met my friend today and since there was nothing interesting in the cinema we just talked for 6 hours straight and honestly? nothing is better than spending your time with a friend that completely gets you and all your struggles, nothing.

40 Useful Esperanto Prefixes and Suffixes


Bo-  Related by marriage: Patro - Father. Bopatro - Father-in-law.

Dis- Separation from one place: Sendi - To send. Dissendi - Broadcast.

Ek- Commencing an action: Dormi- To sleep. Ekdormi - To fall asleep.

Eks- Former/Ex-: Reĝo - King. Eksreĝo - Ex-King/Former King.

Fi- Dirty/Pornographic: Menso - Mind. Fimenso - Dirty mind

Ge- Male and female together: Patroj - Fathers. Gepatroj - Parents (of which one is male and the other female.)

Mal- The direct opposite: Bona - Good. Malbona - Bad.

Mis- Wrong/Mis-: Kompreni - To understand. Miskompreni - To misunderstand.

Pra- Primitive/Distant relation: 1. Arbaro - Forest. Praarbaro - Primitive forest. 2. Onklino - Aunt. Praonklino - Great Aunt.

Re- Repition/Re-: Kanti - To sing. Rekanti - To re-sing/To sing again.


-Aĉ- Bad/Dislike: Infano - Child. Infano - Brat.

-Ad- Action, particularly prolonged or habitual: Naĝo - Swim. Naĝado - Swimming.

-Aĵ- A physical object, opposed to an abstract idea or a product made of the root word: 1. Konstruo - Construction. Konsruo - A Building. 2. Glacio - Ice. Glacio - Ice cream.

-An- Member: Klubo - Club. Klubano - Club Member.

-Ar- Group: Arbo - Tree. Arbaro - Forest/Wood.

-Ebl- Possibility/-Able/-Ible: Vidi - To see. Videbla - Visible.

-Ec- Abstract quality/-Ship/-Ness: Amiko - Friend. Amikeco - Friendship.

-Eg- Big: Domo - House. Domego - Mansion.

-Ej- Where something happens: Koncerto - Concert. Koncertejo - Concert Hall.

-Em- Possessing a ceratain quality/-Ful: Ludo - Play. Ludema - Playful.

-End- Must be: Leva - Washed. Levenda - Must be washed.

-Er- Part of a greater whole: Akvo - Water. Akvero - Drop of water.

-Estr- Head/Boss: Hotelo - Hotel. Hotelestro - Hotel manager/Hotel boss.

-Et- Small: Domo - House. Dometo - Cottage.

-Id- Children of living creatures: Hundo - Dog. Hundido - Puppy.

-Ig- To render/-Ify: Blanka - White. Blankigi - To whiten/To bleach.

-Iĝ- To become: Amiko - Friend. Amiki - To become friends

-Il- Tool: Kudri - To sew. Kudrilo - Sewing needle.

-In- Feminine: Porko - Pig. Porkino - Female Pig.

-Ind- Worthy of: Legi - To read. Leginda - Worth reading.

-Ing- Holder: Kandelo - Candle. Kandelingo - Candle Stick.

-Ism- Doctrine/-Ism: Budho - Buddha. Budhismo - Buddhism. 

-Ist- Prefession/-Er: Dento - Tooth. Dentisto - Dentist.

-Obl- Multiplication/-Ple: Tri - Three. Triobli - Triple.

-On- Fraction/-Th: Du - Two. Duono - Half.

-Op- In groups of: Kvar - Four. Kvarope - In groups of four.

-Uj- Container: Mono - Money. Monujo - Wallet/Purse.

-Ul- Person: Juno - Youth. Junulo - Young person.

-Ĉj- Affectionate (Maculine): Patro - Father. Paĉjo - Daddy.

-Nj- Affectionate (Feminine): Patrino - Mother. Panjo - Mummy/Mommy.

Hi so that was a list of 40 affixes from Esperanto, which I’m learning at the moment. I hope this helps some people. I think I got all or at least most of them. But I did leave out -Um- because it’s irregular and weird and… stuff. This is my first post so please be merciful, and if you’ve actually read this boring explanation, well then thanks.

A client I was super excited about birthed this weekend! She came in having contractions about every 5 minutes, but they stopped when she got to the center. After walking for a bit, they picked back up.

We had mom on the belt monitors for about 15 minutes because baby wasn’t having much variability on the doppler, and we needed to see what was going on. We saw more variability on the belt monitor, but nothing outstanding. Although that didn’t matter a ton because right as we were looking at the strip, her water broke, and baby moved down considerably.
We took the monitors off so mom could get in the tub, and she started pushing almost immediately. Mind you, this was baby number three, so we knew it wouldn’t be long.

I reached down to feel how close baby was, and the baby’s head was only about a fingertip in. Now, as the midwife, you’re supposed to call out things like “crown” and “head”, so that whoever is charting can take down times. Next push, I reached down to feel, and I yelled out, “head! Baby!” She came all at once! I passed her forward through moms legs (she was kneeling), and the midwife sitting on the other side of the tub helped mom grab her, as she was kind of surprised baby came so fast. Mom loved on her baby, and hugged her so tightly. Turns out the sucky heart tones were due to a true knot in baby’s cord, so that was interesting to see. 💕

The bleeding started pretty quickly. I could see it in the tub first. The water got too dark for my liking. We had her get out, and once she was on the bed, we tried to get the placenta out to stop the bleeding. It wouldn’t budge. I thought maybe it just needed a more skilled hand, but the other midwife couldn’t get it to come either, and the bleeding wasn’t stopping. We gave meds and called EMS. The team was great, super chill, especially since the bleeding had slowed some since they got there. We transferred, and the doc had to do a manual removal of the placenta at the hospital. Which was terrible to watch. Total EBL ended up being close to 2000cc.

Mom and baby are home now, both doing well. It was intense, and at first, I was super traumatized. Afterwards though, my preceptor reminded me of something incredibly important.
As midwives, we are not there to just witness sweet, easy births. Those women don’t really need us. We are there to guard the lives of mother and baby, and to ensure a safe birth experience. It really changed my perspective around all of the difficult births I’ve been to lately.

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i get it, it has its problems, I’m not overlooking that, but this is literally the most that I’ve ever connected with any character and I don’t want that to be taken away from me by people telling me I’m a horrible person for liking it thanks

Locked Room- Part 01

(Part 02 =>)

Valerie had no doubts when the assignment had been sent to her Open Case file, it was a deliberate insult. Give the pointless, dead-end case to the dead-end Ranger. A series of random, high-profile burglaries completed unrelated save that there was exactly zero evidence to support the victim’s claim that someone had broken in. Everyone before her had browsed the cases and decided to kick it down the line until it finally fell to someone who couldn’t.

After all, faking a robbery for the insurance money was a lot more plausible than an invisible thief.

She bore through without a single complaint, refused to give them the satisfaction. Six months, hundreds of hours, sleepless nights, and hard-toothed stubbornness, Valerie didn’t have a lead. She didn’t have a suspect.

She had a fraking arrest.

Every day the old-guard from her dad’s days would pass by her desk. Hey kid, how’re those ‘burglary’ cases going? Any luck with catch your little ghost, Rookie?

Yeah actually, she’s in interrogation cube forty-two, thank you very much.

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eble la vera fina venko* estas la amikoj, kiujn ni ekkonis sur la vojo
maybe the real final victory* is the friends we made along the way

* fina venko (final victory) = the use of esperanto as a universal second language throughout the world

(been busy but communist esperanto lessons will return)