacturing rear suspension arms solid subframe/diff bushings, rear control arm bushings also their rear subframe reinforcement plate. Custom made hydro ebrake handle with Wilwood master cylinder and Summit racing ss lines/fittings.


18x9 f +24 r +28 grenade wheels wrapped in new Federal 595’s 225/35f and 225/45r(flipped for camber wear on outside inside tread is fresh), also 2 18x9 +28 d drag wheels, +25mm bolt spacer in the front and PBM 30mm possible rear bolt on spacers.


Tijuana special front bumper, HIPPOSLEEK side skirts(possibly the only ones in the united states), Serialnine gen1 rear bumper, s13 East Bear mirrors, NRG carbon fiber gt wing with custom stands(taller and wider then a BCL), DM aero design roof spoiler not yet installed, Also included is a JDM GX81 Mark II front the hood is currently on the car fender work will be needed to fit the rest of the front end but all pieces are included.


Interior is stripped including all wiring(have head lights/brake lights and windshield wipers), custom wiring specialties harness, custom stack gauge cluster, one brand new Bride Zeta rep, used and abused Keys racing deep dish steering wheel with NRG hub. Circuit sport fan controller, wide band/gauge, safc neo(not installed) Bee*R rev limiter(not wired in yet)

I’m sure i’m forgetting some stuff, I do daily the car and it runs great.

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Got to ride with Rob Parsons aka @chairslayer yesterday during a private session at etown. Hert and Stoneback, the Faction dudes Frankie and Justin as well as my homie Josh from Front Street all came down to kill some tires. I photographed two flawless runs from in car prior to this so of course the one full run video I had we spun causing the car to shut down and throw a fit. The ebrake (has a switch in it to put the car into neutral when it’s pulled) had to be reset after that so we were done. Photos from the session will go up periodically throughout the week


More feels//

Motor: bone stock Ka.

Suspension: fortune auto series 500.
Circuit sport camber, toe, traction, tension arms. Akeia formula tie rods, 30mm extended front lca’s, Spl subframe risers, welded diff. Stock brakes.

Interior: bride low max seat. Drifto ebrake button. That’s about it.

Exterior: stock aero, navan skirts, BCL Wing,

Wheels: Mickey Thompson bullet holes, 15x10 -43 all around no spacers.

Exhaust: 1" ¾ straight pipe.

I think that’s it.


canon ae-1 - fujifilm superia 200

I went for a ride in court’s s13 this past summer. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this is one of the smoothest driving s13′s i’ve ever been in. Even in the passenger seat the car just seemed so pleasant to drive. It transitioned perfectly, ebrake locked like a hydro, the power went to the wheels flawlessly. I was blown away by how fast it felt for a stock dual cam with stock gearing. 

“One piece drive-shaft and 14′s” was his answer. 

For real though, it felt like a brand new car the way it drove. Aesthetically it screams otherwise, with the retro video option sticker and ‘team BUST’ (in classic BURST font) making fantastic nods to japanese drift history, and the mooneyes sticker a subtle “fuck you” to the naysayers complaining about hot rod stickers on driftcars. The interior was adorned in the remnants of an old BAPE hoodie, a couple buckets, a wheel and shift knob, and to complete the look of pure business: a leaky oil pressure gauge wrapped in a cloth to fend off a mess.

This car makes me happy.

So I’m cursing with my roommate in my car and car full of her girls be hind me i decide to drift a round about so hard Ebrake drop clutch full side ways into the corner then I hear my sub fly around go to hit the gas and car dies I smash the curb so hard , start laughing my ass off get out rims is raped ! Ahah
Go to start car it won’t start so I go check my fuel pump relay, it’s still connected so im like wtf then I notice my fuel pump cut off got turned off when my sub went flying fuck !!