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November Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 22: eBook

The last few days I’ve been re-reading the ACOTAR series and enjoying every minute. I’ve actually quite liked checking out ebooks from my library lately!

This book photo challenge is hosted by just0nemorepage. The photography is mine.

Um……… Ok so I just finished The End of A Series of Unfortunate Events except…: it did not end like I remembered??? Like, I have VERY vivid memories of the Baudelaires taking the boat and getting ready to leave the island and Kit’s baby saying her first words and then Lemony writes that the baby was named after the Baudelaire mother as was the boat and then there’s a picture of the boat and it’s like WHOA BEATRICE and my whole childhood changed in that moment.

EXCEPT!! I was listening to the audiobook and it doesn’t have ANY of that?? So I downloaded the ebook from my library… And it doesn’t either!! None of that exists!! And now I can’t decide if I just imagined all of it (except I’m SURE I didn’t!) or if the library copies are missing something or if Lemony’s screwing with the more recently published editions… IDK IM SO CONFUSED SOMEONE SEND HELP

UPDATE: it’s good. We’re good. I just had to listen a little further in the audiobook 😂
Library Life - Why I love my job

Working in a library is a trip. Each day is something different, and I have a lot of stories. Most of the ones I tell are of bad things that happen, so sometimes people will ask me why I still work there if it’s so crazy. 

Here is one reason why.

So I was working on the public desk when a lady comes in to ask about eBooks. She wasn’t a member of our library, so I looked up what her home library has available to her. We start talking while I am helping her download the apps that they have available. 

She is telling me that she was once a nurse, and she had a bad fall at work and she’s had multiple back surgeries since then. She is in constant pain and its hard for her to move her neck. It’s impairing her ability to read. She had heard that the library has eReading apps and she wondered if that would be easier for her. 

I walk her through the different apps and teach her about eBooks and eAudiobooks. At this point she is blown away. I get her started on an audiobook and I notice that she has started to cry. As I try to comfort her, this is what she says to me.

“I didn’t think I would be able to enjoy reading again. Sometime the pain is so bad I can’t even move. Reading used to be my escape from the pain, but then it got too painful for even that. I didn’t know if I could go on, now I know I can. Now I can read again. I come in here all the time, and everyone is so helpful. Last month I came in because my insurance was all messed up and you were able to get me the correct forms and faxed them for me. I just want to thank you all for what you do.”

At this point my heart has broken and I’m struggling not to cry with her. She thanks me again and leaves.

This. This is why I work at a library. For patrons like her. 

anonymous asked:

Anybody know if SJM is still besties with Susan Dennard? We know how ziplipped SJM has been on social media regarding the racist/political occurrences (deadlines my ass, get a better excuse) & ignoring fans on Twitter calling out her racist/phobic books. Dennard was one of the white YA authors who seemed to use her platform for something positive AND has said authors need to own up to their problematic writing, learn from it, and and be better. But I'm wondering if they are on the outs? (1/2)

Because on 11/18/2016, Susan Dennard posted on her Twitter: “It sickens me when authors w big platforms don’t speak up. The only way to stop terrifying “new normal” is to be VOCAL AGAINST IT.” I saw that and so badly wanted to tweet at her “CAN YOU SPEAK UP? SARAH J MAAS DIDN’T HEAR YOU IN THE BACK.” I’m waiting on my library ebook of Windwitch to see if she includes SJM in her acknowledgements. (2/2)

I don’t think they’re friends anymore, considering everything Dennard has tweeted in the past months. I find it kind of weird considering how close they were last year, but I can only say I’m glad Dennard is using her platform to talk about diversity, especially now that I know she actually includes diversity in her books. I’m starting to think Sarah Trash Can will remain silent forever, there have been more than two feuds about diversity regarding her books and she hasn’t said a single thing. At least she isn’t trying to defend herself I guess.

anonymous asked:

hej! do you have the Harry Potter books (PDF or any other format) in Swedish? I am learning the language and would really appreciate something fun to read and to learn new vocab :) tack!

Hej! I love to be helpful, but unfortunately I’ve been searching for years for the majority of Harry Potter in Swedish.

The only book that I have is Harry Potter och de Vises Sten.

I do have some other books in Swedish, if any of them would be okay replacements! Especially Douglas Adams books, those are fun.

If you just want a few exciting books to read, you can borrow ebooks from the Malmö Library website (guide here), just make up a personnummer according to the directions in that thread. I’ve done it for other books and it’s worked. They don’t have Harry Potter, but the PAX series always looked good, or hey they have some Percy Jackson! And Lovecraft. And Divergent books. And Narnia. And the Eragon books. And the Engelsfors trilogy!!



(And I know this is extremely strange, believe me)

If you’re not too picky about formatting, and you really, really want to read the Harry Potter books for free, try reading the book text in bold in the “___ Läser” fanfiction series. It’s a really crappy workaround, I can’t guarantee everything is in there, and only a few of them have been written, but if all else fails…

Or if you have the money, the ebooks are available on the Pottermore website for 9 USD a pop, which could be a lot worse. 

Lycka till, anon, and I hope you enjoy whatever you find to read! Sorry that my solutions may not be the best, but I hope it helps. And if I can help in any other way, just let me know.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you ever ended up reading The Bronze Horseman trilogy. Sorry If this is a bother asking, I would just really love to see Alexander Barrington be moved up from a "candidate" :) That trilogy are my favorite books ever!

Hello Anon!

The Bronze Horseman is still in my queue, so don’t give up hope of Alexander making it into the harem! I just need to find the ebook version at my library first (it’s a bit expensive to purchase). Thank you for the suggestions, I’m always on the lookout for new harem worthy men!

More books are read out of libraries than out of book stores. Annual library circulation for reading in the US is 2,000 million books and book related items. That is more than Amazon; indeed it is more than the entire book retail trade. The American library ‘ecosystem’ holds 160 million members (registered borrowers). And collectively it has access to almost every printed book that was ever produced and it knows where they are to be found. Moreover it receives about $10 billion annually of funding in support of its role. The reputation and the ambition are famous.

Today is International Read an eBook Day!

As much as we love paper books, eBooks are wonderful for when we are traveling or when we just can’t get to our local library. (Yes, libraries have eBooks, too!)

Can you guess what book we are (re)reading? It is one of our favorites—beautifully crafted in every way: prose, imagery, and plot! (Answer in the tags!)

Il legno sembra fermo, ma è sottoposto a pressioni interne che lentamente lo spaccano. 
La ceramica si rompe, fa subito mostra dei suoi cocci rotti.
Il legno no, finché può nasconde, si lascia torturare ma non confessa.
Io sono di legno.
—  Giulia Carcasi, Io sono di legno