ebou dar

WoT fave survery?

@liancrescent didn’t tag me but everything revolves around me so im doing it anyway

Favorite Ta'veren?

Mat. Mat is the best Ta’veren. Always Mat

Favorite Book in the series?

I really enjoyed Towers of Midnight? Yeah I think that’s my current fave

Favorite Ajah?

Brown. I just. They just do not give a fuck they’re just doing what they love and what they love is being nerds and damn the consequences or what anyone else thinks.

Favorite Forsaken?

Asmodean. The poor thing

Favorite power/skill type?

What power could possibly be better than ultimate luck??? Mat doesn’t take nearly enough advantage of it I mean really

Favorite city?

Hmmm. Ebou Dar I think. I just…Really like the women there? Imreallygay

Favorite culture?

ALL OF THEM. But especially Aiel culture and Seafolk culture and Seanchan culture and just FUN CULTURE, MUCH WORLDBUILDING i love cultures so much

Favorite wife of Rand?

Avienda. She is. Very great.

Favorite ter'angreal?

The mobius strip tel’aran’riod ring. Combine that with infinite luck and you’LL BE UNSTOPPABLE

Favorite Aes Sedai?

(Verin is my favorite aes sedai of the characters who were already aes sedai before the story began btw)

Favorite warrior?

Pretty much every single algai’d’siswai? I JUST REALLY LOVE AIEL OK?
Ooooh can I say Tuon? She’s a good fighter after all
I already got to answer all my other favorite characters for these questions PLEASE LET ME PICK TUON

Merrilin stroked one of his white mustaches with a long finger. He seemed to be hiding a smile. “I fear you have mistaken me, Banner-General Karede.” For the space of a sentence his voice became extremely resonant. “I am a gleeman, a position higher than court-bard to be sure, but no general. The man you want is Lord Matrim Cauthon.” He made a small bow toward the young man, who was settling his flat-topped hat back on his head.

Karede frowned. Tylin’s Toy was the general? Were they playing a game with him?

“You have about a hundred men, Deathwatch Guards, and maybe twenty Gardeners,” Cauthon said calmly. “From what I hear, that could make an even fight against five times their number for most soldiers, but the Band aren’t most soldiers, and I have a sight more than six hundred. As for Chisen, if that’s the fellow who pulled back through the Narrows, even if he has figured out what I was up to, he couldn’t get back in less than five days. My scouts’ last reports had him pushing southwest along the Ebou Dar Road as fast he could march. The real question is this, though. Can you get Tuon to the Tarasin Palace safely?”

Karede felt as if Hartha had kicked him in the belly, and not only because the man had used the High Lady’s name so casually. “You mean to let me take her away?” he said incredulously. “If she trusts you. If you can get her to the palace safely. She’s in danger till she reaches that. In case you don’t know it, your whole bloody Ever Victorious flaming Army is ready to slit her throat or bash in her head with a rock.”

“I know,” Karede said, more calmly than he felt. Why would this man just release the High Lady after the White Tower had gone to all the trouble of kidnapping her? Why, after fighting that short, bloody campaign? “We will die to the man if that is what is needed to see her safe. It will be best if we set out immediately.” Before the man changed his mind. Before Karede woke from this fever-dream. It surely seemed a fever-dream.

Knife of Dreams, chapter 36 “Under an Oak”.

Such a funny scene - because we get Karede’s perspective and are thus aware of just how surprised he is. First Thom’s not the general, and then Mat’s eager to hand Tuon over and is concerned about her safety, and then Tuon makes a surprise announcement; bam, bam, bam,

Also, Karede is horrified that Mat uses Tuon’s name. Imagine his reaction if Mat had continued to call Tuon “Precious”… 

Tylin’s secret passage led to the gardens, opening up in a very narrow hole not far from where Mat had begun his climb. He crawled out, brushing the dust off of his shoulders and knees, then craned his neck back and looked up to the balcony far above. He had ascended to the building’s heights, then crawled out through its bowels. Maybe there was a lesson in that somewhere. Maybe it was that Matrim Cauthon should look for secret passages before deciding to scale a bloody four-story building.
—  A Memory of Light, chapter 15 “Your Neck in a Cord”.