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chapter 9 of anti-social is going to end up having fifty characters and being twelve years long and i should probably just make it a seperate fic but i am just so attached to it as a denouement so i guess ~we’ll see~


As ridiculous as this is, I obviously need to do it since everyone seems so confused… “Canon” is what happens in the ORIGINAL WORK. Buying the film rights so that you can make a movie or TV adaptation of a book series does NOT mean that you have ANY right to change fundamental things about the original characters, and then say that it’s in ANY way an accurate representation… The TV show NBC’s “Hannibal” is literally AS FAR FROM “canon” as you could POSSIBLY get. NBC’s Hannibal is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the Hannibal in the original books. NBC’s “Hannibal” was the creation of Bryan Fuller, a man who decided to exercise his “artistic freedom” and do whatever the Hell he wanted with the characters and plot that were bought and handed to him. But whatever the Hell Mr. Fuller wants to do, it can never TOUCH the original books, written by Thomas Harris, which ARE the ONLY canon. In closing, one last time, NBC’s “Hannibal” IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE CANON. Bryan Fuller himself admitted that the show is “FanFiction”, and told everyone that he cackled in the editing room. But books are eternal. Even if they’re transferred to Ebooks, the original words are eternal. And the people who actually read the books will be here, waiting. We always will be. We know that ONLY Thomas Harris has seen these characters with his own eyes, and ONLY Thomas Harris saw what really happened… But he was generous enough to share what he saw with all of us, through his books. Everything else is just FanFiction…

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are there any lesbian things that end happily


don’t let fuckbois like jrat convince you otherwise. 



-rubs hands together-

here we go

Books & Graphic Novels:
-The Price of Salt (also known as Carol) by Patti Highsmith
-Ash by Malinda Lo (lesbian retelling of Cinderella)
-The Moment by T.C. Anderson (you can find this as an ebook, it was originally a rizzles fanfic but modified to be published–it’s. it’s magic.)
-Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
-Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
-The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters (sarah waters is a goddess ok)
-Sing You Home by Jodi Piccoult (as much as i hate jodi piccoult, it does end happily for the wIw couple)
-Fun Home by Alison Bechdel 
-Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan
-The Miseducation of Cameron Post (a little ambiguous on the ‘happy’ depending on how you look at it, but the best handling of the lesbian sexual-discovery/coming of age trope I’ve ever read or watched)
-Ask the Passengers by A.S. King

Shows & Webshows:
-The Legend of Korra (bi girls in love fly off into the spirit world together fuck yeah)
-The Fosters
-Carmilla (ok we don’t know for sure but so many queer women are involved with that project that I can’t imagine they’d screw us over the way jwrinkle did)
-Glee (yeah yeah I know, fucking glee, but brittany and santana get married those fucking lesbos I love em <3)
-Lost Girl
-Sense8 (so far–and let’s face it the lesbian couple is the redeeming quality of that show)
-South of Nowhere
-Steven Universe

-Imagine Me and You
-Seeking Dolly Parton
-Kiss Me
-Carol (based on the book The Price of Salt)
-I Can’t Think Straight
-But I’m a Cheerleader
-Desert Hearts 
-Show Me Love
-Saving Face
-Fingersmith (based on the book)

*Note: This list contains ONLY material that centers around intext lesbians who are main characters in which no one dies and there is a happy ending. There’s a ton of lgbt stuff you usually see on other lists of this kind but don’t fit the criteria and tbh I’m sick of garbage where lesbians are treated like crap so no thanks

FIND IT HERE: steampunklesbian-novel.tumblr.com
(ok not the actual novel which is still in progress and i am writing for my thesis @ columbia and will not be finished for at least another year and hopefully published after that but you can follow its progress on that blog yup yup)

ok there are others, I KNOW there are others but I’m brainfarting right now–if anyone has recs, I can edit the list. And there’s always fanfic, which I know doesn’t bring the same sense of gratification, but the fact that we as a community of queer women have that outlet is actually very groundbreaking (which other people have gone into more fully and eloquently elsewhere). 

we can make our own happy endings. don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. you are brave and true and good enough. you belong to yourself. you deserve to be here.

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will your previous clients have access to the new ebooks even if they purchased the 30 day program when your original two ebooks were the ones being included? thanks!<3

I believe I will do some type of extreme discount for any and all previous ebook/program purchasers - not completely free but a hefty discount! 😈

as it had a basis of the same information but a LOT added/changed!!


J.K. Rowling is releasing three new books in the Harry Potter universe

On Sept. 6, J.K. Rowling will release three “eBook shorts:" Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide will explain some of the intricacies of the school; Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists will discuss dark magic; and Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies will tell the backstories of faculty members. But it doesn’t seem as though all of the eBooks will be totally original writing.

Rare Photo Of Major-General McClellan And His Officers in 1862

After the evacuation of Yorktown on the fourth of May, in 1862, this picture was taken. It shows the generals of the Army of the Potomac in full uniforms after the hard siege, and at the very time when they were maneuvering to drive back the Confederates, forcing them to stand in defense of the Capital of the Confederacy—Richmond.

It was through the personal friendship of Major-General McClellan that Brady was allowed to take this rare photograph. The warriors lined up in front of the camera on the field at Yorktown. In the center is General McClellan—a man in whose veins flowed the blood of Scotch cautiousness—"Be sure you’re right, then go ahead!“ He was but thirty-six years of age when he held the great army under his control. From boyhood he had been a military tactician. When twenty years old he was graduated from West Point, standing second in his class, and distinguished himself for gallantry in the Mexican War.

Six years before the outbreak of the Civil War, when only thirty years old, McClellan was in Crimea and two years later he submitted his report to the Government and resigned from the army to become vice-president and chief engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad. In 1860, he was general superintendent of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. When the call swept across the continent for troops to preserve the Nation, the old war spirit was aroused and McClellan was one of the first to respond.

Source: The Project Gutenberg EBook of Original Photographs Taken on the Battlefields during the Civil War, by Mathew B. Brady and Alexander Gardner