Last night there was a party near campus, Obey Your Thirst. Free drinks all night, 18+. Evidently, a young girl got into a physical altercation, lost the fight and got kicked out the party. Her and a friend called the police and got it shut down, at after 1 am. Within an hour #eboneefromcau was trending worldwide on twitter. It secured the 2nd spot with most tweets threating her and berating her. People were black listing her from events, posting her phone number, her facebook and even where she lived for all of twitter to see. She ended up fighting twice more through the night. It made me so angry to see how quickly people would join in to ignorance and bullying. I’ve NEVER seen cyber bullying so alive. The AUC is comprised of three of the most affluent Historically Black Colleges and University, yet instead of coming together in unity to make changes to our community we bully and offend. From what I understand Ebonee is a freshman. 18 years old. So many people were telling her she should just kill herself or she should drop out of school. People who didnt even know her were saying they hated her and she was a stupid hoe. I couldn’t believe they were so angry about a party getting shut down when it had less than an hour of life left anyways! Between Clark Atlanta, Morehouse and Spelman world leaders are produced. Yet we get the most notoriety and shine when berating and tearing each other down. Two weeks in a row there were numerous fights outside in my apartments. Last week APD had to be called because CAUPD couldn’t contain the madness. This is CAMPUS LIVING and no one is caring enough about the students to make changes. All this power in the AUC and we harvest it to ‘roast’ a girl who got a party down. Why arent we demanding a decrease in tuition?? Why aren’t we demanding better college instructors? Why aren’t we demanding more help with financial aid? Why arent we doing something? There’s a high school less than a block away from uswith a 52% drop out rate that is in need of tutors and positive role models but we don’t sign up to help. Why? We’re too busy in the club! Or even better, we’re too busy 'roasting’ people on twitter! It’s so much bad publicity for Clark Atlanta and the AU Center as a whole. I’m just really disappointed. Especially because so many people involved with instigating the fighting were supposed to be leaders.