whatever i drank last night was very ineffective in the fun department but extremely efficient in the Fuck You Up department

i went to bed at three thirty. it’s six am. woke up a billion times between then and now. the first time all i can remember is waking up, sitting up, and literally thinking “am i dead?? am i literally dead? did that kill me? am i a ghost? am i in purgatory?” i was genuinely concerned. i got so fucked up i woke up thinking i was dead. i woke up just now and was so nauseous that i almost vomited when i smelled cat food. instead of getting back into bed i tripped face-first and just. stayed. like that for a while

don’t be me y'all


We haven’t seen much of Jan Ebling on the Florida circuit so it was nice to see him out in full force this year as we head towards Rio. In this video we watch him in week 1 of the Global Dressage Festival Friday night freestyles. For more great videos in this series follow us: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dressagehub Connect with us: http://ift.tt/1MUkCnc Twitter @dressagehub Instagram @dressagehub Tumblr Dressage hub by DressageHub