Here’s a story that … well, just read the headline: “KFC Has Published a Colonel Sanders Romance Novel in Honor of Mother’s Day and I Am Overwhelmed

Needless to say, I am also overwhelmed. Apparently KFC has released a 96-page novella, called – WAIT FOR IT – Tender Wings of Desire as a free e-book on Amazon. There’s a Mother’s Day peg to it all, but I’m honestly having a hard time focusing on that, because … just look at that book cover. In the words of the article’s author, “I have never been so horrified and yet delighted in my whole, entire life, and you will not judge me for this.”

Now let’s go have a weekend.



Hi everyone! Please take a second to read this:

I have a bit of time on my hands and I decided I’m going to make an e-book for Japanese. It won’t be a normal textbook. This will be packed with tips, advice, phrases, sentences and more, taken from various trusted sources as well as my own experience and tips while learning the language.
I’m planning on selling it online at a very cheap price once I’m done. 

This is the rough cover design so far. 

80% of funds will go to my mom’s cancer treatment.
Would anyone be interested in buying it once I’m done?

I’m not sure yet, but I am thinking not more than 8USD and it will be available online and you can pay securely though PayPal. Any tips or interested parties or anyone who wants to contribute or collaborate?

Il legno sembra fermo, ma è sottoposto a pressioni interne che lentamente lo spaccano. 
La ceramica si rompe, fa subito mostra dei suoi cocci rotti.
Il legno no, finché può nasconde, si lascia torturare ma non confessa.
Io sono di legno.
—  Giulia Carcasi, Io sono di legno

“Tyler was transgender? Evie hadn’t expected that. And why not, Evelyn Whitmore? Stop assuming people are cisgender, especially in a place like a queer dance school. Of course, knowing that people came in a variety of genders and that sometimes people had to make physical changes to transition to their true gender was one thing; remembering it and applying it when looking at people—interrupting the socialized, automatic need to identify everyone’s presented gender—was another.”

Finding your feet (Cass Lennox)

Yesterday I got “Under rose-tainted skies” because it was super on sale on kindle and it has been on my TBR for months. It’s an #ownvoices story about a girl with agoraphobia, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I’m very excited to read it! 💕