Remember Dr. Ian Crozier, the NYC doctor infected with Ebola last October? Of course you do! Well, apparently, less than two months after the medical team that treated him thought him cured, “he was back at the hospital with fading sight, intense pain and soaring pressure in his left eye.”

Dr. Crozier’s left eye, pictured above on the right, was teeming with Ebola. 

From the article, “By the time [Crozier] left Emory, his blood was Ebola-free. Although the virus may persist in semen for months, other body fluids were thought to be clear of it once a patient recovered. Almost nothing was known about the ability of Ebola to lurk inside the eye.”

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Ibuprofen 'disables' Ebola virus
The painkiller ibuprofen and the cancer drug toremifene can disable the Ebola virus, say researchers.

The painkiller ibuprofen and the cancer drug toremifene can disable the Ebola virus, say researchers.

Scientists used the UK’s national synchrotron facility - Diamond Light Source - to analyse the virus in incredible detail.

They revealed the two drugs could bind to the crucial part of Ebola that the virus needs to infect cells.

However, the team warns this is just a starting point and more effective drugs need to be researched.

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Not every Asian is smart

Not every white person is racist

Not every black person is a thug

Not every Muslim is a terrorist

Not every teenager is stupid

Not every male likes sport

Not every female wears makeup

Not every gay person is feminine

Not every lesbian is manly

Not every transgender is going through a ‘phase’

Not every African has Ebola

But every Asian can be below average, that’s ok

Every white person can support racial movements without being mobbed

Every black person can have equal rights

Every Muslim has the right to their beliefs, any person has the right to religion

Every teenager has the ability to change the world for the better

Every make can like drama or art

Every female can be on the soccer team

Every homosexual person as the right to love

Every transgender has the right to be ‘right’ inside and out

Every African has the right to healthcare


—  I am a half Portuguese half British Australian who is disgusted by what is happening in the US and the world. I am 14, so my reach is limited, by it need to get my thoughts out!

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Rowen (Full Interview)
The cheap and safe cure for ebola is here. So why the fuck it’s not being used…….because you can make more money burying and incinerating dead bodies.


In a district of South Freetown, Sierra Leone, 60 people have been quarantined for 21 days because a person in their neighborhood tested positive for Ebola. 

We are on the ground delivering Quarantine Kits to people - watch the video to find out how they are helping.

We were the poster child of everything that could go wrong: disaster, death, destruction all over the place. We too, as a result of Ebola, had a re-energizing of ourselves. We saw a new opportunity to turn this crisis into something that will be good for the country. And it’s not just the leadership, It’s also the people in the communities. They were the victims but they became the victors because they were the ones who took responsibility. They all had a role to play. And because of that, we see this as a new resurgence. Our success, we think, has been heralded. If you look at the predictions that we faced in October, I mean, by the end of January there will be 1.4 million people dead. That was a wake-up call for us, a call to action. Our people rose to that.